More Sales and More Fun

September 28, 2009

Today I want to have more fun and make more sales. Actually, that’s what I usually want to do!

Today we’re doing it by highlighting some of the best articles I picked out of my RSS Reader to share with you.

An Open Letter to Marking Newbies

Ben Settle is an email marketing maniac. In this post he shares tips for the newbies to make more money online. Pay special attention to his last tip. Also love this one, “Consume a good “how to” product at least 10x’s before buying the next one.” There are very few books I’ve read ten times (Claude Hopkins Scientific Advertising is one) but I do go through the best ones multiple times. It shocking what you pull out the 2nd and 3rd time you go through it.

Another Reason Internet Businesses Fail: The Myth of Work Versus Play

Glenn obviously hit a nerve with his audience on this one as comments keep coming in. While I don’t agree with everything Glenn says here, he makes some very good points. Perhaps Glenn and I will get together and discuss this if you are interested (where I would share a little bit different of a viewpoint and how it relates to each of our personalities).

Which Subject Line Won?

Ryan Healy talks about going deeper than just surface testing of subject lines. This is an important one for EVERYONE who tests. You do test, don’t you? It’s easy to misinterpret the results or look at the wrong numbers if you’re not careful. Notice how he pinpoints something I’ve been talking a lot about lately – everyone on your list is NOT going to be a buyer. Write the ones who will be.

Website Redesign Pulls in More Sales?

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away design wasn’t that important. It was all about the copy. In my recent tests, this isn’t true anymore. Presenting a professional appearance to your website is becoming more and more important today. Read about how Michel Fortin is currently generating 4 times as many sales by doing a redesign on one of his sites.

5 Social Media Lessons I Learned from Working With a Hollywood Actress

Some very good tips are included here. I especially like the finding your blog’s core purpose. Focus. That’s what it is all about. What is your bullseye phrase? What is your goal? What is the purpose of each element in your business? Don’t promote or do anything online simply because “others are doing it.” What is the right focus for you?

10 Tips to Earn More Affiliate Income

September 24, 2009

I love affiliate income. You get payments coming into your Paypal account or checks in the mail, all for promoting someone else’s product or service. They’re the ones who deal with product creation, all the customer service, and all the merchant account issues.

Yet affiliate marketing isn’t as easy as some people make it out to be. You can’t just post a few affiliate links and hope money comes flowing in. If only it was so easy!

Here are 10 tips to help you earn more affiliate income.

1. Look for Continuity Income

While you can make very good money promoting one time sales, try to find some continuity programs to add to the mix. Even better than receiving checks in the mail is receiving a check from work you did a year or more ago. It’s one of those ways you can generate long-term passive income in your business. You can have income coming in that meets all your needs from work you did in the past. Excellent way to grow everything else you want to do today.

2. Build Your Business First

This is more work, but I always recommend you build your OWN authority site in the market you’re working in. Don’t just send visitors directly to the affiliate site. That works in the short-term but over time you want to build your own equity in the field. If one program disappears, promote another. As you grow YOUR business you can promote multiple related items. Instead of earning one check for your effort, you earn multiple.

3. Run an Opt-in Email List

This fits with #2. Build your opt-in list and your business. I’ve worked with several affiliates where our lead was getting them signed up for their list. Then we split tested affiliate programs to see which one was best for promoting immediately after someone joined our list.

4. Write Case Studies and Reviews

The “easiest” way to promote is to simply send out the ad copy the affiliate program provides you with. The only problem is this is also the worst way to promote. Instead the best promotion is one where you can write a case study of using the product yourself. What results did you have? Or what results did someone you personally know have? Second best is to simply review the product – give your opinion on what is both good or bad about it.

5. Offer Special Incentives

Why should someone buy the product from your affiliate link instead of anywhere else? That’s right. A unique selling position can apply to you as an affiliate just like any other business. Do an interview with an expert (such as the product owner) to give away to all your buyers. Or create a quick report you wrote to go with it. On a higher ticket item you could even include a consultation or some other type of personal service as a bonus for those who buy from you.

6. Leave Footprints on Other Sites

You’ve been told to write and submit articles. You’ve likely heard you can produce videos to promote affiliate links. But have you realized that those who do best are ALSO creating links to these footprints. For example, everyone knows that often ranks well on the search engines, but to help boost your article’s rank you should generate a few incoming links to it (such as submitting out another site using automated software linking back to your article). Then the resource box of your is linking to your site – passing more authority on to you in the end.


At the very least get Google Analytics installed on your site to see where your traffic is coming from. In addition you should ALSO be split testing your landing pages, review pages, and opt-in pages using a tool such as Google Optimizer. No matter how much we talk about traffic everything really comes back to conversion. The person who can convert best can spend more time and money in bringing in traffic (with better conversion you get “more time” by being able to hire more outsourced workers).

8. Hide Your Links

My favorite way to hide affiliate links is by buying a domain name and having it cloak. So when you visit notice how it keeps that URL in the browser window, but it is for article submission software I’m an affiliate with. You probably don’t want to do this for every affiliate link you promote so you can always use a plug-in like Pretty Links to shorten affiliate urls on your blog.

9. Outsource Work to Others

With the emphasis on your own site, emails, and footprints all over the web you need a lot of content. Producing it all yourself becomes unmanageable as your business grows. Instead find the activities you enjoy the most and outsource the other work to others. You’re in an affiliate BUSINESS. Treat it like one.

10. Create a Low Cost Product

This one is a little more advanced technique but it is one of my favorites. Create a low cost product such as an ebook, audio interview, short video course, etc. Promote an affiliate program (or a couple of programs) in the course. Now you can build your own customer list through your product and make money off the backend through the affiliate programs you’ve included.

We can even move this to another level by selling reprint rights to the product you created. Now you have others out there promoting your course…and you’re earning the backend income from those who purchase from the affiliate links. If you find a two-tier affiliate program you could even have a higher reprint rights level where you allow them to sign up under you and change the affiliate link. Then you’re getting the overrides from their promotion.

And as you can imagine, now that you have your own product, you can run your own affiliate program. Even if you gave away 100% of the sales to affiliates, you’d be making money on the backend.

Check out the Ultimate Interview Product Solution for more information on developing your own product quickly using other people’s information.

Outsourcing – The Key to Online Leverage

September 21, 2009

If you stopped any self-made millionaire and asked them how they were able to achieve their wealth their answers would eventually lead to one thing…

…their ability to LEVERAGE.

More specifically, their ability to leverage…

1. Their TIME



3. Their MONEY

To become wealthy you MUST be able to leverage your time, expertise and your finances.

The obvious and best way to leverage your time and expertise is to either…

1. Hire internal employees


2. Hire external help (outsource)

You’ll NEVER build a big business without building an internal team or outsourcing to external help. PERIOD.

And when you hire internal help or outsource to experts you are leveraging your money.

The $100 you pay for outsourcing (if you’re doing it right) should produce $200 or (a lot) more in revenues.

That’s called leveraging your money.

This week I’m participating in a Telesummit series wth 14 other experts on how to Leverage Your Time, Catapult Your Growth, and Explode Your Growth through the power of Virtual Outsourcing.

Register for Free Now…

In the Outsourcing Telesummit you’ll discover exactly how to find, hire, and skillfully manage your own fully outsourced staff.

Some of the information the speakers are presenting is so exciting I’ll be listening to the audios myself.

Best of all, listening into the calls is free.

That’s right. No purchase is needed to listen in to these calls.

After you subscribe you will receive an opportunity to purchase the recordings and a transcript of each call for a discount price. These recordings will be available later at a HIGHER price.

But you don’t need to purchase ANYTHING to receive all the benefits (you do need to be there for the calls though).

My call is scheduled for Tuesday (22nd). I’ll be talking quite a bit about system development and running your own intern program. BUT don’t wait for my call. We have 3 speakers participating today.

Register now.

Internet Marketing Propaganda Is Costing You

September 17, 2009

“There’s nothing so absurd that if you repeat it often enough, people will believe it.”
William James, author of Principles of Psychology in 1890

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”
Adolf Hitler

Why in the world would I quote Adolf Hitler here?

Obviously he knew how to run a propaganda machine.

The quote above applies to a lot more than just politics (although it seems some politicians in both major parties are masters of it).

Where does this apply to internet marketers?

This industry is loaded with propaganda.

The myths are big. They’re simple. People keep repeating them. And many believe them.

The propaganda machines roll out…with launch after launch in our industry.

Here are just a few of the lies being told.

1. You can make money overnight.

This is probably the biggest one. All you have to do is buy the super-duper widget and money will just show up at your doorstep. Push this button on your computer and money comes out. I’m still trying to find that BUTTON! Must only be on Macs.

“If you’re not making a million a year online, you must be doing something wrong” kind of fits in here as well. Perhaps that’s not the business model you’re going after…or you simply haven’t been growing your business long enough.

It takes work to get anything accomplished online. AND it takes a heavy learning process. I can’t say it’s hard work, because delivering pizzas in a blizzard was much harder work than anything I’ve ever done in internet business.

But you will have to think. You will have to learn. You will have to grow. And you’ll have to face your fears (this is a big one).

You have to learn how to create and share value with others to receive income in return. That’s why no one is ever going to hand you a complete whiz-bang income without you doing anything. The biggest problem with “biz opps” is that people have unrealistic expectations. They feel they will never have to “think” again…just buy the system that does it for them.

Ever wonder why we talk so much about testing…and yet so few actually do it? It’s because testing requires you to take time and think about how each element works in your business.

2. You only have to work 4 hours a week.

Sorry to burst your bubble, but I don’t have a single client who works a 4 hour work week. Nope…not one.

The most successful person I’ve worked with who worked the least was putting in about 15 to 20 hours a week. And they worked DOWN to that point. They worked much more when they were getting started.

In my own businesses, I have several passive income streams I don’t “have” to do anything for currently. They’re enough for a full-time income, but they DIDN’T happen overnight. It was a lot of work to get them to this point. But do you realize that even if you get to this point, you’d be bored if you only worked 4 hours a week?

When I first read the 4-Hour Workweek, my first thought was that he spends more than 4 hours a week just doing interviews from what I’ve seen.

The book still has some good information in it on outsourcing and your lifestyle design, but the title gives people wrong expectations.

It can be done, but you have to build a lot of systems in place and work more than 4 hours a week to get it there.

Glenn Livingston recently wrote a post on his blog about how it takes 10,000 hours to master a subject (you can make money before this – he is talking about being a master at it).

3. Give your absolute best information away for free.

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Moving the free line” and “give your absolute best information away for free.” It sounds good, and it is true to a point. You should give some valuable and useful information away for free.

But have you ever purchased from a business that followed this principle to the letter?

I have a couple of times…and I felt cheated.

There are a couple of sites I feel have much better free information than what is in their products. I continue to subscribe to their site feeds, but I won’t buy from them again.

I think Jimmy Brown nailed it when he said, “useful, but incomplete.” This means the information you give away is useful and it will add value to your reader’s lives. Incomplete means they would get MORE VALUE out of it by buying the product you recommend.

What does that mean in a blog like this? It means I try to guide you and give you good information. People have commented how they have started profitable businesses using only the information that is free on this site. BUT you would get their faster and get more detailed systems in the products I offer.

I even try to mix in the informational approach into sales copy. All of my recent sales pieces include several tips that can improve your business right in the copy itself…even if you never purchase the product. That is giving you motivation to actually read the copy – not just skim over it.

4. If only you knew this ONE secret, you would succeed.

This is the basis of many information products. There is one element you’re missing that’s holding you back from achieving success. If only you owned this software program, it would all be solved. If only you knew this one step, everything would fall into place.

Yes, I know people have breakthroughs. I have breakthroughs when everything seems to automatically click once you realize a missing piece.

But take a look at EVERY breakthrough you had…it was a building process to get you up to that point. The majority of the time, the building process took place as you grew in one of the 3 skills we all need to master.

So it wasn’t just the ONE secret that caused the breakthrough (although it was worth whatever you paid for that missing piece). It was the whole PROCESS of learning to get to that point.

That’s why I tell people to MASTER those three skills: content, traffic, and persuasion. They’re the skills your web business is based on.

Yet, when you think of those 3, it sounds more difficult than just the missing piece. Throughout your business you will find many missing pieces that will enable you to move to the next level.

It seems to be a process we all go through. You work…work…work…and not much seems to happen. You hit a breakthrough and things start flowing, but you plateau. You search…and then over time find another breakthrough to move forward.

There really isn’t anything “new.” It’s just new to us. It’s a secret to us until we discover it.

5. There is only one successful business model.

Let’s randomly take 100 people who are earning full-time incomes online, put them all in a room together, and ask them what is the best business model.

Watch them fight!

You probably have already figured out I like using an email list (and blog) to build relationships, give content, and make sales. I recommend to almost EVERYONE that they should run a list.

Yet I have 2 coaching clients right now who don’t have a free email list. And they’re doing quite well online without one. One goes for a very low ticket sale to build a customer list (so they do have a list – but its only customers). The other one makes money as an affiliate directing people into affiliate funnels.

What about traffic?
SEO is best. PPC is best. Social media is best. Affiliates are best.
See the fight coming?

The key is finding the right business model that fits what you want to accomplish.

I love the post Nicole Dean published on Jimmy Brown’s blog about considering your lifestyle when making every business decision.
(no family relation with Nicole by the way).

80 20 Rule in Online Marketing

September 14, 2009

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about the 80/20 rule and how it applies to online marketing.

Vilfredo Pareto first discovered the 80/20 principle in 1895 when he discovered 80% of the land was owned by 20% of the population. Since then we’ve seen how this rule can be applied to virtually everything in our daily lives. To put it simply, 20% of the activity produces 80% of the results.

This is NOT a hard and fast number. For example, if you’ve ever had affiliates promote for you, you know that 99% of the results are produced by 1% of the affiliates. So the number does vary based on the situation, but the principle holds true.

The majority of your results come from a small percentage of your actions. Which 20% of your marketing is producing 80% of the results?

This principle is the basis of the recent Adwords Bullseye product Glenn Livingston and I did together. Instead of focusing on ALL the keyword phrases and actions every is telling us to use today, we zero in on a bullseye…and grow everything out from there. This saves a MAJORITY of your time…all that time you would have been wasting on ineffective techniques.

It’s also the basis of some of my other recent articles such as One Way to Success Online. When looking at how all my most successful clients operate, I noticed each of them focuses on ONE primary content method, traffic generation method, and conversion method. They focus on the right method for them….their 20%.

When I discuss outsourcing, I’m always thinking about the 80% you’re better off outsourcing to others…those routine activities that drain your time that others could do for you. And hopefully you eventually move that 80% to 90% or more you can outsource.

How does the 80/20 rule apply to YOUR online marketing?

1. Focus on the best visitors.

I don’t know very many sites that have a 20% sales conversion rate…opt-ins yes, but sales, no. So the numbers are even worse here. Let’s say you knock a home run sales piece and convert 10% of your visitors into sales. That means 90% of your visitors don’t buy.

Why would you worry about the 90% who aren’t buying. Your goal isn’t to write your sales piece to them. It’s to write to the 10% you can convert into buyers.

This means you’re not writing to the 90%. You’re writing to the 10%. Once you start thinking about it this way, it eliminates some of the complaints about longer copy, “Well most people won’t read all that.” Nope they won’t. Ninety percent won’t buy anyway. We’re writing only to the ones who buy.

Even if your sales presentation OFFENDS some people…that’s OK if it resonates with the potential buyers. Quit trying to please everyone who visits your site. You can’t. All you can do is build your following…your tight knit group of members and buyers.

What features, benefits, and emotional end results are your customers looking for?

2. Focus on your best subscribers.

Recently a coaching client told me they received some complaints to a few of the emails they were sending out.

The first thing I told them to do in response to this is check those people against their customer database. Are the people complaining customers or are they just list subscribers who haven’t invested in their business yet?

I don’t think I’ve ever sent an extremely effective email that didn’t get a few complaints. If people emotionally identify with your email, they respond either favorably or unfavorably. If NO ONE is emotionally affected by your email, it probably didn’t do very well.

They may love you. They may hate you. The worst thing you can do is simply have them ignore you.

You want to watch the reactions of your core group here. These are those who cheer for you, buy your products, and recommend you to others.

You may be reading this and thinking, “Well what about those who haven’t bought yet, but they might in the future?”

It’s tough to judge those, but we do KNOW that the majority of your list members will not be buying…so the odds are against it. Our best evidence to look at is the response of those who are buying right now. They are our core group.

How do buying subscribers feel about what you’re sending them by email?

3. Focus on your best customers.

Eighty percent of profits are produced by twenty percent of your customers. Glenn Livingston even takes this further because he did out the numbers to find you could square the Pareto principle in this area. Fifty percent of your profits are produced by 5% of the buyers. Glenn calls these the hyper responsive customers.

Are you focusing your product development efforts and your offers to this 5% who drive the rest of your business?

These are the ones who buy everything you sell, join your high ticket clubs, and share your information with their friends. They’re the influencers in the marketplace who open the doors to dozens or even thousands of new customers for your business.

This is one of the biggest problems with surveys. It’s tough to pull out who are the most responsive people from those who won’t buy anyway. This is also why I pay so much attention to what my coaching clients ask questions about and have problems with. They’re my “hyper responsive” customers – they’re the ones that allow me to look into the mindset of my customers.

Always think about how you can create a focus group not of the general population…but of your very best most responsive customers currently.

What else do your hyperresponsive customers want to buy?

Quick update for “Adwords Bullseye” buyers and any of those who are interested in Glenn’s products. Glenn is raising the price on his Hyper Responsive Club tomorrow (September 15, 2009). This is your last chance to lock in the current monthly rate.

If you’re an Adwords Bullseye buyer, DO NOT use the link here. You have a special link inside the product itself to save big on your first two month’s membership. You too though can lock in your long term rates if you decide to stay a member though.

If you’re not an Adwords Bullseye member, you can find out more about his Club here…

One Way to Success Online

September 10, 2009

Don’t take the above title in the wrong way. I’m not suggesting there is ONLY one possible way to succeed online…and that everything else is wrong. What I am suggesting is there is a best way for YOU personally to succeed online.

One of the advantages of working with clients directly is you get to see the resuls and how different skillsets affect their results online. Here are a 3 observations I’ve been making lately about those who succeed online in the shortest period of time.

1. Become an expert at one method of content creation.

They are extremely good at creating one form of content…in fact they almost ALWAYS have too much of this form of content.

For example, one person can write like you wouldn’t believe. They’re always writing. They just won’t stop writing! They have a couple of months of content already pre-written for their blog.

Another one HATES writing, but they love recording audios. They talk…talk…talk. So they load their email follow-up series with all kinds of audios…plus a podcast…and they sell audios.

It’s the same thing with video.

A lot of people have discussed “finding a niche you love” but I think this is even more important…find a style that works for you. You can create content in any of the above forms and then have it transferred to others (your article can be turned into a video and your audio can have a transcript done for example).

You might have heard the statement, “Content is King.” This may or may not be true. I’m sure we could all have a nice argument about it, because just as important are traffic methods and persuasive skills (point #2 and #3 below).

But we all need to agree that if you build the foundation of your business on poor content, it can collapse like a house of cards.

The key is finding a form of content you’re comfortable producing regularly. In fact I don’t think you’ll ever find someone in online business that says, “We have too much content.” Because there is always a way to use the content (notice I didn’t say it all had to be free content).

Which method is the best…written, audio, or video?

The one you’ll do consistently.

2. Become an expert at one traffic generation method.

What’s a beginner website owner to do? Should they use pay-per-click advertising? Perhaps they should go for search engine optimization? Maybe social media? Or perhaps publicity? How about affiliates?

Try to do it all…and you’ll be a quivering mass of confusion.

Of the clients I work with, each one is an expert at one form of traffic for their business.

One does PPC. Another does SEO. Still another does affiliate promotions primarily.

And here’s what’s interesting from what I’ve seen.

In many cases it is MUCH EASIER to enter a new niche with your traffic skillset than it is to open up another source of traffic for your current one.

I wouldn’t have predicted this until seeing it happen time and time again.

Let’s say Business Owner A is generating traffic to his site with PPC. He feels he is really maximizing the traffic he can get here. He decides to expand his traffic out into another method – such as social media.

This CAN work with some serious practice.

What’s often easier is to take that PPC skill and apply it to a different market. So eventually they find themselves in 2 or 3 markets (or more)…using PPC as the driving factor in each.

The same rule applies to the other forms of traffic (I’ve seen it multiple times on both the SEO and affiliate sides also). While every beginner seems to struggle forever on what niche they should be in, developing the three skills I’m laying out here are more important.

If you have the skill for this market, you can use it in the others.

3. Become an expert at a method of persuasion.

Copywriting, audios, and videos (look there are those 3 forms of content creation again).

We could add the fourth form of content here as well (experiential – or live meetings through teleconferences, webinars, and workshops).

Those who achieve success become extremely efficient at persuasion in at least one of its forms (the skills do transfer but you’ll find people focus on a primary one).

If you don’t like selling…then business will be tough. Everybody has to persuade people in one way or another.

The site selling advertising has to sell to advertisers. The affiliate has to sell people are clicking through to the merchant. Even the blogger must “sell” people on coming back to their site.

You are in sales whether you like it or not (the sooner you stop fighting this truth the quicker you can succeed online).

Which method will you focus on? That depends on you and your market. The principle here is that you need to focus on persuasion skills one way or another.

The good news is some of the best training you’ll ever have are not in multi-thousand dollar courses. They’re in the copywriting classics – Tested Advertising Methods by John Caples for one example. EVERY internet business owner should own a copy of this book.

3 Skills Determine Your Future Online

I’ve seen people who started in one niche, achieved a small amount of success, and then took what they learned in these 3 areas to dominate in another market.

Perhaps we shouldn’t focus so much on quick success or even finding the perfect niche from day one…as we do on developing these 3 skills that determine our future online.

Which content method, traffic method, and persuasion method is right for you? I don’t know. Perhaps you should TEST them and see which one fits you best. What I do know is every single successful client is stronger in one of each of these areas than they are in the others.

For those of you who enjoy the audio, I highly recommend checking out the Ultimate Interview Product Solution I did with Fred Gleeck on creating your own Interview products. It shows you how to create content and products…using other people’s information.

Unlimited Traffic Technique

September 7, 2009

People get excited when they see large numbers of visitors at their site.

I don’t anymore, because I know it’s not the number of visitors that matter. It’s the number of buyers.

I think it was Jonathan Mizel who first used the term, “Unlimited Traffic Technique.”

It simply refers to having a visitor value higher than all your competitors. Whoever has the highest visitor value eventually moves to the top position in the marketplace.

If all your competitors earn $3 per visitor (from immediate sales and long-term sales to the customer list), but you’re earning $10 per visitor…who will eventually win in the marketplace?

Even if one of your competitors is MUCH better at generating free traffic than you, it would be in both of your best interests to share with them a portion of your profits (for example $4 per visitor) instead of them working on direct conversion. They’d make more money with a whole lot less hassle by funneling their visitors to you through a JV or affiliate arrangement.

How does this affect you in Adwords? If everyone else earns $3 and you earn $10, who do you think can bid the most and hold #1…generating the lion’s share of the traffic?

Who do you think can expand out to hundreds (or thousands) of related keywords?

That’s right…the one with the highest visitor value.

What about search engine optimization? It doesn’t matter there, does it? It is “free” traffic.

Of course as anyone who has been in business for a while knows, there is no such thing as “free” traffic. You either spend money or time on the traffic you’re generating. For SEO, that comes down to LOTS of content on numerous keywords you want to rank for…along with an extensive link campaign.

Who can afford to hire a team to create the content and build the links?

It again comes back to the person who has the higher visitor value.

The same issue comes in with affiliate programs. Obviously affiliates will prefer to send traffic to whoever can pay them the most assuming both programs having competitive products and support. If people are promoting a lower paying affiliate program, then it must have a much better product or better customer support, but that doesn’t mean the affiliates wouldn’t jump at the chance for more money.

That’s why it’s called the Unlimited Traffic Technique.

Instead of worrying so much about all the little ways you could generate traffic…spend more time targeting your audience and learning how to product the highest visitor value in your marketplace.

If you do this, traffic becomes easy.

If you have poor conversion at your site, nothing ever seems to work. You try Google Adwords and earn less than you’re spending per click. You try seo, but it seems like you’re working 12 hours and day while only bringing in a few thousand. You try an affiliate program, but nobody wants to promote you.

It all points back to the amount you’re earning per visitor. The unlimited traffic technique is earning a higher value from your visitors than all the competition.

Glenn Livingston is one person who really understand this.

In our recent Adwords Bullseye product, I found out he follows a process EXACTLY OPPOSITE from most marketers out there.

Instead of trying to find hundreds of keyword phrases where he could make money, he zeros in on a “bullseye phrase” where he WILL make money. Everything else expands out from that very tight center focus.

After he uses a step-by-step system to choose this phrase, he then digs into online and competitive research. He finds out exactly what desires and complaints the target market have about the subject…along with research into what the competition is doing to profit now. All of this is intended to find the unique point of difference benefits that will cause customers to buy from him instead of the competition.

I’ve seen Glenn outsell much better copywriters because he works from deeper benefits and knowledge than other copywriters have available to them.

All of this means…he uses this bullseye to produce the Ultimate Traffic Technique.

He becomes the BEST in the market on this keyword phrase. No one else comes close. Then he allows Google to expand out his phrase for him to other related terms for bringing in more traffic and income.

Why Adwords instead of other methods? It’s the quickest way to control the traffic flow…AND know the mindset of the customers you’re targeting. Once you’ve established a strong conversion system in Adwords, you can easily expand out to the other traffic methods.

This is your chance to develop your Adwords Bullseye and put the unlimited traffic technique to work for you.

Click here now to find out more…

Breaking All the Adwords Rules

September 3, 2009

Have you ever used Google Adwords to drive traffic to your site?

I have…and it has been very profitable for me.

BUT it has been just TOO MUCH WORK to do it effectively.

You deal with hundreds of keyword phrases. Costs keep rising. Quality score issues drive you insane. Clickthrough rates bounce all over the map. Minimum bid prices get bumped through the roof. And after all this…your landing page doesn’t convert!

There had to be a solution to all this.

Enter my friend Glenn Livingston.

Click here now for more information…

He recently told me a discovery he made after auditing 100 Adwords clients personally in his RocketClicks business.

He said, “The Adwords accounts with the best results and the most profits over the past year FOCUS on dramatically fewer keywords than everyone else.”

Simple. Yes. But I also found it shocking.

Almost everyone in internet marketing tells you the key to Adwords is finding hundreds or even thousands of undiscovered keyword phrases…and then building out unique landing processes for each.

Yeah right…

Sounds like a great plan…until you realize just how much work it is setting up all those keywords, optimizing them, managing the bids, and keeping track of all those landing pages.

That system used to work years ago.

Today it’s a recipe for confusion. I’ve tried it just like so many other Adwords advertisers. How did it work out for you?

Glenn shared with me that we must do the EXACT OPPOSITE of everyone else if you want to succeed in Adwords today.

That’s the process he has built his PPC management service Rocketclicks off of. And clients are flocking to him for the results.

In less than one year, Glenn’s RocketClicks business has grown to a team of 21 employees…built in the MIDDLE of the worst recession since the 1930s!

Instead of going the “normal” route everyone else advises, they are following an OPPOSITE system of finding your bullseye keyword phrase…and building everything out from there.

I spent the entire day with Glenn to find out everything he does…and how you can use this same process to grow your business with Adwords (for a cost less than 1/10th of what he charges a client the very first month).

It’s shocking to say the least…and turns Normal Adwords on its head.

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