Today is the Day

April 27, 2009

I’ve finally gone and done it.

I threatened it for years…but today I did it.

I’m closing on my house in Dunnellon, Florida today. It’s about 2 miles or so to the Rainbow Springs State Park. It’s a brand new home that hasn’t been lived in which we’re buying directly from the builder (built in 2008).

Nothing fancy. It is 4 bedrooms with just under one acre. Our home in Indiana has 18.5 acres, but you get tired of taking care of that much (even when you hire out part of the work). So I found a property with less land to take care of that is still quiet and near all the parks we’ll visit.

I have a lot of plans for the backyard here to make a very nice outdoor living area. Who knows how much I’ll spend on everything I’m putting in the backyard. It doesn’t matter…as this area of Florida is pretty cheap right now because of the real estate and job problems they’ve had.

People who were on my list years ago remember when I was first looking in Florida and Arizona. It was a common occurrence. Winter time comes. I want to move. Spring comes in and it was so nice in Indiana (fall is beautiful with all the trees in Indiana).

Early April was COLD in the Indiana, although it has definitely warmed up now. It was freezing in Indiana on Easter weekend.

January had a day where it hit negative 15. With windchill it was negative 30.

At the moment we still have our Indiana home, but we will either sell it or rent it out by the winter time. We’ll begin moving down here sometime before then.

I’ll post a couple of photos or a quick video sometime later. Off to go to the walkthrough and closing.

Take a look at this underwater photo of the Rainbow river (looks like I’m going to have to take up canoeing or kayaking with this type of gorgeous water nearby).

A Clear River in Florida called Rainbow River

A Clear River in Florida called Rainbow River

Strange Bloke From the UK

April 23, 2009

Who is the strange man in the video below?

He uses weird expressions like ‘crikey’ and ‘cripes no.’

He is very big on Manchester United…whatever that is. They call it a football club, but it looks like soccer to those in the USA.

His name is Lee McIntyre and he recently sent me a testimonial which of course I love.

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21 Ways to Add More Subscribers

April 20, 2009

Build a targeted group of hungry subscribers and you’ll grow your income online.

It really is as simple as that. This was the very first revelation I had in my business after 6 months of being online. As my list grew, so did my income.

Notice I said you want a “TARGETED” group of subscribers…not just a general list. I also said we want a HUNGRY group of subscribers. They need to be targeted to your specific subject…and they need to be hungry for more information on the topic.

In addition, you need to build a relationship with those subscribers, but that’s a topic for another post.

1. Focus your web page on generating subscribers. This means always listing your subscribe offer in a premium position on your website such as the top right on this one. Other times I use a full squeeze page such as

2. Add a footer slide-in ad like I have on the bottom of this site and many of my sales pages (not as intrusive as a popup/popover, but still generates subscribers). Here’s the software to do it…

3. Create a freebie offer you give away to new subscribers. They don’t want to sign up for your newsletter or your list. They want some specific benefit and they want it now. This freebie could be an interview audio, a video, or simply a PDF of your best articles.

4. Add the “What Would Seth Godin Do” plugin to your blog. Make it appear at the bottom of each post for the first few visits with a subscription offer to get your readers to subscribe to your list. Getting them on your list is the priority.

5. If you don’t have a blog, set one up TODAY. This is one of the best tools I’ve seen to help you generate free search engine rankings. Go after a competitive search term for your main blogging site (for example this one ranks on “internet business”).

6. Create blog posts that target long tail search terms. The tool I highly recommend going through regularly is the Google Keyword Tool. If you’re aggressively going for the subscribe and you start generating search engine visitors, you will grow your list.

7. Work on generating incoming links by submitting out free press releases, creating articles for article directories, and submitting your site to the social bookmarking sites (especially the do-follow ones).

8. Link out to other good blogs in your niche. You could put them in the blogroll. You might do linking posts where you link to other people’s best content. Or you might link inside of your article itself. Those bloggers will see your link and you’ll likely at least get them to visit you (building potential partners in the market).

9. Use Google Adwords to help you generate subscribers. Google, Yahoo, and MSN can all generate fast traffic to your site. Instead of the strategy of having thousands of keyword phrases, go for a core group of keywords. Build targeted landing pages for each and get them on your list.

10. Use a 2 step landing page for Adwords today. Because Google is tracking how many people go deeper into your site, this means your first page is simply a presell page where you provide a little content and then get them to click through to the next page. The next page is a squeeze page targeted to get them on your list.

11. Create a low cost item (such as $10 or $20) where you give 100% commissions. This could be done through Rapid Action Profits software or other software tools. The key here is you have affiliates promote it for you to build you a BUYERS list.

12. Contact list owners in your market about your excellent low cost item. Give them a free copy and set them up as an affiliate so they can promote it. Affiliates are one of the best ways to generate responsive subscribers.

13. Don’t just do the normal product affiliate offers to potential JV partners. Offer to write them some exclusive content, do an interview with them, or link to them from your blog to begin building a relationship.

14. Create videos based on keyword phrases people are searching for. Use the Google Keyword tool to see what people are searching for. Create a simple video teaching them the subject. Then add in a link to your site in the description and the video itself. Go for the subscribe on this page.

15. Upload your video to multiple video sites at once for free using a site such as

16. Create a FAQ (frequently asked questions) file for a popular forum in your market. When someone asks one of those questions, post your FAQ response along with your resource box (which is a link to your subscribe page).

17. Give away one of your paid products to another marketer in your field. Let them give it away to any of their buyers. Of course make sure this has a call to action for them to buy one of your items or get on your list. You make nothing from this sale, but you’re being put in front of their buyers.

18. Sell reprint rights to some of your products. Same purpose as above. You make money from selling the reprint rights license, but you’re also having other people generate leads and backend customers for you.

19. Do interviews and teleconferences. One of the fastest ways to get a surge of new subscribers is through doing a teleconference or an interview with someone who has a list of their own. In exchange for your time, you’ll likely generate sales and subscribers.

20. Create a joint product with other experts in your market. This can be a low cost lead item. Make sure to have your call to action for your freebie signup in this product. Even if you never sell a copy, the other experts will be generating backend subscribers and sales for you.

21. Ask an additional question instead of just the email address and their name. Ask them for their biggest question or what they’re looking for today. Most list building services do have the ability for a custom question which you can use to find out more about your subscribers.

DVD Architect – Creating DVD Menus

April 16, 2009

I’ve mentioned in previous posts how I prefer Sony Vegas Movie Studio for editing my videos and DVDs. If you pick up the Platinum edition you also get DVD Architect which helps you create nice looking DVD menus.

The one problem with DVD Architect doesn’t really come with very good instrcutions. It is a very simple process to create basic DVD menu, but you get confused by all the options.

Below are two videos to help you create your own DVD menus. The first one shows adding markers in Sony Vegas Movie Studio first (if you add the markers before you go the Architect it will be much easier). The second one shows working in DVD Architect to create a basic menu for your DVD.

Adding Markers in Sony Vegas Movie Studio:
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Beyond Taking Action

April 13, 2009

Are you serious about your internet business?

I’m sure you’ve heard the statement, “Just Take Action.”

On the surface that sounds good. Of course you need to take action. But what action should you be taking? If you spend 3 hours every day simply reading discussion boards, that is an action. It’s just not the right action. It isn’t going to be profitable action.

It’s about taking the right actions to build your business daily.

Below is a feature article Tim Gary has created for my blog readers.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”
– John Lennon

bus•y – full of or characterized by activity
right ac•tion – doing the correct thing

While Taking Action is touted as the only way to manifest what you want, it’s just part of the picture. If you take the Right Action you are virtually assured of success. But if you taking the wrong actions, which I refer to as “busyness” through the rest of this report, you are destroying any chance you have of success in an online business.

One results in getting paid, and one results in nothing.

One results in easing our frustration and the other results in more.

One results in us getting closer to our goals, the other takes us further away.

The funny (or sad) thing is that most people with an on-line business know the difference in the two. In fact most can see the difference in others, but very few can see the difference in THEMSELVES.

It’s much like a person who smokes. They know it’s bad for them. They can even see the effects on others when they hack and cough. All the while, they continue to puff away themselves.

In the same way that cigarettes will cause a person to waste away, so will busyness. It is a disease that will eat away at the spirit and leaves only broken dreams.
People who are “busy” in their business are very convincing to others about their level of success. They know all the information, they know all the answers. But when asked about how much income this information has brought them, suddenly the answers become hard to find.

A busy person leaves behind them a trail of unfinished projects, and a roomful of excuses. As one project starts to fizzle out, another becomes more attractive.
The excuses for abandoning the one project for another always sound rational, always sound reasonable, and always make the busy person look very intelligent. The results though, are always the same. Nothing has changed. No progress is truly made.

Just like there is a difference between taking right action and being busy, there is a difference between goals and wishes. Goals are what we take right action on and wishes are.. well… for fairy godmothers. And this actually explains why busy people are so…busy. They have an irrational belief that all of their efforts will suddenly and immediately result in their wishes being granted. As if the performance of 100 unrelated tasks would suddenly result in a new car in the driveway!

Think of an automobile assembly line as an example. How many cars would get built if one worker busied himself with sweeping the floor, another with filing papers, another with mixing the paint and yet another working on different car designs? All are thinking about how great this car is going to be and how hard they are working at it. All believe that what they are doing is going to get the car built. The reality is that that car will never get built. Only by each laborer performing a task that DIRECTLY results in the completion of the project will anything get accomplished.

The mind of a “busy” internet marketer is much the same with the exception that he/she assumes ALL the roles needed. A “busy” on-line businessman (or woman) will be the copywriter, graphic designer, create the product, be the coder, etc, etc. Whatever the “busy” marketer doesn’t know how to do they will go to great lengths to learn how.

One of the biggest challenges this “busy” marketer faces, is that there is ALWAYS something else that has to be learned before they can take the final step of offering their product, or getting their website live. There is always one more tweak, one more revision, and one more part that needs to be added.

Eventually what happens is that the “busy” marketer gets bored with the current project and decides to chase after the pot of gold at the next rainbow and the cycle starts all over again.

Seriously, does this sound familiar? Do you expect everything you do online to be perfect? Especially if it’s the first project you’ve embarked on? It won’t be!

But, if you take the right actions, it can be close enough for you to reach your goals.

Take an example of driving to the store. In a perfect world:

1) You’d drive in a straight line right from your garage to the store entrance and go at the perfect speed to use as little gas as possible
and wouldn’t be stopped by other vehicles or traffic signals along the way. You’d also take the absolute least amount of time possible. It’s completely unreasonable for this to happen, yet we expect something similar in our online business endeavors!

The biggest cause of these unreasonable expectations is a desire to do everything perfectly, even the first time out. Let’s continue our example…

What really happens when we drive to the store is that we follow roads that have already been built. These can zigzag all around, have potholes, small animals, children, vehicles and other obstacles to navigate. We also have traffic signals, speed limits and other controls which limit exactly how we can complete the drive.

Yet, even though the course is not perfect, barring car trouble you always arrive at your destination just fine. You do this because you are taking the right actions!
Can you see how different right action is from perfect action, and how you can get stuck in busyness if you attempt to make everything perfect?

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”
– George S. Patton

To quickly clarify… Just like there can be many routes to the store, there can be many different right actions that let you reach your goals. Very often, these are different for each person. There are different methods of generating website traffic, creating products, promoting products, and otherwise building your online business. They can all lead to the right spot, but take different routes to get there.

Do you need to Go Beyond Taking Action…And Finally Succeed In Your Online Business?

If so, Tim has put together a special coupon for “Beyond Unstuck” for you. Normally he sells this system for $39.95, but you can have it for HALF off at $19.95.

In addition, he has persuaded me to do an audio interview with him in the near future where I will answer questions he has collected from his customers about taking the right actions to success in your internet business. You can see that in the box that says “Very Limited Time Bonus.” Get in now to get your question answered.

Click here now for full details and your $20 off coupon…

Note: You don’t have to do anything to activate the coupon. Just click through the above link. The sales page will still show his normal $39.95 price, but $19.95 should be visible once you click on the Paypal order link.

Free Teleconference Series

April 8, 2009

Tomorrow, April 9th, Perry Marshall will be interviewing me on a free teleconference at 11:30 CST (12:30 EST, etc). We’ll be talking about creating automated internet lifestyle businesses. And I’m sure Perry is going to push me for more and more info to help you build your online business.

You’ve probably noticed I don’t do a large number of teleconferences. They often don’t fit the “lifestyle” I plan for since the majority are held in the late evening. I don’t like working late, almost ever. I’m on Eastern time so this one is right after noon for me.

I’ll be sharing secrets about improving your conversion, creating new products, and generating traffic automatically. Don’t miss it!

Register here…

In addition, Perry is having his 40th Birthday Celebration all this week. This means in addition to me, he is having free teleconferences with Glenn Livingston, Marlon Sanders, John Carlton, Stephen Juth, Richard Stokes, Chris Cardell, Michael Cage, and John Paul Mendocha.

Glenn and Marlon are both personal friends of mine. They’ll definitely give you top notch information (and Marlon is always a riot to listen to as well).

John Carlton coached me on copywriting in my earlier years (he still uses a testimonial I gave him years ago on his site from how he helped me increase the sales of one my sites by $3,000 just by changing a headline).

While I don’t know a couple of the other experts, I’m confident Perry will be interrogating them for their best info.

The link above allows you to register for all the events. You’ll receive an email with the schedule for each of these interviews.

Register here…

If you don’t know him, Perry Marshall is probably the most well known Adwords experts around. He took a very general subject such as internet marketing and turned it into a niche specialization by focusing specifically on Adwords optimization.

He has experience in many other areas of direct marketing including writing emails, creating follow-up series, copywriting, product development, and so on. But you can see how he is a model for taking a big subject “internet marketing” and becoming the #1 expert on one element of that topic – Adwords.

On the teleconference registration page, Perry says about me, “…wrote one of the very first newsletters I devoured back in 1998-1999.”

So Adwords expert Perry Marshall was devouring my newsletters back in 1998 and 1999. Now I’m feeling older…and its his birthday!

Register here for the teleconferences…

DVD Business Plan

April 6, 2009

I LOVE the information business. I’ve produced ebooks, audio interviews, membership sites, a print newsletter, coaching programs, etc.

But I think the product which I have the most fun creating are simple DVDs. Create an outline and basic script. Shoot the video. Edit it. Turn it into a DVD. Then do it again. In fact over the past month I’ve realized I’ve kind of let DVD production fall to the side for other projects…and I haven’t been having as much fun without it.

I recently published an article listing the tools I use to create online videos and DVDs. You can read it here…

Today I’m working on my next DVD (showing you how to create your own DVDs). Here is one of the intro clips from it about a basic DVD business plan.

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