Black Friday Craziness

November 30, 2009

I woke up at 5 AM Friday morning.

So I thought, “Hey, why not go out and see what all these Black Friday sales are about?”

To my surprise, the stores I visited seemed to have everything in order. While there were large crowds things were moving well.

I went to Sports Authority, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Wal-mart. All of them had every register open. All 3 had staff members everywhere answering questions, and I didn’t see any “craziness” that you often hear in the media.

What I did notice is how well these sales affected you emotionally.

At Sports Authority they had nice Florida Gator sweatshirts for $14.95. Planning to pick up one, once I grabbed it…checked and label and saw the normal $49.95 price…I ended up buying 4 of them.

Beside that rack was a GPS that showed a regular price of $249.95. It had a big sign over it saying “door buster” for $99.95. I bought it even though I hadn’t really wanted or needed a GPS. How could you pass up a deal like this! 🙂

I noticed a similar pattern at each of the stores. No need to share with you all the extra money I spent because of these money saving deals. For example at Walmart, many movies were $2. I bought a load of them – some of which I don’t even know what they’re about.

Once I saw the regular price – and then the discount offered – I felt the tug to purchase. All I could think about is how I would miss out if I didn’t buy immediately.

A lot of times I think we miss out on this powerful discount strategy online.

And no…I’m not talking about how you get $12,327 of items for only $19.95. That has been so overdone with ebooks that you don’t believe the value anymore.

That’s a key principle of what I saw going on. I bought a running outfit for 50% at Dicks Sporting Goods for example. I bought the SAME type of outfit in a different color for 15% off two weeks ago. So the sale was very real!

And that’s what’s missing from so many internet businesses…the sale that is REAL.

When is the last time you had a real sale in your business?

You’ll notice whenever I release new products I always have them discounted for a period of time. And here’s an interesting stat which wasn’t true a couple of years ago. Over the past year I’m finding 24 to 48 hour sales are the best length because almost all sales come in the last 24 hours.

But I haven’t been doing enough “regular” specials after products have been released. The majority of them have been during mini product launches.

That’s one of the values of building your opt-in email list. Now you can run specials and sales to your audience for products and services whenever you want. In fact, several of my clients run regular specials on each of the holiday sales right along with the stores…and these are their BIG selling periods also.

Another element is really proving to your customers that your special is a real special. For example, let’s say you’re including an ebook bonus you say is worth $47. OK, but how do you prove it is really worth $47 (there is the problem of everybody throwing in so much with ebooks)?

At the stores, I knew the sweatshirts were a good deal at $14.95 because I know what they cost at the other stores. I know what they cost regularly. I see those normal prices all the time for that SPECIFIC product.

This means the best solution is to often SHOW a link to the actual product offer. So if you say the ebook bonus is worth $47, show me a link to where you’ve been selling it for $47.

If you’re giving it to me as your free subscription offer on your squeeze page, link over to where I could buy it for regular price instead if I want.

In other words, give me a real deal…and then prove it’s a deal.

One issue with having these types of sales. Whenever you run one, you will often get customers who purchased the product recently for regular price?

What do you do in those cases? I noticed most of the stores don’t do anything. But online what about when customers ask for it? If you give them the discount, you’re getting rid of the value of the sale and possibly going back on your word depending on what you said about the sale. If you don’t do something, they can be disappointed or angry about their purchase.

Best solution I’ve found so far is to give them a similar level discount off another product or a coupon towards another product you offer.

Here’s an example of a special. Today is the last day you can register at the LOWEST PRICE for the Mark Hendricks conference I’ll be speaking at in Orlando for January. The price goes up on December 1st (although Mark has not said at what time of day the price goes up).

Reserve your seat now…

If you purchase a gold ticket, you will also get a load of additional bonuses (in addition to a license to sell the recordings from the event).

While I can’t speak for all the bonuses since they’re not mine, I do know that mine normally sells for $97. You can buy it from my site at that price any day.

It is still going to be included in the package if you order in a few days, but you will pay more for your ticket (and that goes up again on Dec 15th).

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Octopus Marketing Strategies

November 23, 2009

You’ve heard the story before. A business owner is doing well. They’re making sales. Money is coming in. Life is good.

Then all of a sudden something happens. In one day everything goes bad. Sales stop coming in. The money disappears.

Why does it happen?

More often than not, they simply didn’t develop multiple arms to their marketing strategy.

They relied on ONE big affiliate or one strategy to generate all their customers.

Instead of building long-term relationships with their customers, they went for the quick sale…and constantly had to find new customers for their business.

What is Octopus Marketing?

It’s when you develop MULTIPLE traffic generation methods…with multiple backend products/services to offer in your business.

For example, you don’t rely on JUST Adwords. You don’t rely on just SEO. You don’t rely on just affiliates.

Instead you build out your system through as many different traffic methods as possible.

Wait a minute…am I now contradicting myself from previous articles? For example, I’ve often told you to FOCUS on one method starting out. That’s still true! But you don’t want to stay there…and nothing says YOU personally have to be the one who works on every method in your business.

You might focus on seo for example. You could hire a PPC management company and an affiliate manager to pull in customers in other ways.

But you don’t want to do that all at once. It’s part of the growth of your business. You focus and drill down in one method till you maximizing results there…and then you use what you have to learned to expand into other types of marketing. For example, let’s say you choose PPC as your first method. That means when you move over to seo you KNOW which terms have buyers on them from your tests. Or if you went to affiliates first, when you expand out to other methods you’ve drilled down on the conversion of your site until you know which product and offer works best…for maximum bang for your traffic buck.

That octopus marketing strategy also means you reach customers in different ways. I find the most profitable ones are those who subscribe to my email list. So that’s a primary goal here…and on any of my sites.

But some may choose just to read your RSS feed (so that is available here). Others may want to watch your Youtube video channel. Others prefer audio files they can listen to while doing something else.

In addition, all these marketing angles are additional ways to keep in contact with your customers and prospects. You might have been able to get away with the one shot sale years ago, but competition has increased and attention spans have gotten even worse. You need to get people plugged into you with emails, blogs, videos, etc.

As they begin to know, like, and trust you…then they’re willing to make the purchase.

Instead of being the one shot wonder, you need to become that octopus who reaches out to your marketplace with a variety of techniques:

1. Multiple traffic generation methods.
2. Multiple ways to follow-up and contact your customers.
3. Multiple formats of media to share.

You DON’T have to do it all yourself. You just need to get it going and find a system of each that works for you…and take advantage of other people’s expertise to expand how you share your message.

My free teleconference is coming up Wednesday at 12 noon EST time. Make sure you’re registered as either an attendee for the upcoming conference or a free subscriber to the teleconferences by clicking here…

Are You Ready to Become a Super Star?

November 19, 2009

Are you ready for success online?

I can easily imagine someone asking that question at the front of the room to get a crowd cheering and ready to go. But I want to ask you that question directly. Are you really ready for success online?

It means some things in your life have to change. For example, you may have to turn off the TV. You may have to set aside time from hobbies to work on your business.

And it DEFINITELY means you will have to grow as a person. Staying your comfort zone is so easy, but you’re required to move out of it to go to a new level.

Most of the time you only hear the excitement and all the money in internet business, but there’s a lot of work involved also. And when you put yourself “out there” you’re going to have to deal with criticism. You might find yourself learning things that are difficult at first, and in the beginning stages you even have to do some work you don’t enjoy (as the money comes in you start outsourcing those activities).

Coming up on January 15, 16, and 17 in Orlando, Mark Hendricks is hosting the Internet Super Stars Conference. I’ll be there. Will you?

You can find out more about it here…

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What if you can’t attend for whatever reason?

You should still get over to that link immediately to register for the FREE ticket option to listen in on all the pre-event calls starting on November 23rd.

These are held over teleconference for Free and Paid attendees over the next couple of weeks. Here’s a quick list of who is speaking on each of these:

Nov 23 – Jeanette Cates
Nov 24 – Cindi Dawson
Nov 25 – Terry Dean
Dec 1 – Elsom Eldridge, Jr.
Dec 2 – Doug Champigny (3pm)
Dec 3 – Joey Smith
Dec 4 – Joe Marsh
Dec 7 – Ross Goldberg
Dec 8 – Chris Lockwood
Dec 9 – Gina Gaudio Graves
Dec 10 – Criss Bertling
Dec 11 – Willie Crawford

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Content Creation Tools for the Average Person

November 16, 2009

You’re in the content creation business.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in the affiliate business, promote ecommerce products, a local business owner, or a consultant. All of them still need content for their site…to build customer relationships and generate traffic to your site.

We talk a lot about link building, because links are a key element of good search engine positioning. You can create links from blog carnivals, blog commenting, forum participation (and profiles), setting up link hubs and wheels, social bookmarketing, etc.

But what’s the absolute best way to get a large number of high quality links? Create outstanding content others want to link to.

What’s the best way to create that kind of content? I could talk about writing long lists and controversial posts, both of which are good ideas, but the real secret…volume. The more posts you have, the more likely some of these will hit those hot subjects.

What tools can you use to make all this content?

Here are some of the ones I use.

Google Reader

Need ideas? Create a LOAD of them by using Google Reader.

Most people simply set up a few RSS feeds in Google Reader, but they don’t take advantage of everything else it does. Sure, subscribe to the top blogs in your industry and others you find of interest. I had cut down my list, but I’ve actually added to it lately with around 35 blogs in the RSS reader. Here’s the secret, I don’t read all of them – not even close. I just skim the headlines. If there are 50 to 80 new posts when I check the reader, I may only read 5 of them.

But you can go much further. Come up with a subject bullseye keyword phrase, and subscribe to a Twitter feed on that subject. Add Google Alerts on this subject. Add Google News on this phrase. Now you have a large collection of information coming through on the subject. You will want to setup folders now for all this information to be collected and organized (Twitter for example can pump out a TON on even just one keyword phrase – 200+ a day is common).

You’re NOT going to read all t his. You’re simply going to skim headlines and read the most important information. Read stuff that stands out to you. If this doesn’t generate more than enough ideas for you, I don’t know what will!

Mind Mapping

The easiest way I find to organize my thoughts at first is through mind mapping. The biggest benefit here is you add so many additional items you would have forgotten any other way. The software I’ve been using for it is iMindmap because I love the graphical interface here…and how easy it is to use. In the past I used other programs, but I’m hooked now on this one.

Outline autoresponder and blog series. Create products. Come up with all these long tip articles.


If you were to look inside the administration side of my blog you’d see a large number of “draft” posts. When I come up with a ideas (using Google reader, my personal life, or responses to clients), I’ll often write a preliminary headline and a few key points. I’ll save them inside of WordPress.

Then when it’s time to write, I can simply open up that post and write it. Every writer knows the biggest problem with starting out is staring at a blank screen. If you write these little mini-outlines whenever the ideas come to you, you’ll have a whole collection to go in and write with. Login your account, pick an article, and write it.

Of course you can also use the scheduling feature in WordPress to schedule your future posts. Once you finish writing, schedule for when it will be sent out. If you also email out your posts, you can copy and paste out of here into your email system (most of them allow you to schedule broadcasts in advance also).

Recording Skype Calls

The above covers writing posts. What about audio content? A quick way to create is to do interviews with experts in your field (from short 10 minute slots up to hour long presentations). I’ve used Powergramo for quite a while now. Pamela is another choice many recommend.

Here’s a quick tip for the real world also. I’ve found looking at the person’s contact info on Skype is a quick way of keeping track of time differences. Whenever you do interviews, you find the the different time zones all over the world can be an issue…a quick glance here helps you organize your thinking.

Use a Teleconference

If Skype doesn’t give you good sound quality, always have a backup plan in place. For me, it’s simply being registered with a free teleconference service. This way you can both call into the teleconference from land lines and do your recording. I use a free one here because it’s my 2nd choice to be used in emergencies.

Audio Editing

For editing your audios, you can use the open source program Audacity. It has more than enough features to edit audio. Best of all it’s free.

I also use Sound Forge Audio Studio because I like the layout better, but I really don’t know if it adds any additional features to what you can get for free in Audacity.

Recording Videos

Want to record videos from your screen or Powerpoint presentations? Or simply put together a series of slides with narration? Camtasia is the tool of choice for PCs. You can even do quite a bit of editing of the videos here plus output them in online or DVD ready formats. I LOVE Camtasia.

If you’re not ready to pay the $300 for Camtasia, you can get started with their free screen recorder called Jing. If you’re on Mac, there is a Camtasia for Mac version, but feedback from my Mac friends says Screenflow is still a better option (as Camtasia on the Mac seems to have very limited options).

Video Camera

I have two camcorders I use. The first is a little Flip HD. It’s small, affordable, and easy to move video onto your computer. If you want to carry one with you, it’s an almost perfect little solution. It’s one weakness is no separate mic input. This means the sound is NOT as good as it could be if you were using a mic. With this little guy, I also have a little stretchy Flip tripod that cost me around $15 and sets on a desk (or can be wrapped around something).

My 2nd camcorder is a Canon HV30. he new version is the Canon HV40. It cost quite a bit more and its picture is better. The primary difference in in the audio input here though for online use. While still a small camcorder, it’s much larger than the Flip so I don’t like using it quite as much unless it is already setup. I’d recommend someone start with a Flip camera for online video. If they’re using it ALL the time and they find they want better audio, then go to a second camera.

Video Editing Or DVDs

There are a lot of video editing programs available, and I’ve tested several of them. For very basic editing you could use Camtasia Studio. If you want to move to more advanced editing or create DVDs, you can pick up Sony Vegas Movie Studio. MAKE SURE the version of Movie Studio includes Sony DVD Architect if you want to produce DVDs (it’s much easier than other options).

Sony Vegas allos you to do a lot more with video that you’d have to pay quite a bit more to get a more professional solution (and you’d have a much longer learning curve with those higher level solutions).

Disclosure: My business purchased at retail every product mentioned above except from Screenflow and Pamela (those were listed as secondary solutions). No affiliate links were used above.

Extreme Writing Strategies

November 12, 2009

Are you normal?

If you are, I’ll bet you find building an online business quite difficult.

The Internet is awesome because you have a worldwide audience. The Internet is a pain in the butt because you have worldwide competition.

That competition means EVERYONE is clamoring for attention. The next website is only a click away. Those websites are filled with shiny new gadgets. There is more free content online than ever before. And there are more items being sold than ever before.

Worst of all, it appears your audience’s attention span is dropping with the use of both TV and the Internet.

The good news is that there’s a solution…but it won’t be found in being NORMAL!

You need to become an extremist for your viewpoint.

Look at those who stand out. They’re a voice. They’re extreme in their viewpoint.

For example, take any political talk show host that’s popular. Are they “normal?” For example, is Rush Limbaugh normal? Neither the people who love or the ones that hate him would likely consider him “normal?” And that’s a key there – most people either love him or hate him.

Now take any of the stars that come out of “reality” TV. Are the ones who stand out and recognized normal, just fit into the group types? No. They STAND OUT.

That’s what I’m talking about when I’m pushing you to become an extreme writer, an extreme internet business owner, and an extreme stand out personality.

What kinds of strategies can you use to become extreme in your writing?

The big one is to QUIT being a parrot. Quit repeating what everybody else says…and get a voice. Maybe someone will disagree with you. Great. That means they’re listening. The worst thing your audience can do is simply tune you out.

Here are a few idea jogging questions to get you thinking about what you can write about…

1. What are some of the biggest lies commonly told in your industry?

2. When have you been the angriest in your business life?

3. What’s the biggest mistake of your life…and how does that relate to your subject?

4. What’s the big vision for your business – how do you want to uniquely change the world?

5. What are some of the best qualities of your competitors? What COULD you recommend them for?

6. What’s one personal or business story that changed your life? What’s the biggest “life change” you had?

7. What do you “stand for” in life and/or business?

Write a post or email about a couple of the ideas above. And be real in it. Give a story. Let them know how you feel.

I looked back at my previous posts on this blog…and #1 in comments…is still the totally OFF TOPIC post about my golden retriever Rocky dying last year. It has zero to do with internet business, yet it had the largest response.

The secret here is I wrote the post the next morning when I still very upset. My emotion was obvious.

What can you write about where your emotion will shine through?

This applies to blog posts, emails, sales copy, videos, etc. Show yourself to be a real person instead of just a content machine.

In addition be willing to meet with your customers and clients OFF the internet instead of just being an online personality.

This is somewhere where I’ve been a little lacking as I have to admit to being somewhat of a hermit. I don’t like traveling so don’t go to most business events (and I don’t always like what goes on at many events).

But I am speaking at an upcoming event in Orlando, Florida in January 2010.

As someone who moved out of Indiana because of the cold, where could be a better location to be than Orlando in January?

Find out more about the internet super stars conference here…

There is a special discount price for anyone who reserves their ticket before December 1st. So check it out today. You don’t want to miss out on the special pricing (even the normal price is much lower than other events of its type and many individual internet marketing products).

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Who Messed Up Your Jigsaw Puzzle?

November 9, 2009

Have you ever put together a jigsaw puzzle?

It has been a long time since I did one. Personally I found it frustrating at first…you have all these pieces and don’t know where to start.

So you start off slowly by putting together some of the outside edges.

Then you look for specific colors such as the sky or anything distinctive to fill in.

The further along you are in the process, the easier it gets. The picture begins to unfold in front of you.

It all just seems to come together as you do one step at a time.

Similar to running an internet business.

Someone brand new to internet business hears all those confusing phrases (like autoresponders, blogs, upsells, affiliates, etc.). They’re confused about where to start and how to get going. And they’re often sold products that promise them instant wealth by simply clicking a few buttons – which makes the confusion much worse when they don’t see anything happening that quickly.

It looks like a confusing puzzle.

But if you take it slowly and start by filling in the edges (which would be choosing your first market to get started in), and then getting your first site up…you’ll see that it gets easier and easier the further you go along in the process as everything just seems to come together.

Each day is another step closer to the goal…and you can see your business taking shape before your eyes.

At least that is how it SHOULD be…BUT there is another problem in the internet business world.

We always feel like we’re missing something. Maybe there is some “secret” you haven’t tapped into yet. Maybe you need to get another viewpoint.

So BEFORE we finish our puzzle, we go out and buy 3 more puzzles. And instead of letting them sit on the shelf until we finish the first one, we dump them all out on the table.

Now you have a half finished puzzle plus 3 additional ones all mixed in together.

If you thought it looked confusing and frustrating when you started this puzzle, you couldn’t have imagined the half of it. Now you have 4 puzzles sitting in front of you all mixed together, not knowing where any of the pieces go. Unless you are a super puzzle master, your chances of success just went down the toilet.

I’ve never seen anyone do this when putting a jigsaw puzzle together, but I’ve seen thousands of people do this in their internet business.

How Do You Escape This Danger Zone?

Pick a system. Follow it. Sure, you can bring in other SUPPORTING information from other experts, but stick with the business model you’ve chosen. Apply persistence and passion to keep it moving forward.

Because it’s so important to follow a step-by-step system I’ve recently added a NEW addition to my Monthly Mentor Club over the past month.

Previously you received a huge load of bonuses on how to create products, run PPC ads, write ad copy, etc. You still get those plus a couple of more surprise bonuses not listed.

You also received a monthly PRINT newsletter along with the PDF edition which you can download online. You still get these print issues. This month is all about building an irresistible offer and online brand to dominate your marketplace.

A couple of months ago I started added companion online videos to go with the print newsletter, normally an hour or so (more or less time is possible depending on the subject). You still get these for watching in the membership area.

Join now to get all these benefits…

So what’s the new addition?

There is now a monthly online training series for the first 12 months you’re a member. The back issues of the newsletter have been taken and organized into a step-by-step system to follow for building your business. All these issues are downloadable in PDF form OVER a period of 12 months. This means you get access to the ones about choosing your market the first month…and then each month after that builds upon what you learned before.

Why is this important? It means that while you’re getting your monthly issue in the mail, you’re also able to access a step-by-step module in the site. Perhaps one month’s issue is more advanced than what you need right now. Read it. Use the portion that applies. Then come back to it later. Login to the membership area and follow the NEXT PIECE OF THE PUZZLE in the online site.

The cost for all these new additions…no price increase…YET. It’s all about making it easier for you to get the results you want from your business.

November’s print issue is sent for mailing tomorrow morning at 9 AM EST. If you want to get a copy sent to you, subscribe today.

Are You this Passionate?

November 5, 2009

How passionate are you about your business?

I’ve covered before that it’s entirely possible to build a profitable business doing something you don’t enjoy…but the big question is WHY would you want to do that?

There are SO MANY opportunities online. There are so many ways you can make money. Why force yourself to do something you absolutely hate.

Here’s a video I enjoyed that really demonstrates the “passion” you can have in business. I didn’t especially enjoy the ‘language” he uses or agree with him fully on the message, but the passion is evident.

Gary Vaynerchuk is well known online from his Wine TV site.

This video would be rated PG (so please don’t watch if you’ll be offended).
Read more

Building a List – FAST

November 2, 2009

Have you ever heard the expression, “The money is in the list?”

It’s only half true. The truth is the money is in a relationship with a list. People buy from those they know, like, and trust. It’s those factors that make it so important to build a list.

For example, I work with Glenn Livingston quite a bit. He has entered more than 17 markets successfully. In every single one he did his research…so he knew the prospects better than the competition.

But that research was only one element of the success. He then used that insider knowledge to build opt-in email lists loaded with information and point of difference benefits.

The email series is what separated him from any competitor….it had more in depth content based on what they already wanted than available anywhere else.

You’ll notice I follow the same approach in this business. I share quite a big of information here. I also do surveys at times to find out what my readers and customers are looking for. In addition, notice how many ways I give you the ability to subscribe to my list.

– You can subscribe in the box at the top right.
– The first 3 visits to the site you are presented a way to subscribe at the bottom of every post.
– I also have a footer ad appearing to ask you to subscribe.

All three ways to subscribe are for the same list. I also run squeeze pages that ask you to subscribe to this list (so that makes a fourth way).

Can you see what I want a new visitor to do?

Yes, that’s right. I want them to subscribe.

Then I want to follow up by providing information, sharing parts of my personal story, and letting them get to know me. Let me follow those steps of Knowing, liking, and trusting.

I also offer products and services focused on helping you reach your goals. Some offers are for you, while others may not be. No offer is 100% perfect for everyone. I’d love to say it was, but it’s not.

How do I build the list…over the long-term I obviously use search engine optimization and pay-per-click heavily (I generate a lot of visitors now through Google and the other search engines).

Search engine optimization takes a lot of time. And pay-per-click takes money.

What about when you want to build a list FAST – and you want to do it without spending any money?

Simple. You have to figure out how to tap into other people’s traffic sources. Notice I said it was simple, not always easy.

Who already has the traffic and subscribers you need…and how do you set-up a Win-Win-Win deal where the list owner, the customers, and you all win?

Basically you have to figure out WHAT the list owner/site owner wants most – and how to provide it to them.

Here are a FEW ideas of how to do this effectively.

1. Write guest posts for high traffic blogs.

A majority of blogs in any industry will accept guest posts…if the post is exclusive and filled with high quality content.

You provide value (a great article) in exchange for the link back to you…and a chance for their subscribers to get to know you.

Why does this work? Because I’ve yet to meet anyone who publishes TOO MUCH CONTENT. Nobody says, “Wow, we sure have too much content around here. We don’t want anymore.”

They’re always looking for more content. If you can provide high quality content that matches their theme and helps their subscribers, you’ll often find this a way to tap into their traffic.

Why are the majority of guest posts rejected? Because they’re simply promotions for their product or their site. NO ONE wants you promotional piece, but they want your content piece. If you wouldn’t think of sending the article into a magazine on the subject, don’t suggest it to the blogger either.

2. Write content for someone else’s membership site.

This is similar to #1. But instead of writing for a free site, you write specifically for a PAID membership site. Or you provide audios…or videos to the site.

Not as many people will view your content, but the ones who do are PAYING customers. Buyers are worth much more than free subscribers (by a 10 to 1 ratio or even more).

Are you a member of any membership sites? What could you create or already have that you could offer their subscribers for FREE?

Perhaps you sell a related product that fits perfectly in with their theme. You could provide a copy for all their customers.

The same principle applies here as in #1, it has to be GREAT content instead of a promotion for your offer. In fact, it has to be even BETTER CONTENT since it’s part of a paid product.

3. Do list mailing trades.

Trade a mailing with another list owner.

They mail for your list. And you mail for theirs. No money has to be exchanged. You don’t need to be an affiliate.

Simply find other publishers with list sizes comparable to yours…and mail for one another.

Instead of promoting a product, promote the freebie they get for signing up for your list. I have a couple of clients that used this as one of their primary list building methods. They built up a basic list (of a few hundred) and then immediately set to growing their list by finding others to cross-promote. They’re growing their lists by hundreds every week (at zero cost).

4. Setup a squeeze page for your affiliates.

Take a look at the majority of internet gurus. How do they promote their products and build their lists? Affiliates.

What are they doing for a month (or even longer) leading up to their big product launch? They’re promoting “content” and getting their affiliates to send over subscribers.

Build that list using free traffic where you only pay when a customer buys your product/service.

The key here is to create strong momentum coming into the launch…and having a high conversion system to pay your affiliates.

5. Promote a low cost product with 100% commissions.

Have you seen all those offers for $7, $10, $14.95, and $19.95 digital information products?

The purpose of these isn’t the profits you can make. Sure you can make a few hundred dollars (maybe even a couple of thousand with a big list). The real purpose is building a list of BUYERS.

You can also set these up through Paypal so all the money is given to the affiliate. They promote your $10 product…and keep ALL the money. You get the list.

That’s a pretty enticing offer for the affiliate. In addition it’s not uncommon to get a 10% conversion or higher on this type of offer.

If you’re beginner, which one would you feel is easier…writing sales copy for a $10 product or a $100 product?

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