189 Internet Marketing Tips, Tactics and Techniques

Actually I’m giving you 189 tips + 1 extra. Below is an article by Jimmy Brown where he is highlighting 8 blog posts from various authors.

All the posts are tip posts with a number and a benefit such as 21 Ways to Add More Subscribers.

In my recent testing, these are often the articles which get the BEST response of people linking to it and generating the most free traffic.

Jimmy linked to all these articles. Then he emailed me to tell me that he wanted to know if I would post it to my blog also. In the email he shared with me that OTHER marketers had agreed to post this article.

Jimmy is definitely one smart cookie. He now will likely have several other high traffic blogs linking back to him through his article. Extra traffic and incoming links to him.

You could do a similar type post in your own market…

189 Internet Marketing Tips, Tactics and Techniques
By Jimmy D. Brown of http://www.JimmyBrown.com

Have you ever wished someone would do all of the “research” for you so you could just cut to the chase? I know I have. There have been many times I’d like to not waste hours of my life sifting through low-quality articles and blog posts to find the occasional gem.

If only someone else had written this article for me to read a long time ago. :-) Fortunately, I’m gonna save you the trouble of getting double vision from staring at your computer screen trying to find some good internet marketing reads.

Below you’ll find some great “tips based” blog posts that are filled with meaty ideas. Some of these authors you’ve probably heard of, some you might not have heard of. All deserve to be included for providing some golden nuggets in their content.

10 Ways To Make $10K Per Month
By Jimmy D. Brown

27 Ways To Get Your Blog Readers To Comment
By Nicole Dean

11 Steps To Getting More Blog Traffic
By Alice Seba

21 Ways to Add More Subscribers
By Terry Dean

10 Free Ways To Drive Traffic To A Brand New Website
By Lynn Terry

100 Free Blogging Tips
By Carrie Lauth

5 Simple Ways To Increase Click Through Rates
By Zac Johnson

5 Simple Steps To Effectively Promote Your Affiliate Products
By Paula Brett

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