Keep It Simple

February 26, 2009

I fall back on that phrase so many times, “Keep it simple.”

What is it about human beings…we always want to complicate and make everything as difficult and complicated as possible?

This DOESN’T just apply to my customers and clients. It applies to me also. Multiple times I’ve had the brilliant idea for a product. Then I kept adding to it and adding to it until it became an encyclopedia that took months to finish…or was never finished.

Or I’ll work on a project and keep adding all these ideas to it…until it becomes so complicated I never want to do it.

I don’t want you to think I’m some weirdo who is totally unique in this, I find the same rule holds true for the majority of clients I work with.

We all want to complicate things.

Part of this comes from there being so much information out there and so many different ways to do things, that we want to add them all in until we end up in a big mess of different pieces. The other part seems to be part of human nature itself. We think the more complicated something is, the better it must be. We say to ourselves, “It can’t really be that easy, can it?”

Let’s say you’re currently building a list and promoting affiliate products.

You decide your goal is to create your first information product. What do most of us do? We go out and find a whole new market we have to learn about. We study it for months. Then we write an outline which we keep adding to for the next two weeks. Once we think we’re done, new ideas come up. We add those. Eventually we start writing, get 30 pages in, and give up in frustration.

You think I’m giving you a fake story? Nope. I’ve seen it many times. In fact I’ve done it a couple of times.

Instead if you’re in that position, do this.

1. Send an email to your list where you survey them about what they want (have some freebie for filling it out like a quick report or something you own rights to).

2. Find out what questions they have about the subject.

3. Pick an expert who can answer those questions (maybe you OR maybe one of the affiliate program owners you regularly promote).

4. Interview them through one of the free teleconference services that records. It doesn’t matter which one.

5. Produce a CD through Kunaki or even sell it as an mp3. If you want to be real studious have it transcribed also.

Wow…your first product is done. You could go into depth on writing this incredible sales piece, but your very first one doesn’t have to be that way. Make a list of all the questions you answered, some proof about the expert, and give a guarantee. You have a basic sales piece now. The next one you write will be better.

Simple to get started. Will that be a million dollar project? Not likely, but who cares. It’s your first product. You’re now a publisher.

OK…let’s take it further. You don’t have a list. You don’t have any money.

Let’s follow another process. We don’t have a list and don’t have any money so we can’t do a survey to our list and we can’t do a survey to any type of paid advertising. Instead let’s go over to and look through the best sellers in different categories. What are the comments and reviews people are leaving for popular books in that category? You can LEARN a lot about what the market wants just by looking at what others have said about the material there. They tell you what they liked about the products…and what they wished they had covered more in depth. How nice is that for you?

Next step…find an expert. Going over to the new releases and new upcoming books are a good place to find experts on Amazon (most authors are used to doing a lot of interviews). Or you can look through a site such as the Radio TV Interview Report. Those aren’t top authors but they ARE experts looking for interviewers.

Now follow the method above and record your first product.

Where to sell it? Even if you don’t have a website you could start somewhere simply like selling it on eBay (take Paypal). Or turn it into an mp3 and PDF report to sell on Clickbank.

Again this isn’t the extent of your “big information empire,” but it is a fast starting point instead of getting stuck in all the minor details as you grow. You learn by practice and experience, not just study. So get out there and get moving.

Remember the rule, KEEP IT SIMPLE.

That applies to your internet business, your information products, and your life.

If you want to improve your interviewing skills, I highly recommend the product I did with Fred Gleeck. In it we cover:

* Step One: How to Choose Your Hot Subject

* Step Two: Track Down Experts for Your Interviews

* Step Three: Recording Over the Phone and/or In Person

* Step Four: How to Come Up with the Right Questions to Ask

* Step Five: Become Comfortable on the Interview Itself

* Step Six: How to Package and/or Duplicate the Product

* Step Seven: Selling It Online

* Step Eight: Make Even More Money From the Interview

You can find out more at

Until the end of February, get 50% OFF. Simply use this coupon code when you get to the order form: HALFOFF

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Enter the code HALFOFF until February 28th, and get 50% knocked off.

Link Building Strategies Review For 2009

February 23, 2009

Here is a feature article from Nick Bokhonok who has been creating web projects, Internet marketing and SEO tools since 2000. His expertise is helping people generate good quality backlinks to their site…which is an absolute requirement for getting top search engine rankings in competitive phrases.

In December 2008 Nick released Free Traffic System – free community where bloggers can build backlinks, get free content and push their sites to top pages in search engines.

Here’s Nick…

Finally you found the courage to admit that you need quality backlinks 🙂

Nothing bad about it. Building backlinks is the same to building nice relationships in offline business. But you must build your backlinks in a civilized way, otherwise search engines will seriously “frown” upon your web site.

To save you from possible traps and problems of link building this post that will explain:

(1) What is a quality backlink in the eyes of search engines.
(2) What strategies you can use to build quality backlinks to your sites in any niche.

Quality Backlink – What is That?

Only search engines can give the ultimate answer to this question. But my personal (and quite successful) link building experience and the methods used by other SEO experts for brought me to creating this quality backlinks checklist:

• Relevancy – backlink should come from the page of the same topic.
• Diversity – all your backlinks shouldn’t come from one or several sites; the more different sites with different IPs give you backlinks, the more reputation you get in the eyes of search engines.
• Anchor text diversity – backlinks should have different anchor text (also known as hyperlinked text), otherwise your link building looks unnatural to search engines.
• NO – if a backlink has attribute in its HTML code, it means that this backlink is not passing the SEO value from its page to the page of your site.
• Age of backlink – the longer a backlink to your site is “alive”, the more SEO value it has.
• General value of page – SEO value of the page that is giving you backlink plays a vital role; the SEO value is much beyond Google PageRank of the page, among other vital factors for the SEO value of the page it is possible to mention the age of the page, what type of content it has, how many outgoing links it is giving, etc.
• Adequacy of your page – you must have the words (for which you are building backlinks) on your page to which you are building backlinks, otherwise it will look inadequate in the eyes of search engines.

This checklist has proven to be very helpful in making your link building effective. If you follow it, you will make your backlinks look natural and adequate for search engines.

Now that you know the criteria for backlink quality, let’s get down to the strategies of link building.

Link Building Strategies – Realistic Ways to Build Backlinks

Each of the strategies will have a brief explanation how they work; with the typical pros and cons of each strategy.

Niche Forums

A niche forum is a great place to build business relations, gather contacts and get quality backlinks. Forums traditionally have a high trust level for the search engines. That is why backlinks from forums will definitely add SEO value to your site.

Usually forums allow having a link or several links in a forum signature. Any time you make a reply on a forum, your signature gets published at the bottom of your reply, and this is how you can build lots of backlinks.

So, you choose reputable niche forums, join them and start making your contributions to the discussion. Do not spam, do not say nonsense, be concise and speak up to the point.

You can also try posting your site link into the forum reply. But do it only when this link is really up to the point for the discussion, otherwise you might be considered to act as spammer, and this can result in closing your forum account forever.

Make sure that the backlinks from the forum do not have .

Another very important thing is to pay attention that forum is giving you a link DIRECTLY to the page. The problem is that some forums – when giving an outgoing backlink – do it with the help of special redirect page. Basically they give a backlink to a redirect page, and only then this page automatically redirects you to your page.

This is not a problem in terms of people who will get to your site, but for SEO that will mean that the backlinks built by you on this forum are helping to increase the SEO value of the forum (its redirect pages), but not the SEO value of your site.

On one forum you can build hundreds of backlinks. But one forum is not enough. Don’t forget that search engines love diversity of backlinks, they prefer the links to be coming from different sites. Hence, focusing on one site – even if it is the top reputable forum in your niche – is not enough in terms of backlinks. Several forums in your niche would be a good choice to meet the diversity demands.

Niche Blog Commenting

Blogs in your niche (especially the blogs that are several years “old”) are considered to be very trusted with search engines and their algorithms.

You can visit the blogs and leave comments to the posts of these blogs. Usually the web form – where you are leaving a comment – asks for your name, email, URL and the comment text. Into the URL field of the web form you put a URL of the page that you are trying to push and thus, when your comment gets published, you get a backlink from a nice page of a trusted blog.

It makes no big difference if you are posting to a fresh post or a post that has several years of age – both will do fine. But posting comments to old posts has special SEO perk, because for SEO a web page that is several years has gained solid reputation, and getting a backlink from such a page is a great thing to do.
A typical problem about blog commenting is that the majority of the blogs have on the links in comments. It is really a big challenge to find a reputable blog without on the comments.

There are some solutions/scripts that help to find blogs in your niche without , but before purchasing such solutions – make sure to get a free trial or demo version. It is a must! I have personally tested some solutions that promised to find lots of blogs in any niche, and the demo showed that finding a blog without with the help of that solutions was a real challenge.

So, ask for a free trial. If you find at least 3-5 blogs with in your niche, then this solution is worth the money to buy it.

Ok, finally found a reputable niche blog without , then take it as a gift from above.

Do your commenting job seriously, the way you do it with niche forums. Make each of your comments to add real informational value to the post. Then the blog owner will put you out of the crowd of other “commentors” and publish your comments with pleasure. Maybe, responsible commenting can even grow to a new level of business relations between your site and this blog.

The quality of backlinks from comments on the blogs in your niche is very high.

Blog “Digesting” Communities

If you are running a blog, then you get a great advantage. Blogs allow to be inside lots of blog “digesting” communities; for example, Technorati.

For you to understand how you are going to get backlinks from the blog “digesting” communities, you need to understand why they were created.

Blogging has become a hit and ignited lots of people to create content, huge masses of content. This provoked the creation of web projects help people to search and find useful info in the blogosphere.

On the pages of these communities each blog has its own personal page, the pages for each of its posts, for the tags of each of the posts and many other web pages. And most of these pages give you backlinks. This means that your regular blogging brings you not only great content for the blog readers, but also lots of backlinks from the web pages of reputable services. When I say “lots of backlinks” it means that each your post, especially if you work with tags on the post, can give you well over a dozen of backlinks from such communities.

And if your site is not a blog – no problem. Open a blog on the site, and this will give extra SEO effect and more backlinks.

Directory Submissions

Directory is a list of links, that are structured into categories and subcategories according to their relevance to a specific topic. You can submit your site to various directories and get backlinks from them.

Usually a directory submission procedure is about filling out the web application form with details about the site that you are submitting. After your site is reviewed and approved for publication in one of the categories of the directory – this information gets published on their page, hence, you get a backlink.

Today you can find lots of niche-specific and general directories that are accepting sites and give backlinks for free or for a fee. Some of the directories have great trust in the eyes of search engine, like for example, Google Directory, or – getting a backlink from the directory of this kind is a serious asset in terms of SEO.

There are special solutions that help to automate the process of directory submission. You enter your site details, and they automatically send these details to lots of different link directories. But you must be aware of the fact that with quality and reputable link directories (and these are the most valuable in terms of SEO) you need to do all the job manually, because they demand special care and attention to their service – directory submission solutions here will not help.

Many directories will offer you to publish a backlink to them, in return for giving you a backlink. Though you are free whether to agree or decline the reciprocal link exchange proposition, it is better not to reciprocate, because one way link to your site has more SEO value then reciprocal link.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking networks (like allow their users to bookmark interesting pages. Technically when someone bookmarks your page, it means a short digest about the page (page title, description, tags) is published on a page of a social bookmarking service with a backlink to your page. The more users of these network bookmark your web pages, the more backlinks your web page is receiving.

When the bookmarking services got famous, several automatic and semi-automatic bookmarking solutions appeared on the market. One needs to open different accounts (under different usernames) in the bookmarking community, and the solution automatically logs under these usernames and bookmarks your page, thus creating the illusion that many different users are bookmarking your page.

Definitely the pages of famous social bookmarking services have great trust in the eyes of search engines. The problem is that almost all famous and SEO trustworthy boomarking networks put on the outgoing backlinks.

Some of the services do not have at the beginning. But once they become very popular – they resort to trick. That is why with social bookmarking you can never be sure that your backlink building is going to have permanent effect, as with the growth of the network its owners can take a decision “Ok, we are big enough to start doing the thing” – and all link building job will get wasted.

Social News Networks

Social news network emerged on the wave of giving simple people a possibility to share great news with the rest of the world. This is a network where simple people can submit the information about what they consider of interest to the rest of the world.

You open an account in such network (like and can make the rest of the world learn about the information that you are promoting. Usually in social news networks you can submit tiny digest with title, description of the news and link to the web page where people can get more information about this issue.

Thus, if you have something important and news-worthy on your site, you can build backlinks to its web pages. As big social news services are trustworthy in the eyes of search engines, the backlinks from their pages have significant SEO value. If you seriously work with adding new information to your site, then social news networks can help to you build lots of quality backlinks. Moreover, today you can find news networks in almost any niche, thus you will be getting very relevant backlinks.

The only drawback is that recently many of these services also started to put on the outgoing links. That is why one should take this issue into account, before starting link building with a particular social news network.

Still, as the market of social news networks is rapidly growing, you can find plenty of networks that do not exercise the policy.

Link Brokers

Link brokers work like intermediaries between the people who want to buy backlinks and the people who are ready to sell backlinks from their sites.

The advantage of the service is that most of the job is automated: you enter the keyword to find relevant sites and start buying backlinks from them. This saves a lot of time as you do not need to work with each site individually, negotiate the deal, mess up with individual payments and other routine.

Plus you have control about the relevancy of the sites that you are choosing, and this adds to the value of backlinks gained via link brokers.

One more advantage is that link brokers give you tools to track the backlinks, thus you stay in total control of the backlinks which you have gathered via a specific link broker.

Usually you need to pay for every link separately or pay a monthly fee. But as link broker service offers you to sell your web page space (for links to other sites), you can leverage on the profits and expenses within the framework of link brokerage service.

A disadvantage is that link brokers add backlinks via specific code, and this code can be traceable by search engine robot, thus giving away that you are buying backlinks from a link broker – and search engines seriously frown upon paid links.

For example, this summer one guy was offering a free service. One could type site URL into the web form, and the service was “telling” if this site had any backlinks coming from paid brokers and was naming that brokers.

That is why, most likely, it is just a matter of time before search engines start using this kind of algorithm to spot the sites which are buying backlinks from link brokers.

No need to panic – it is too early to say that link brokers are easily traceable now. But in the nearest future the link brokers should come up with a new level of protection against detecting their footprints, or this can cause a big problem to their clients.

Link Exchanges

Link exchanges are simple. Site A and site B agree to put links to each other. This is the simplest version of link exchange, called reciprocate link exchange or 2 way link exchange.

Link exchange was a hit once, but today Google puts less value in reciprocal links. That is why SEO experts started to use more sophisticated versions of link exchange. For example, site A links to site B, site B links to site C, and site C links to site A. This was an example of 3 way link exchanges. There are 4 way, 5 way and other versions of link exchange. In addition to adding more elements to the link exchange ring, SEO experts also try to make the whole interlinking to be done under very tricky rules so that the whole network of sites that interlink with each other look more natural.

It is important to mention that with 3-, 4- or more-way linking your site is getting one way links, this is much better than simple reciprocal (2 way) linking.

The advantage of the link exchange services is the high automation of the link exchange process, possibility to take care of the relevancy of your link partners and possibility to track if a site is giving or not giving you a backlink.

Though on some SEO forums the debates about cracking this type of linking with special mathematic algorithms (graph theory, for example) still go on, at the moment there are no reports that people have any problems because of using 3 way linking services and other services of this kind.

At the moment this is one of the most popular ways to quickly build backlinks with the help of automatic solutions.

Article Marketing

The idea of article marketing in terms of SEO is simple and very smart – you write a good article with the author resource box at the bottom of the article. This resource box allows having a backlink. You submit article to several famous article directories, when the article gets published – you get backlinks.

This is the type of link building which has a very safe future. Don’t forget that search engines always need new information to show to their surfers. Without new unique content the life of search engines is going to become problematic.

That is why search engines will always welcome the creation of new content, articles including. Hence, your backlinks from the articles (read “from big piece of new content”) will always remain a safe SEO asset.

Moreover, as your articles get published on the reputable article directories, the pages of these directories also have serious reputation with search engines, thus – your backlinks from these will pages have nice value.

And finally, your article is likely to be republished by other people who may put a backlink to your site. This means extra backlinks for free!

But there are 2 disadvantages of article marketing for SEO.

First of all, you create one big article to get just a few backlinks. Not the best deal in terms of SEO.

Another problem is that article directories are “harvested” by content stealers. They republish your article, but, most often, when there are doing it the backlinks are deleted, because content thieves hate giving away backlinks.

New Age Article Marketing

This type of article marketing exploits the concept of “create content – get backlinks in return – no one touches your backlinks.” The creators of content and those who republish it come into some sort of agreement: content creators allow to republish their content and content republishers do not touch the backlinks. As they all are the members of the same community, it is very easy to see if someone is cheating and force the cheater play by the rules.

This is a nice alternative to traditional article marketing where you have no control over the republishing of your content.

The example of such community is FreeTrafficSystem where content creators get up to 60 permanent backlinks from every article submitted to the system. Content creators choose the relevancy of the blog where their articles are going to be republished. The backlinks come from inside relevant blog posts, the blogs belong to different people (and are hosted on different IPs).

Surely this strategy involves some manual work. You do not push a button and get thousands of backlinks. But creating content cannot be automated as robots have not learned to write great articles yet. Hence, you need to invest some time into creating an article, but the rest of the submission process in nicely automated.
FreeTrafficSystem is a free service, because its owners want to make the idea of civilized content republishing more popular and invite people to see how it helps to build quality backlinks.

The time has come for the new standards of responsibility between content creators and content republishers – it is possible to make both parties benefit from the cooperation and spread the horizons for civilized link building and getting online publicity.


I am sure this information will help you to build a good battle plan for your link building.

It is important to understand that not a single strategy from this list is the ultimate solution to your SEO success; they all have advantages and disadvantages.
My personal recommendation – exploit all of them as this will help to make your link building look diversified and natural.

Please feel welcome to comment to this post with your own link building experiences, ideas and feedback. Your opinion matters!

Do You Have Corporate Protection?

February 19, 2009

I rarely talk about corporations and business structures here, even though they’re often vital to your internet business.

I’m not an accountant or a lawyer so I don’t feel qualified to advise you on that topic. As you can see from any of my sites I operate as an LLC, but this is not something I discuss in any of my products (business structures).

So today I want to introduce you to someone who can help…Thomas Abelsen and the Corporate Service Center who have helped form over 30,000 corporations with full step-by-step guidance and support. All the information below is provided by their office.

Corporate Service Center, Inc. is kicking off the New Year right by giving away 25 FREE corporations and LLCs per day as part of their 2009 small business bailout plan. Now you can do your part to stimulate the economy and take your financial future into your own hands. Click here now to get your free corporation…

Note: There are still state fees required for registration.

And even better, to get you the most tax savings allowed by law and the best asset protection in 50 states, Corporate Service Center will form your free corporation or LLC in Nevada. It doesn’t matter what state you live in, you can take advantage of tax free, bullet-proof, private Nevada.

Since 1989 Corporate Service Center, Inc. and it’s associates have formed more than 30,000 Nevada corporations and LLCs – but never before for free…until now.

Only 25 free Nevada corporations and LLCs will be formed each day, so fill in this form immediately…

Why Do You Need a Corporation?

The corporation or LLC is an autonomous legal entity, created separately from those who own and operate it. The entity separates a businesses debts, taxes and liabilities from its owners thereby offering the greatest tax savings and personal liability protection of all business structures. And, because the corporation continues to exist even after the death of a shareholder, it offers tremendous estate planning advantages.

Top Four Reasons To Incorporate

1. Save Thousands of Dollars With Legal Tax Deductions

Take advantage of hundreds of corporate tax deductions that may legally lower the amount of tax you might otherwise pay! Find out how to truly live the corporate lifestyle and put more money back in your pocket.

2. Protect Your Personal Assets From Business Lawsuits

Lawsuits are on the rise in this country. If you’re in business, the chances you will be sued are very high. Don’t lose everything you have worked so hard for! Make sure that you are properly insulated from out-of-control trial attorneys. Incorporating keeps your personal assets safe.

3. Build Corporate Credit

Build corporate credit that is completely separate from your personal credit record. Imagine being able to obtain unsecured credit cards, lines of credit and even purchase real estate in your corporate name.

4. Credibility, Believability

Having the INC or LLC designation after your business name can mean the difference between landing the client or not. Consumers want to make sure that the business is reputable and the owner is serious. Having an INC or LLC does just that.
Read more

Online Video Studio

February 16, 2009

Are you using video in your business yet? If not, why not. I’ve tested video on landing pages, sales pages, and even training videos here on this blog. In almost every case video has improved conversion in my own personal businesses. I have seen cases where video actually dropped conversion for clients, but that is a pretty rare occurrence (and likely has more to do with their video script than the fact they’re using video).

If you’re not at least testing video in your business, you should be.

Below are some of the resources my clients and I are using in our businesses to produce online videos for our business.

Screen Videos

Camtasia Studio – Any of my screen recordings such as are produced in Camtasia. My Powerpoint presentations are also recorded through it. I recently upgraded to the 6.0 version and love the new smaller video sizes along with a few improved editing features for the videos. If you’re planning on doing any type of screen videos, then I’d highly recommend this software.

Camstudio – Camtasia is a little pricey at $299. This is a free screen recorder you can use in place of Camtasia if you don’t have the budget or you only want to shoot a few videos (not worth the Camtasia price). Of course it doesn’t sport as many features, but you can use it to get started in screen recording.

Screenflow – If you have a Mac you’ve been limited from the best screen recording software for a while (although Techsmith has said they’re creating a Mac version some day). Here is a program I’ve heard recommended, but please note I have not tested since I’m not a Mac user. Perhaps one of my readers can comment on it or another screen video tool you use on your Mac.

Live Videos

Obviously many laptops now come with Webcams if you want to shoot a simple video of yourself, or you can also purchase separate webcams for your desktop pretty low cost. Both great solutions for getting started with online video. What if you want to move up a step to a high definition quality camera? Here are a couple of choices.

Canon HV30 – This is an excellent high definition camera currently for a pretty low price (I paid about $650 for it when I purchased mine). Please note you will want a separate lapel mic for it as I don’t find the sound great, but the video quality is top notch. It also appears there is a newer version coming out in April called the HV40.

Flip Video MinoHD – Would you prefer a tiny camcorder that is still HD? That’s the Flip Video MinoHD at just over $200. This isn’t as high quality as the camera above, but it is still a great camera…especially for its size and price. It’s also extremely easy to import the video into your computer with the flip out USB attachment.


Audio-Technica ATR-35S – A big problem I had originally with some of my videos was sound quality. The sound from webcams and even the cameras above is poor. The best solution is to buy a microphone. Of the ones I’ve tested and used, for basic speaking even the lower cost lapel mics like this Audio-Technica one work quite well.

Video Lighting

Cheap Work Light Solution – I’m linking over the Videomaker website for a discussion of setting up your lights using low cost work lights. You can put together your lighting for less than $100 and it’s possible you have some of the items already laying around.

Softbox Lights – I’ve never been happy with the quality of lighting using the lower cost solutions above. You can take the next step up to creating your “video studio” using light box type systems (the Steve Kaeser company has very good customer service from my experience). Get several of these lights along with a chromakey background and you have your own video studio. Please note these lights are bigger than they look in the photos and your video studio could take up a full room.

Video Editing

Sony Vegas Movie Studio – I’ve played around with quite a few editing programs, and I prefer Sony Vegas Movie Studio for its abilities and ease of use. Plus the DVD Architect software is very useful for putting together your own DVDs. Note that if you’re just making screen videos you may simply be edit them using Camtasia Studio and not need any outside editing solutions.

Final Cut Express – Sony Vegas above is for PC only. If you’re on a Mac, the basic iMovie program does allow you to do basic editing of your videos. If you want to move up, the next step up is Final Express. I have not used this software as Sony Vegas Movie Studio is my tool of choice.

Upload Your Videos to the Internet

TubeMogul – You can upload individually to multiple video sites or you can upload to several sites at once through a free account at TubeMogul (I also like their basic tracking features to see how many users are watching your videos).

Your Own TV Show

Ustream – Create your own live TV show with chat room for interacting with your visitors. Very nice setup for running a live show through your webcam or camcorder (hooked up to your computer). Even better that it is free.


Prompt – You can setup your own low cost teleprompter through your computer. This a paid software program, but the free version allows you to create scripts of up to 2,500 characters or less. Any time I’m doing a short selling video I like to have a full word-for-word script written out. It’s surprising just how much better your video comes out that way.

Youtube High Definition

You may have noticed that Youtube is now making high definition available from their site. It took some looking around, but the setting for this high def video is 1280×720 resolution. Here is a link to a nice lesson on using Youtube HD videos and embedding them on your site.

Traffic From Blog Comments

February 12, 2009

Here is another simple video on how to generate traffic and incoming links for free using blog comments.

Blog comments are a way to take part in the community while generating traffic to your site. In some cases (when commenting on sites with the Do-Follow plug-in installed, you can even improve your search engine rankings). Watch below for more information.
Read more

Truth About Making Money Online

February 9, 2009

Mr. has over 11,000 ESCTATIC Customers in one of his markets.

Mr D. has over 11,000 ESCTATIC Customers in just one of his markets.

Have you been sold a bill of goods about making money online?

I know. You’ve heard all the promises. You’ve seen all the success stories. As you know, it’s possible for just about anyone to create a good income online. Look at me. I’ve done it now for 13 years. My last job before the internet was delivering pizzas for Little Caesars. As I often say, if I can do it…I’m sure you can do it too.

And of course it’s not only me. There are probably millions of people today earning good money online (some are part-time while others are full-time). So it’s a definite truth that people are making money online today.

But is it really as easy as some people make it out to be?

The answer there is No. It’s not as easy as some people make it out to be. Everywhere you turn it seems someone is promising you the next secret to earning millions online. Sometimes it’s “fully automated where you don’t lift a finger.” I have yet to see any “true business” be fully automated when you’re starting out (that is the end goal after you spend all the work putting systems in place).

It takes time and effort to get your business to the point where it earns passive income. Right now in my business I do have quite a bit of passive income which comes in, but then other portions of my income I’m taking part in (like writing this blog and coaching).

So in other words, if you want to make money online, you’ve got to work online. It doesn’t have to be full-time work and it definitely isn’t hard work no matter what anyone says. I can promise you from experience that delivering pizzas in a blizzard, not getting any tips, and showing back up in the office with less money than you’re supposed to have is MUCH worse than your worst day online (your worst day online is usually when your order system shuts off or some technical aspect goes haywire and you have to have the techs fix it).

Two principles:
1. It most definitely is possible for just about anyone to succeed online.
2. It’s not as easy and “work-free” as some people claim it to be.

Another principle here is that many people think the ONLY way for a beginner to get started online is by entering the make money field. That’s a BIG lie. In many cases (not all), that is one of the worst places for a beginner to start because they go up against the best in the world…and they’re not experienced enough to take it.

Yet very rarely do you get the opportunity to see someone outside of this industry sharing all their secrets. Why would they? They’d just create more competitors for themselves…with no real benefit to their own business (since they wouldn’t be selling anything you’d want).

For example, recently I stayed at Glenn Livingston’s house. Fred Gleeck, Glenn Livingston, Sharon Livingston, and I created a product together…even sharing our exact mistakes starting out (not often you get to hear those). Our goal was to AUTHENTICALLY give you step-by-step the way to success online. That’s the key word there…authentic.

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We simply went into Glenn Livingston’s living room with a couple of page outline. Nothing was scripted. We were open to asking any questions we wanted to ask of each other (and we asked a lot of questions in some cases as I left the weekend with a list of my own notes to improve my business).

One of the best parts of the weekend for me was meeting a new friend. He had purchased both Fred’s products and my own before. Today he is extremely successful online with a large team of staff members (much bigger than our own). Throughout our time together he kept adding in his agreement and additional tips from his own business.

In fact he shared with us he has over 300,000 opt-in subscribers on ONE of his daily emails lists. Yes, that’s right. He’s built a list of over 300 hundred thousand while sending emails almost every day. In addition, he has 11,000+ testimonials in that one niche market alone. That’s not just 11,000 purchasers … that’s 11,000 ECSTATIC purchasers who’ve actually taken the time to sign their name to endorse his work.

And that is only one of his “little niche markets.” Kind of destroys the concept of niches being little once you see what he’s done there.

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In our product together he does share his name and he does talk a little bit about his market. But as I mentioned above, he basically made me remove any mention of his name from our sales copy. I originally wrote the sales copy introducing him and highlighting him. He asked for removal of all of it because he didn’t want that much attention since he doesn’t sell any “internet marketing” products.

So I’ve had to change his name to Mr. D. only. I wish I could share a little more about him, but he said NO. And I consider him a good friend now. Since we met in person we’ve spoken over the phone multiple times in the last month or so. So I’ll respect his wishes in this.

One aspect I was able to secure for you my readers is an extremely good price. I know there are many people who have been hit by the recession. So I was able to convince my partners on this to deliver this product digitally instead of as a LARGE home study package (we discussed multiple manuals and more than a dozen CDs).

If I had one product I would buy this year, this is it. It’s not because of me. While I do share some strong elements throughout the package, it’s the information Glenn, Sharon, and Fred share here. What I learned from them is going to be worth more money to me personally this year. In addition, Mr. D. couldn’t stay quiet at times. At times he was even bouncing up and down in his seat to share something he has experimented with in his own business. Sometimes he made me simply say WOW about what has worked for him. It’s incredible.

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The Best Valentine Gift

February 5, 2009

ValentineBearDon’t forget next week on Saturday is Valentine’s Day (Feb 14th). Yes, I’m speaking to the guys reading this. I know the ladies won’t forget, but the guys can get in some serious trouble.

What are you going to give your Valentine this year?

I’ve given my wife bracelets, rings, iPods, etc. One year I told her I’d buy her anything she wanted for her Valentine’s gift. ANYTHING…

She choose a new truck (Toyota Tundra). You know you live in the country when your wife chooses a truck for her Valentine’s Day present! Sounds kind of like a Jeff Foxworthy joke.

I haven’t decided on her present this year. Still thinking about what would have the “Wow” effect I try to create each time. Any ideas? Can’t be a trip because she is taking RN classes through May (at least not a trip till after that).

So what does a message about Valentine’s Day have to do with an internet business blog…especially over a week BEFORE the date?

Good question. Besides wanting to save some of the guys reading this from trouble, too often internet marketers get consumed by their business.

Do you take time off for your loved ones? I expect you will be taking next Saturday off with their sweetheart, but I also want to encourage you to do the same EVERY WEEK. There should be a day together or at least a night out that you schedule regularly.

I’ve seen many entrepreneurs who get so consumed by their business that everything else suffers…their wife/husband, their children, and their friends. Eventually they even sacrifice their health. All because they’re consumed by it.

I’ve seen these same entrepreneurs say it isn’t about the money. In some cases I believe them. They never take time to spend it so it can’t really be about the money. It’s often issues such as self-esteem (among others).

That’s part of the reason I’m so focused on helping my customers Earn More, Work Less, and Enjoy Life!

It’s about the lifestyle.

Make a daily schedule for your business. In that schedule, MAKE SURE there is time for your loved ones.

The best Valentine’s gift is you…and your time.

But most girlfriends & wives won’t accept that as your only gift…so back to the drawing board of what to give this year.

Any great ideas?

As another Valentine’s Day sidenote, many in my audience are Christians. So I’ve been asked by a friend to share an event he is doing for married Christian couples.

Do you ever wish that you could re-ignite the passion in your marriage? Robert Irwin may have the solution. He and his wife are Christian relationship experts. Their books and resources have helped thousands of Christian couples to improve their marriages and sex lives.

Their resources are not for everyone; they are specifically designed for married couples seeking a Christian and Biblical perspective on marriage and married sex. But, if you are a married Christian, wishing for more intimacy, you should check out their Virtual Marriage Retreat starting next week.

What is a Virtual Marriage Retreat? It is an online version of their “Re-Kindle The Passion” seminar and retreat program. This format means that you and your spouse can gain all of the benefits of a physical retreat…without leaving the comfort of your home…or the travel expenses. Robert and Susan are giving away as bonuses, their whole “Christian Library” and two free email consultations. Thousands have paid $37.00 each for the six books included in this “bonus giveaway.” All told, they are giving away over $420.00 in resources.

So, even if you can’t (or don’t care to) attend the Virtual Retreat event, it would be still be worth taking advantage of their offer! You can obtain their entire (very) popular library collection and the email consultations for over $300 less than others have paid.

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Emotional Marketing

February 2, 2009

Soon I’ll be releasing a product I did with Glenn Livingston, Sharon Livingston, Fred Gleeck, and Mr. D.

Mr.D. is being called this because he doesn’t want me to reveal his name except to product buyers. He doesn’t sell “make money online” type of products and he doesn’t want any “extra” competition or to be anyone’s guru (although he does have 11,000+ testimonials in one of his markets).

Today I want to share an audio clip with you from this upcoming product. On this one Dr. Sharon Livingston is sharing about true emotional marketing and how it differs from the hyped up marketing you often see online.

Whenever you talk to people about emotional marketing online, they almost always think about selling with hype and attitude. The phrase may have conjured up images of exaggerated claims…promising how you can get everything you ever dreamed about with the push of a button.

The “emotional marketing” you’ve seen up till now has been about selling to people’s heads instead of revealing what’s in the depths of their hearts. The end goal of your product and your marketing is to truly help your customer feel good about themselves…and their purchase with your company.

It isn’t about dancing bears or exaggerated claims. No one feels good at the end of those transactions. True emotional marketing is a process that flows through your research, your product creation, and your marketing. It’s about bringing a sense of fulfillment to your customers.

Please right click below and choose “Save Target As” (or whatever is needed for your browser):

On this free audio clip, Sharon shares how to dig for the real emotional benefits, a link for where you can print out the 37 emotional end benefits, and tells you the “key word” word you’re watching for.

Wait till you listen to the rest of the audio…and everything else we discussed over the weekend.