1 Simple Question to Boost Your Profits

Sometimes I do in depth articles or long lists of ways to increase your profits.

Other times it’s to your benefit to learn a profit booster you can use ANYTIME.

That’s what I’m going to share today.

Here’s the phrase you need to learn.

“What else?”

Here’s how we’re going to apply it all throughout our website.

You put up a squeeze page to get people to subscribe to your list. On the next page many people simply say thank you for subscribing and they tell you to check your email to confirm and receive the free gift you promised.

“What else can you do here?”

Add a special offer here. It could be a discount or some other bonus. After someone subscribes, say thank you for subscribing, but also tell them here is a special we only make available to new subscribers. Depending on what you’re offering, you may produce a 5% to 20% sales rate on this page (lower ticket items such as $50 or less).

I’ve also found an extra benefit to doing this here. If you can get the first sale quickly from a new subscriber, you’re going to find they’re worth much more to you in the long-term as well. They’re not just a freebie seeker at this point. They’re a buyer. Huge difference between those two classifications.

Even better if you can get a 2nd sale from them…

After they buy this first product, what else?

You can do an immediate upsell after they purchase (you could continue this through multiple upsells but you will find quickly there is a point where it is too much in one spot). You also will want to put an offer on the thank you/download page after they purchase this first product.

What if you currently only have one product? Then that’s where you can review or recommend an affiliate product.

Let’s look at another application. You’ve done 6 follow-up email messages in your series. “What else can you add?” You can build an almost unlimited email sequence out (I quite a few clients with more than 1 year’s worth of follow-up messages in at least one of their autoresponders).

Below is a video from Dave Hamilton. He was originally a winner when I ran a contest for my Internet Lifestyle Retirement System. Here is the review he sent in for the product.

Note how when he followed one of the suggestions from the course (the thank you page offer), he achieved a 40% sales rate from his visitors. Wow Dave! He must have used a very good offer. Listen up to what he has to say…

By the way, you can check out the course here…

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