Free Jay Abraham Mastermind Marketing Audio Series

March 30, 2007

You have a chance to win Jay Abraham’s Mastermind Marketing Audio Series consisting of 35 audio CDs and tapes which I originally paid $2,000 for.

These audios came from his Mastermind Marketing Training of December 7-9, 2002. The event cost $5,000. On the series, Jay Abraham and his team cover how to multiply your marketing profits through joint ventures, consultative selling, coaching, copywriting, and more.

Why am I giving my copy of these audios away?

I prefer books over any audio or video information. You couldn’t buy my library of books away (well I guess you could, but it would cost you much more than I paid). So I’m keeping the manuals that came with the course. I personally don’t enjoy audio learning nearly as much, although it’s wonderful for jogging or walking. My library is stuffed with materials.

Someone is going to get this complete 35 CD and audio tape series…and I’m even going to pay shipping.

To enter…simply make a blog posting with a trackback to this…I’ll pick the winner next Friday.

Your post can be about anything as long as you link with a trackback here (feel free to trackback to other posts as well but I’ll be watching the ones here). I’ll pick the winner at random from any entries. Only blog trackbacks will be considered, not comments here.

5 Coaching Questions That Will Change Your Life

March 29, 2007

I’ve discovered that asking the right question is probably the most vital skill you can have when coaching clients. We often push ourselves into confusion and despair…and can’t figure a way out of the “mess” we’re in because we’re asking ourselves the wrong questions.

The reason you’re not achieving your goals, don’t feel fulfilled, and aren’t having the time of your life is simply because you have yet to ask yourself the right question.

Here are 5 winning questions to start you off…

What motivates you in life right now?

Why do you get up in the morning? What is worth getting out of bed for? Is your spouse or your children? Is it because you love your job? What is that makes life worth living for you TODAY?

If you don’t know the answer to that question, it’s pretty hard to get up and going. I could ask another similar question that might shed a little light on this. What are you grateful for right now? It’s easy to get down in the dumps about things that are going wrong. What’s going right? What are you grateful for? If you have trouble with that question refer back to this post:

What is currently preventing you from reaching this goal?

You set your goals. You know where you want to be 30 days, 90 days, 1 year, and 3 years from now. What is keeping you from reaching those goals? If you’re like me, you’ve probably set similar goals before…and you didn’t reach them. You might have become frustrated and set the same goal again.

What is it that’s keeping you from reaching that goal? Don’t ever ask if it’s because you don’t have enough willpower. That’s one of the wrong questions (eliminating the wrong questions is just as important as using the right ones). You can accomplish any real goal you set for yourself, although you can’t always accomplish the goals OTHER people set for you (again another major topic).

What can you eliminate in your life to help you reach your goal this time? This leads us right into the next question…

What are you tolerating right now in your business and personal life?

Goal setting is valuable, and you should do it in every area of life. Do you realize that figuring out what you’re currently tolerating in your life is often even more motivating? I’ve discovered this in my own life…and the lives of those I coach with.

What are you currently tolerating in your life? This includes anything you “put up with,” things that sap your energy, and compromises you’ve talked yourself into. There are only two motivations in life…pain and pleasure. You move toward pleasure and away from pain. What all is causing pain in your life right now?

Make a list. Then develop a simple plan of eliminating each thing you’re tolerating from your life. I’ll definitely talk more about this one in the future.

What are you willing to do in the next 30 days?

What’s the plan? I’ve learned to change from simply giving people a plan to asking what you’re willing to do? Then develop a plan from there. Who cares if you buy a step-by-step system of success if you’re not willing to do 50% of the steps? It won’t work. Could you imagine baking a cake by only following 50% of the recipe’s instructions. You’ll have a mess…not a cake.

There are dozens of ways to succeed online. In fact, most marketers go into serious information overload and information paralysis because of so much available information. The question isn’t what all works. Lots of techniques work. The question is which techinques will you work?

If you keep doing what you’ve always been doing, nothing will change. What actions are you willing to take over the next 30 days to reach your goal?

Where are your customers currently buying products similar to yours?

This one is a business coahing question I use from time to time. Instead of jumping in and using all the Internet marketing and offline marketing techniques available to you, spend some time figuring out how to reach your perfect client. Describe them in detail. Where can you find them? What are they currently buying? How can you best reach them?

In one of my own recent projects, I asked myself this question. The answer was I would find one of the specific groups I wanted only by speaking and publicity.

I wouldn’t find them online…at least not in the numbers I wanted. I couldn’t reach them with Google Adwords. Ebay wasn’t a very good option. They couldn’t be targeted by ezines cost effectively. In fact, none of the “normal” internet marketing techniques would be a good way of reaching this specific target market.

By asking yourself this question, you’ll save both time and money. Your target market is buying something. Who are they buying it from? And how do they come to their buying decision? It may not be the same way you do…

Should You Publish a Book?

March 28, 2007

My last post was the basics about how I published my books. In the future I’ll talk more abou this subject (book publishing is quite intensive in comparison to creating a CD or ebook for example).

If you’re interested in book publishing, I highly recommend you attend our publishing seminar coming up on May 29th and 30th. Fred Gleeck, John Kremer, Bob Bly, and I will be teaching ways to increase your profits…and how to hurdle over the all the roadblocks in book creation and marketing.

Find out more here…

Here’s a quick video on whether you should publish a book or not…

How to Publish a Book

March 27, 2007

Would you like to publish your own print book? If so, here’s a quick rundown of how I did it personally….including the tools I used.

I have two books currently in print…both using the exact same system.

Internet IntegrityBook one is “Internet Integrity: The Truth About How ANY Business Can Increase Profits Online.”

This covers the step-by-step system I used to build my online business including the 10 deadly online marketing mistakes, my 15 step copywriting system, and the exact email strategy I used to produce $96,250 in email sales in 72 hours.

It also has two special chapters. The first covers how any local business can use the Internet to increase their profits. The second one tells you how to get started today even if you don’t have any products or services to sell. Check out its reviews and order on Amazon….

Financial FreedomBook two is “Financial Freedom: A Step-By-Step Practical Guide for Walking in God’s Blessings.”

I regularly minister in churches, and this covers the spiritual growth my wife and I experienced that helped create our success. Very few Christians walk in financial freedom, and this is a guide to help them get there. It also deals with a lot of the misconceptions and poor doctrine about money that many churches preach.
Also available on…

How to Publish Your Book

My books are available on,, and can be ordered by any bookstore through Ingram. Yet, I never ship out a single book to any of them. I have my own Amazon Advantage account for example, but I don’t deal or sell any books through it (I used it for CDs and DVDs I offer).

My print-on-demand book printer takes care of the distribution of the books to all these sellers. Here’s how I’ve done it…

I have written all my books myself. You can hire ghostwriters, and they do an excellent job. I like to write though, so I don’t outsource this part at all. The editing was done by Julie, my wife. If you don’t have someone extremely good with English available, you could hire this out to a worker from or hire an English Major or Journalism student from a local community college.

My covers were designed by:

Don’t skimp on your cover. There’s that old saying, “You can’t judge a book by its cover.” Yet, that’s how most people DO judge your book. Most self-published books have horrible cover design. They look self-published, and that’s definitely not something I wanted for my books. Can you pay less? Yes. Should you? Not in my opinion. Alpha did a great job on my books and came up with most of the potential designs.

Get your ISBN Numbers at:

The book printer I use requires you to have your own ISBN number when you come to them (they require everything to be print ready). You can purchase 10 ISBN for $240. I had my book cover designer put the ISBN and bar code on the back cover of the book for me.

My Print-On-Demand Book Printer is:

I first found them when I considered going with another print-on-demand publisher that shall remain nameless here. This other publisher charged $2,000 upfront to do your cover, ISBN, and get your book in print. Then they paid you like $2 a book sold…chump change. While doing some searches, I found Lightningsource was their real printer. Go to their links page…and scroll down to Author Services. You’ll see almost every print-on-demand publisher. Interesting, isn’t it?

With Lightningsource, I’m paying $4.20 for my Internet Integrity book at 220 pages and $4.74 for Financial Freedom for 256 pages. This is per book. I could get it cheaper if I wanted to purchase a high volume, but I don’t want inventory sitting around.

When a book sells on Amazon, they take care of it. They only charge for the book printing. The whole difference between the wholesale price and the book printing fee is my royalty. They then send out the royalty checks quarterly. They handle book orders from retailers. They don’t sell directly to the public.

If you want a little easier solution and someone who can handle direct customer orders also, is an option. They’re quite a bit more expensive, but they’re a little easier to use when you’re setting up. I include a 318 page coil bound manual with my Information Marketing Mastery product at It was printed by Lulu because I wanted the coil binding since it’s a workbook, and Lightningsource didn’t offer this.

It’s Only Money…

March 26, 2007

Copywriter Ryan Healey posted a great message on his blog recently about why money doesn’t matter. Ryan said, “Better to focus on creating value for people than to focus on money.”

You can see his article here…

I agree wholeheartily.

My most recent post talked about how entrepreneurs are paid for the value they create…not the hours they work. The key principle here is to focus on the value you’re creating…not the money. Focus on others first.

What is your gifting? What can you do that no one else can? You may not know what it is right now, but I can assue you that you’re a unique person…with unique gifts that give you the ability to accomplish something no one else can do. It may take you years to find out exactly what it is (and you may be forever growing in to it).

Use your talents to create value for others. Focus there first. Then learn good marketing skills to offer what you have.

No one is saying money is unimportant. Of course it’s important. It’s just not nearly as important as your relationships (God, spouse, children, friends) and your fulfillment (doing something you enjoy).

The problem is too many people focus on the money first…and it blinds them to the real opportunities all around them.

One of the things any good coach will do with someone is find out what they really want first…where they would love to be in 3 to 5 years. Then work backward from there to create the lifestyle they dream of.

Making money is really easy. It’s not hard. That’s a mindset shift a lot of people need to make. Say it to yourself, “Making money is easy.”

The harder part is making money while having a load of fun, lots of time off, and time for your family and friends. That’s why I’m telling you to find your giftings first. Your greatest value creation will come from there. You’ll feel energized when you finish a day instead of worn out.

Once you find it…focus on creating value for others with your giftings. Zig Ziglar says, “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

Create value for others. Employ good marketing. The money will take care of itself.

Work Less, Earn More

March 22, 2007

Just got my copy of Canadian Business Magazine a few days ago. No…I’m not a subscriber as I live in Indiana, not Canada. This was one of my complimentary copies as I was a major source for one of their main articles this month, “Work Less, Earn More” by Erin Pooley.

One of the most important statements they quoted from me is, “You’re paid for the value you create, not the hours you work.” Find ways to create more value in less time and your profits will increase. So often we’re totally unfocused during our work hours. For example, how often have you found yourself losing 20 minutes of the day…

– Checking your email several times. Check it once when you’re done for the day…and possibly once early in the day. Always schedule when you check email. Never just randomly do it all the time.

– Surfing the web. You begin looking for something online and you waste 20 minutes…or even an hour needlessly surfing the web. Use Google Alerts to notify you about whatever keywords you’re researching or keeping track on.

– Talking on the phone to an associate or even a customer. Quit “shooting the breeze” and get down to business. Make a couple of quick notes before you ever pick up the telephone. Decide exactly what needs to be accomplished as quickly as possible.

These are just a few of the ways we waste our time.

My wife and I sat down and recorded a 50 minute discussion about 7 ways any business owner can earn more while working less. Improve your results. Eliminate distractions. Make more money. It’s simple and easy to use. It’s been turned into a CD, and is available now for only $10…with the price going up to $29.95 on Monday.

No big hyped sales letter…or wild pitches. You either want to make more money in less time or you don’t.

You can pick up this CD for only $10 till Monday the 26th. After that…it will be at its normal price of $29.95.

Click here to respond now…

Start earning more while working less.

By the way, this publicity only required a 20 minute interview…has resulted in quite a few potential coaching clients calling…and I didn’t even send out a press release of any type. They contacted me directly. I’ll let you in on the secret in a future posting…

3 Ways to Improve Customer Relationship Building

March 21, 2007

Today is quick webcam video detailing 3 simple methods for building your relationship with your prospects and customers. People buy from those they know, like, and trust. These methods will help you grow that trust with those you’re doing business with.

Are You Neglecting 50% or More of Your Business?

March 19, 2007

Here’s a statement that I want you to quit using immediately…

“I have an internet business.”

I used this statement for a long time, until I realized it was cutting my own throat.

You shouldn’t just have an “internet business.” You may have an “internet based business” or a business that markets primarily online, but you should never limit yourself to one form of marketing.

Sure, a good portion of your profits may come from affiliates, search engines, PPCs, viral marketing, and social media. This doesn’t mean you should ignore offline opportunities such as seminars (just the networking portion can jump your profits), postcards to selected lists, publicity campaigns, etc.

Recently I was helping one of my clients establish their business plan. They came to the point where we discuss where you find your target market. When they really thought about it, they realized cost effectively targeting their market online was going to be a nightmare. Yet, they knew exactly how to reach their target market by offline means.

They’re still using online methods (such as direct response websites, email follow-up, and PPCs), but their primary source of leads is not online.

This may not be true for your business. Your best lead generation methods may be online. But are you using everything at your disposal to follow-up on them. Sure, email is cheap and effective. Have you considered adding direct mail to the mix? A combination of both email and direct mail will boost your response. How about telephone follow-up? How about some type of in person contact such as a seminar?

Have you considered adding in a publicity campaign for the credibility it gives, even if it never becomes a primary lead generation tool? Almost every business I work with has ways to generate leads both on and off the Internet, and they profit from adding methods of follow-up in both mediums as well.

When I work with local businesses, they have the opposite problem. They’re stuck in their ways about only doing things off the Internet. Many just want a website, because they’ve been told they need one. They’re missing out on a fortune of online users who start their product and service buying process online…before going to a local business.

The best results come from a combination of the marketing tools available to you…

What Is Your Email Marketing Strategy?

March 16, 2007

Everyone wants to build a list. At a recent seminar I was at, I surveyed the attendees and asked them what was most important to them. Of those I asked, more than 80% of them responded that building their list was the most important thing they wanted to learn there.

We’ve heard it over and over again that the money is in the list (the money is really in the relationship with the list, but that’s another story). The message has stuck. If you build your lists, you’ll grow your online income.

There are dozens of good ways to build your list. Yet people still have trouble getting their lists to grow and respond. There’s a simple reason for this.

You can follow all the techniques the gurus talk about, but if you’re simply a me-too business publishing me-too information, there’s no reason for anyone to join you. Why be on your list when they can get the exact same information from someone else?

You have to develop your list strategy. A vital component to every business is the unique client focus. What makes you different? Why should someone buy from you instead of the next person?

The same rule applies to your list. Why should someone join your list and read your emails instead of that person over there? What is your brand? What makes the content of your list unique? What do you offer that’s unique when someone subscribes?

This is a key principle you can’t ignore. Why should someone subscribe to your list instead of all the other opportunities available out there? If you don’t have an answer to that question…it’s going to be an uphill list building battle!

The good news is you can grow your lists today. I’ve recently made one of my coaching teleconference calls on how to grow your first 5,000 subscribers available now…for only $9.95. Plus all buyers receive 100% affiliate commissions on the sale of this product.

Customer Service – Or Customer Annoyance?

March 15, 2007

Do you care about your customers…no I mean honestly care about your customers?

Or are they simply dollar signs to you.

Listen to some business owners talk. They love the money. They love the freedom. They’re even passionate about what they do or teach. But they HATE their customers.

Right now I’m thinking about a well known copywriter who constantly says, “Clients suck.”

Too often we’re focused on the wrong subject. We call our product our baby. We get offended if someone doesn’t like it. In fact, some people take returns as a personal assault on themselves.

Instead of falling in love with your product, fall in love with your prospect.

What do they want? What are their dreams? How can you best give them what they want?

And once you’re selling to them…continue the relationship! Don’t just do your duty of finding out what your customer want, and then ignore them. The money from any business comes from repeat sales.

The Internet has made marketers a little lazy. In the past few years you could earn a good profit from just one product being sold. That’s not normal from past marketing, nor will it be in the future. Internet marketing isn’t dying. It’s maturing.

Instead of making a profit from your first sale, be willing to break even when needed (many business models are based off of losing money on the first sale). Then give your customers such as “Wow” experience they purchase multiple products or services from you in the future.

Sometimes good customer service is as simple as a friendly gesture, a little understanding, and a human touch. Jonathan Leger has a wonderful post here, “A business lesson from the lady at the deli.”

His message is to simple be considerate of others, and understand where they’re coming from. It’s a lesson every business person should follow.

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