Is Internet Marketing Just a Millionaire Boy’s Club?

June 29, 2007

Not too long ago I was discussing a project with a lady at an Internet marketing conference, and she commented on something I had never noticed before. She said, “Sometimes it seems like Internet marketing is just a millionaire boy’s club.” She told me to look at the speakers at most of the events. You could also look at the big jvs (the quickest way to promote).

Almost all the speakers at any Internet marketing event are the same men time and time again. Sure you see a few women speaking, but no where near the number who are good marketers online. We won’t even go into the joint ventures.

I disagreed with her at the time, because I must have been blind. I had some reasons I gave her about why there were more men speaking at the events, but they were just excuses. I never thought about the question before.

I’m ashamed.

It’s never been more clear than this past week that much of internet marketing is a millionaire boy’s club.

All you have to do is take a look at some of the recent marketing going on. The rich jerk is having a conference at the Playboy mansion, and promoting it in his usual over-hyped, offensive promotional style (although he is being more rude and obnoxious than usual if that’s possible).

And what do you have…many of the “top gurus” promoting the event.

You are who you associate with.

Of course, I already knew what a few of these promoters were. It’s just a few of the ones both speaking and promoting the event who surprised me. They claim to be family men, and a few of them claim to be Christian family men. Yet, they’re promoting this event from the normal rich jerk style. Some even have the gall to say things such as, “I don’t agree with him, but I am promoting this event anyway…” or “I’m just going for the networking…”

Let’s not even discuss this from the point that it’s being held at the Playboy mansion. I’m offended at that part, but not everyone has the same values on that.

What’s the bigger issue is just how offensive the millionaire boy’s club is.

For example, the less offensive letter “by an affiliate” for the event starts (this is a direct quote)…
“If my wife knew I was mailing for this, she’d KILL me…”

Well, let’s say for a second we believe this person and that they’re not outright lying to us. They’re confessing to hide their business affairs from their wife, because money is much more important to them than their marriage. If they would lie about their business to their wife, why in the world should I believe them?

But some of the big gurus claim, “it’s for charity…we’re not making anything.” Yeah right…and I have a bridge to sell you. I’m not a noob who just started yesterday and doesn’t know how joint ventures work. You might not make cash from the promotion, but you do make money from the joint venture deals that will go on. It’s about the money. It’s not about the charity, or we’d see a lot more mention about the charity itself.

What becomes more interesting in the whole controversy is how most “internet marketing discussion boards” have responded. A major discussion erupted on one of the most popular internet marketing forums about this subject.

Dozens of posts occured from both men and women who were concerned about this and what was going on. Even though almost all the posts were very reasonable, that whole thread was deleted. Yet, somehow another discussion on the same board which promoted the event stayed. When several of those members inquired about the deletion, their accounts were deleted.

Interesting…and some have told us it is all for charity. Right…it seems to the good ole boy network has stuck again. Criticize a guru, get deleted. Criticize women…and get promoted?
(Gee I wonder just how many gurus I’m going to tick off this time – might never see me do a major jv again).

Jennifer Knox posted a very interesting Squidoo lense on this topic: Internet marketing and women

Here are a few of the interesting blog postings about this subject:
More on the Rich Jerk…
Why Paul Galloway isn’t attending…
You are who you hang with…

My biggest concern with this post was that I’d bring more publicity to this already overhyped event. I was very happy to see Mark Hendricks is having a free Internet marketing conference the same day. I’ve met him a couple of times and I was impressed with his honest concern for the attendees at a recent event I was at. While I don’t know him personally other than meeting him a few times, I’m going to recommend his event…

I most definitely don’t get anything for this as I haven’t even contacted Mark about promoting him here. You can find out more about his event on his blog: Mark Hendricks’ Free Two Day Conference.

Want to help charity? Attend his event…and give the money to charity yourself! Then you know who is actually getting it.

Make Money On the Internet – Stop the Lies

June 27, 2007

The majority of the readers here are interested in earning an income from the Internet in one way or another, either as their primary income stream or an additional advertising source for their business. The Internet has been my primary advertising method for over 11 years now…and I’m disgusted with the way most gurus represent it!

Do a search online about “Internet marketing” and “internet business” and you’ll quickly find dozens of sites proclaiming to know the “secret” to online profits. They tell you all you have to do is give them $9.95 to $10,000, and they’ll let you in on the mysterious method to produce overnight millions online.

You buy the product, and then you’re told about seven other products that contain the “real secret.” Pay a thousand dollars to attend Internet marketing conference, and you’re subjected to a dozen or more sales pitches full of secret systems and plans to produce instant riches.

What do most new would-be Internet entrepreneurs do?

They see all the oppportunities…all the different pitches…and they leap in with gusto trying one thing after another. They hear the eBay stats and try an eBay business. Someone offers instant Adsense sites so they set those up. They set up an affiliate site to promote other people’s products. They start up a blog. They hear about a couple of guys succeeding with co-registrations, so they try that. They hear the real secret is “video” so they pay for a course on that.

They jump from opportunity to opportunity as they hear each pitch. Their credit cards get maxed out…and each step puts them in a worse position than where they started. How do I know this? Before I started online I WAS that person. I jumped from network marketing company to network marketing company. I tried direct sales, direct mail, and anything else you could imagine. I bought into the pitches about how “this opportunity was different.”

Where did I end up from all that? Broke…and in debt. Then I discovered the Internet, and I did something I had never done before. I set to work online learning, testing, and the key point: building a relationship with a list in my market. I didn’t jump around any longer. Any tests included very minor investments. When I discovered something working, I rolled it out heavy. That’s what caused a change in my life.

I work with clients every week as well. For many of them, they stumbled around in much the same haze I had. They heard all the pitches and jumped from opportunity to opportunity looking for the “Dream Life” they were constantly promised. Each road they went down was simply another step on the boulevard of broken dreams.

And here’s what upsets me most. A lot of gurus KNOW that’s where many of their customers end up. I’ve had several brag to me about how no one does the “assignments” in their class (proud that no one is doing anything so they don’t have to do any work themselves). I’ve also seen people laugh and joke about those who are stuggling buying every product. It’s sick.

Let’s cut through all the crap. The truth about Internet Marketing is that it’s hard work!

You have to be focused to succeed online. You can’t jump from opportunity to opportunity. You have to dig in and really learn whichever method is right for you. And what’s right for one person and niche may not be the right method for another one.

I remember so well that I once offered a group coaching program where I talked about “work” four times in the first several paragraphs. I told people they were going to work hard and I couldn’t promise them they would make any money online. And you know what? I had quite a few people join the program who never bought anything else expensive online. One of them even told me straight out, “You told me I’d have to work and you wouldn’t guarantee profits, for the first time in my online career, I fully believed someone.”

Now I don’t want you to get the idea that it’s hard work like digging ditches. It’s definitely not! But what it does require is for you to focus your mind and effort (and for many people that’s harder than any type of physical labor). It’s not even all that complicated of a business.

You find a hungry market and you feed it.

You test several approaches at a very low cost, and then you rollout with whatever works best.

You use a free multivariant testing solution such as Google Optimizer to track and improve your conversion. You use ad trackers to test all your advertising and you invest small amounts in the testing phase ($100 or less risk each time).

The key principle is to find the right hungry market and offer them something they want. As my friend Glenn Livingston says, “Do your freaking research!” Find a market. Spend time surveying the market, asking them what they’re looking for and want. Even get on the phone with some of your prospects and customers to get to know them and their desires the best you can.

Then begin TESTING. That’s what this business is all about. I don’t know if I’ve ever succeeded my first time out of the gate with anything (except promotions to my own email list). I can guarantee you this…I’ve never gotten it “perfect” on the first try. Tracking and testing have always improved every promotion and offer for myself…and my clients.

If you’re looking for the perfect guru who knows all the secrets and never makes mistakes, you’ve come to the wrong place. That’s not me. I see business as daily mistakes, corrections, and improvements. Keep making little improvements to every element of your game plan…and you’ll soon see the profits flow.

Jump ship looking for the new “hot” opportunity…and you’ll always be looking for the life raft.

5 Reasons to Create Your Own Products

June 25, 2007

Do you have your own products? If not, why not? You can create one in as little as two hours by doing an interview with an expert or having someone interview you. I’m sure right now you have skills and experiences others can learn from. In fact, most clients I’ve worked with have a larger problem than not having expertise to create products.

Their big problem is having too many ideas and skills! They just don’t know where to get started. The easy way to solve that problem is to get rid of the concept of creating a home run project. Completely forget about it. Shoot for a base hit project instead…a little extra income stream from your first product.

Create several little income streams and you have a nice river. Each one might earn you $1,000 a month for example. Get 5 of those and you’re doing $5,000 a month on auto-pilot. And you’ll also stumble upon that home run project simply by putting so many projects out there. One of them turns into $5,000 a month without much effort. You put a little more effort into and the income explodes.

But you won’t get any of that until you get started on your very first product…

Here are 5 reasons you should start your own information business today.

1. Establish yourself as an expert.

Are you a consultant, a copywriter, a coach? If so, you’re cutting your own throat by not having information products that demonstrate your expertise. Who would you rather have write your web copy…the person who claims to write winning web copy or the author of the book about it with a dozen 5 star ratings on Amazon?

Not only does it establish your expertise, but it also creates a funnel for your prospects to enter. No matter what service you sell, you can use the product as an introduction to your services and as a presell opportunity so you don’t do nearly as much work making the sale itself. In addition, it allows you to increase your service fees, because you’re establishing more credibillity in your niche.

2. Recruit Affiliates to sell for you.

You can earn a great income online just selling affiliate products, running Adsense, or other deals. The problem is you’re missing out on AT LEAST 50% of your sales. With my own businesses and the business I’ve worked with, 50% to 75% of sales have come from affiliates. So you’re leaving out one half to three fourths of your income by not having your own products.

Create a product. Start an affiliate program. Let others do your selling for you. It gets even more exciting when you combine reason number 1 with this one. Set-up a product with a good commission structure. Let others sell it. Then offer your service on the backend to eliminate all lead costs.

3. Built-in Backend Income.

Want to promote affiliate products or your own backend products? Build them right into the product itself. Create a resources page on your site that links to the affiliate products. Mention the products themselves in the product. People LOVE having easy to use resources in products they purchase. The key principle here is to find the best offer possible that creates the solution you’re discussing and work it into the presentation.

I have a $19.95 product that often earns me $65 one-time and $35 monthly residual affiliate income streams. The income from the affiliate programs is HIGHER than the income from the sale of the product itself. Ever wondor how some people can offer 70% or even 100% commissions? Here’s your answer. They earn more from the backend than they do from the product itself.

4. Automatic Income

I love set it and forget it products. You setup the income stream, the incoming traffic, and let you it run…for YEARS to come. Work once and get paid forever. Some products you create may be “timely” with a big launch and lower sales later on. Other ones may be “evergreen” and sales slowly build over time as you let it run for you.

Personally I prefer the evergreen products that keep making you money month after month without much input or editing from you. They’re little money machines cranking way income without any time involved. Get several of these running, and you no longer work for a living. You work because you love it, because your “living” is generated automatically through products.

5. Additional Distribution Channels

Create a book, CD, or DVD. Sell it yourself. Sell it on Amazon through their Advantage program. Sell it through eBay. Sell it wholesale to others in your niche. You’re greatly increasing your exposure for almost no cost. How big of an audience does Amazon and eBay have? How big of an audience do the biggest players in your niche already have? Simply put your offer in front of already established markets.

When will you start tapping into all these benefits?

If you’re not developing information products, then you’re missing out on all the benefits above. And it’s easy to get started. If you’d like my full course on the subject (including over 10 hours of audio and transcript from my group coaching class on information products) plus my special report on 208 Advanced Internet Strategies, you can pick it all up for only $97 at

3 Free Online Video Tools

June 21, 2007

Online video is definitely where the Internet is going. Video can generate traffic virally, increase conversions at your website, and allow you to build a stronger relationship with your customers. And the good news is it’s getting cheapr and easier all the time to produce video for the Internet.

Here are 3 free online video tools to help you get started…

Tool #1: Broadcast Your Own Live TV Show

You can broadcast your own TV show…for free. Pretty amazing considering how much it usually costs to provide live video online. How could you use a tool like this to build your business?

– Run a regular TV show to generate viral traffic.
– Create a web conference using the video for training and the chat applet to take questions.
– Create a training product, because you can password protect your videos.
– Broadcast your workshop live while it’s occuring to those around the world.

Tool #2: Record Your Screen

Record a screen presentation. Show what you’re doing on your computer. Perfect for creating a software or Internet training product…or doing a Powerpoint presentation. You could even record something you do regularly in your business, upload it to your site, and then outsource the work to someone else (train them by having them watch your video).

The screen recorder I’m personally using is Camtasia Studio. What I love about Camtasia is the more advanced tools and even the ability to do picture in picture (I can show a video of my computer screen and have a small video of myself in the bottom right corner of the display).

Tool #3: Edit Your Videos

Want an easy to use editor for short web videos? Several of the video sites such as are now offering basic video editing. So far though, it seems Onetruemedia is in the lead on this. You can edit your videos for free or pay their $3.99 a month fee to do a little more advanced editing.

It’s a good way to get started with basic video editing and create some pretty nice online videos without having to learn the more advanced programs such as Sony Vegas.

The Truth About Internet Marketing Conferences

June 19, 2007

I just came back from speaking at another Internet marketing conference, and I’m tired of it.

Here’s the pitch. You’re told about all the “insider secrets” you’ll learn at the upcoming event…and how you’ll be able to hit your feet running with all this new info. Usually the sales letter is full of bullets eluding to all types of information you know will just transform your business. Then you get to the event…and it begins.

I’m now referring to Internet marketing events as Sell-a-Thons. Most speakers don’t give you a systematic system for sucess online. They don’t even give you a lot of useful tips. They sell…and selll…and sell.

More than a dozen speakers are trotted up one after another to let you in on their “secrets.” Instead, most of them simply do a one hour sales presentation. Oh, it has the resemblance of having some content, but the whole purpose of the speech is to get you to buy…not to educate you in any way.

Am I speaking about any specific Internet marketing conference? Nope. I’m speaking about the majority of them. There are exceptions, but they’re rare. If you want to know how to spot a conference that’s not like this, look for one which DOESN’T have a large number of speakers. I’d recommend looking for one with no more than 2 main speakers per day. So a three day event could have 6 main speakers because they all get half a day…a lot of time to teach and give value.

There are 3 large “speaker training courses” on the market right now that are priced $997 to $3,000. I’ve been through two of them, and was absolutely sickened by what they taught (I know that the 3rd one is very similar from other sources).

What do they teach a speaker to do? They teach you to sell…and wind the sales presentation throughout your whole speech. They tell you to avoid giving any content or value. Simply do a sales letter in speech format without giving anything that will help your attendees…unless they buy your product.

So this trend isn’t changing. It’s becoming much worse, because most speakers are being trained to simply be sales people without value.

They even justify this 60 to 90 minute sales presentation by saying there is no way you can really help someone in that time frame. I disagree totally. You can change someone’s life in that time frame!

Kind of strange that one of the “teachers” of this sells products that are no longer than 90 minutes claiming how valuable they are, and then in his speaker training course says there is no way to put value in something that short. Hmmm…Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?

Of course I don’t feel there is anything wrong with selling a product from a platform. Don’t take what I’m saying in the wrong way. What I do have a problem with is the deception that says you’re giving value when you’re selling the whole time. I have a problem with a 90 minute sales presentation disguised and promoted as content.

I don’t have a problem with someone who gives great value and then taking 5 to 10 minutes to tell you about other resources you can buy from them to continue getting the SAME VALUE in a larger format.

I’m tired of it, and won’t be speaking at anymore Internet marketing meat markets.

I’m considering doing real workshops with a limited number of speakers, real value and education, and time all throughout the sessions to do actual WORK while at the event…where you leave not just with a head full of knowledge, but with improvements on your business already accomplished. If you’re interested in something like that, let me know.

Or if you’re a promoter who hosts something like that, I may be available to work with you. If you host Internet marketing sell-a-thons, don’t even waste my time or yours by contacting me anymore.

Failure to Success in 4 Easy Steps

June 15, 2007

I’m here at Michael Penlands Internet Marketing and Joint Venture Superconference. I realized something just chatting with some of the other speakers and attendees.

The biggest reason people don’t succeed online is because they overcomplicate the process. You hear all these different systems…and all the different strategies the “experts” teach you. So many beginners simply go into a catatonic state where they don’t do anything. They want to read one more book, attend one more event, or sign up for one more coaching program. They’re always afraid to just get started and TRY something.

It’s almost as if they feel it will be a catastrophic failure if something doesn’t work right. If you’re that afraid of failure that one mistake will destroy you, then you’re simply not cut out for the business world.

I’ve never done anything perfect. That product wasn’t perfect. That sales letter wasn’t perfect. And everyone who’s ever seen me speak at a meeting knows I’m not a perfect speaker!

What have I done? I tried. I made mistakes. I learned. I succeeded.

Doing business online is simple. You don’t have to overcomplicate it.

Step One: Find a Hungry Market Looking For a Solution

Always start with the audience first…then do the product. I’ve screwed this up at times. I make sure I know exactly where to market my product before I get started. This means you know where to find discussion boards, some of the market keywords, and a couple of sites you can JV with. It doesn’t mean you know all about it.

Step Two: Create a Product For Them Quickly

Create your products quicky. If you can’t get your product finished fast, such as 7 days or less, it’s too long and you’ll lose motivation. And yes, I still screw up at times on this (one project I’ve taken way too long to create…and it’s a mistake). Get it done quickly. I even have an mp3 audio presentation that discusses exactly how to create your first product and start selling it online without a website in 2 hours or less. You can currently get this mp3 recording as a free bonus with my paid monthly newsletter at

Step Three: Test Your Offer

Get your product done quickly…then test it either for Free or very low cost. Make a small budget and test a Google Adwords campaign. List it in the Amazon Advantage program. Sell it on eBay. Get started selling it and making sure people respond to the offer. If it’s your first product, no one wants to be your test subject. They don’t want to mail your untested offer to their big list. So get started low cost, because not everything works out perfectly on the first try.

Step Four: Roll-out Your Marketing With Increased Advertising and JVs.

Once you’ve tested the offer, expand on your advertising. Find joint venture partners to promote it for you for a share of the profits. Sure, you may have to give them more than half the money, but so what? You’re making money you didn’t have and you’re building a list. Don’t overcomplicate it. Create something. Test it. Roll it out. If the test didn’t go well, repeat step three and test it differently.

Just get started today…get it done. If you’re not willing to fail, you’re not willing to try.

7 JVs You Might Not Have Thought About

June 13, 2007

The cheapest and easiest way to promote your product is through joint ventures. Make use of other people’s lists, other people’s relationship with their customers, and other people’s traffic. When you want to promote your product, the easiest way to get out there is to set up 50/50 deals with list owners that sell to your target market (this method is so powerful it’s often in your benefit to even do the deal even if you have to give up 70% or 80% of the money to the list owner).

That’s a basic joint venture. Today I want to share you a few other ways you can profit from other people’s traffic and lists without using the “normal” joint venture (these 7 come from the 21 shared in the Email Marketing Mastery course).

1. Sell Reprint Rights to a product of yours.

License your product to others. For example, I sell a master reprint rights license to my “Create a Life You Love” product at What’s my motivation? Of course I use this low cost license as an incentive to buy the product. I also want to share this information with as many people as possible.

What’s my other motivation? I want to get my materials in the hands of potential customers. There are links to my other products inside the package…so I get additional backend sales when other people sell the product. By licensing off this product, I may lose out on a little income from it, but I gain all that income on the backend with no advertising expense or risk.

2. Have 3+ Experts Hold a Teleconference Together.

Team up with other experts and hold a free teleconference where each of you shares several of your best tips on the subject. After you share your tips, make a free or low cost offer to get people to respond at your site.

All the experts on the teleconference let their subscribers know about the event. I recently added 300+ free subscribers to my list through a teleconference like this. How could you hold a win-win-win teleconference in your niche?

3. Create an autoresponder message to add to their series.

Many business owners are using some type of email follow-up now. If your potential JV partners aren’t willing to do a full mailing for you, you could suggest they simply add your already written email simply be added at the end of their current follow-up series. No cost for them…only a minute of work to add it in…and you send them their share of the money from now on.

I love long-term consistent money, so I especially like this method even when someone does a mailing for you. Most people concentrate on the one-shot promotions and income. If you get your email added into a high traffic email series, you can create sales every day…not just one time.

If you come accross a business person who doesn’t have an email series, you could offer to give them a basic one that thanks their customers and then makes your backend offers. 🙂

4. Write a product review about their product that their affiliates can use.

A key to getting joint ventures is to fill in the gaps and offer value to the people you want to joint venture with. You want a relationship with that well known expert in your field. Offer to do something for them…such as writing an exclusive article just for them or writing a product review about their product. They get valuable content that increases their sales.

What do you get? You get exposure in front of their whole audience. You get the byline and resource box as the writer. In the resource box you offer something from your site (a freebie to get them on your list). You also now have an established relationship with them for your future joint ventures offers.

5. Do direct mail to their customers for your product.

It’s sad. Sending out a snail mail piece to your Internet customers can create dramatic profits, but many people simply don’t do it. They refer to themselves as “Internet businesses” thinking that their whole business is online. That’s why I always use the term “Internet based business” as no business should ONLY promote online. The Internet is a marketing tool, not your entire business.

This of course creates an opportunity for you. Go to a popular business in your niche and offer to mail your offer to their clients. They can handle the list if they like, or they can let you do it all…under the understanding you will not use or keep their list for anything other than the one-time agreed upon mailing. You put together a sales package and mail it out using and split whatever profits occur above the mailing expenses.

6. Do telemarketing for them to their customers.

This is similar to the above strategy. Most online businesses aren’t using the mail. Even fewer are using the phone. You can offer to call all their customers each day, thanking them for their order…and offering them a special discount on your product if they order today. You of course split the profits with the business owner.

The concept here is you’re doing the customer a service. You thanking them and offering them an upgrade price only available now. You’ll find this can often generate 30% to 40% taking the upsell offer.

7. Include your product in someone else’s product package.

I’ve done this several times on both sides of the joint venture. You offer a product you sell as a bonus with someone else’s product. You don’t get any money from the sale, but you do get the exposure and backend sales from the offer. In most cases when I’ve done this, we’ve also shared the profits from the backend sales. I’ve done it both with digital products (an ebook bonus or mp3 audio) and physical products (my book, CD, and DVD).

The customer gets an additional bonus…the product seller gets something to help improve their conversion…the person giving the gift gets exposure and backend sales from an established traffic source. Everybody wins as long as the product being given is valuable and useful (not just a sales pitch for other items).

7 Hot Articles From Other Blogs This Week

June 11, 2007

Today I want to share a few of the blogs on my own personal reader (I use Google reader to manage all my feeds). Instead of just linking to the blogs, I decided to point to some of the posts I like best this week:

13 Tips to Supercharge Sales and Become Marketing Savvy by Fred Black

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Six Ways to Instantly Find the Right Words by Chris Garrett

The Easiest Way to Create Articles to Drive Traffic by Mark Roberts

Always Find a Way…Because That’s What Winners Do by James Brausch

What’s Your Referral Number by John Jantsch

Have fun!

You Have NO Excuse Left to Ignore Testing

June 8, 2007

Every marketer tells you to test your advertising. Whole books have been written about why you should test everything in your offer: headlines, bullets, guarantees, intros, call to actions, etc.

Yet many business owners simply don’t test any element of their advertising.

If it works, they’re excited and filled with joy!

If it loses money, they’re down in the dumps crying “Woe is me.”

Quit that garbage! If something doesn’t work at first, test something else. Try running a different offer. Lower the price. Raise the price. Try a new headline. Test more bullets or less bullets. Change your page until it works.

And be scientific about your advertising. Act just like a scientist testing and tracking each new marketing experiment until you create your breakthrough. You might find a dozen ways that it doesn’t work before you find the right marketing strategy (I’ve definitely done that before).

There is an old quote attributed to Thomas Edison, which may or may not be true, which says…

“I have not failed 700 times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those 700 ways will not work. When I have eliminated the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.”

Whether he made the statement or not, I like the quote…and I’m taking it. No ad I’ve ever run has failed. I’ve just proven that method didn’t work. That headline might not have worked. That price might not have been the right one.

You will find the solution and the right answer if you keep testing. The key is to make sure all your tests are scientific and tracked. You can’t simply throw up one page today and another one tomorrow. You have different visitors today and tomorrow. Your sales might be different even if you didn’t change anything. You have to test correctly.

If you only want to test one difference (such as a new headline), you can do a simple split test. There’s a lot of software out there for this. My shopping cart even has a split tester built in.

If you want to track multiple changes at once, you must use a multivariate testing system. There’s quite a few of those available out as well, although most of them are pretty complicated to use.

Lately I’ve been using Google Optimizer, the free tool Google provides you with to test your websites inside your Google Adwords account. It’s a wonderful set-up…and it has the perfect cost of being FREE with your Adwords account.

I like it because it eliminates every business person’s excuses for not testing their website. No one can say it’s too expensive anymore. And I’ve Google’s solution to be much easier to use as well.

There’s even a free WordPress plug-in to allow you to use Google Optimizer on your blog to test headlines and other elements. You can pick it up at:

What Happens When Goal Setting Doesn’t Work?

June 6, 2007

The experts tell you to write down goals. Then they tell you how they will “magically” come about through the “Attraction Factor” or some other nonsense.

What about when it doesn’t work?

Very few people reach all their goals using the “normal” system. If you’re one of the .001% who always seems to hit all your goals, I’m not talking to you. You’re an amazing dedicated individual who has more motivation than I can even understand.

What about us normal mortals? Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re like me, setting and reaching goals doesn’t always work.

Here’s the problem. Most products that talk about how you can just attract your intentions are so superficial. They don’t discuss the whole subject…and it simply doesn’t work for most people.

If you want success and to reach your goals, you have to add additional steps and action to the plan.

And more than that…in my own life I’ve often much better success by taking the shortcut. Instead of just reaching for goals, I take a different route.

I decide the life I want. Then I figure out everything that’s in the way of that…and start removing each and every item out of the way to create the perfect life.

And I’ve found this much more successful for me since “goals” rarely motivate me. All people have two motivations: pleasure and pain. You want pleasure and you want to avoid pain. Goals are based on the pleasure motivation, but if you’ve done any copywriting you know that pain is often much more motivating.

Which one is easier to sell…prevention or a cure? The cure is. People who are in pain will pay anything to get out of pain.

So I put together a much more motivating way to reach my goals involving this shortcut. And no, it doesn’t cause any pain – it motivates you by removing the pain that’s in your life right now.

I shared my whole system in a teleconference with my coaching clients. Now I’m releasing the full audio of that teleconference along with the the transcript and action guides.

It’s called “Create a Life You Love” at:

This product includes Master Reprint Rights so you can sell it yourself and keep all the money…even using my entire sales letter. Or you can sell it through my affiliate program for 100% commissions at

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