21 Ways to Add More Subscribers

Build a targeted group of hungry subscribers and you’ll grow your income online.

It really is as simple as that. This was the very first revelation I had in my business after 6 months of being online. As my list grew, so did my income.

Notice I said you want a “TARGETED” group of subscribers…not just a general list. I also said we want a HUNGRY group of subscribers. They need to be targeted to your specific subject…and they need to be hungry for more information on the topic.

In addition, you need to build a relationship with those subscribers, but that’s a topic for another post.

1. Focus your web page on generating subscribers. This means always listing your subscribe offer in a premium position on your website such as the top right on this one. Other times I use a full squeeze page such as http://www.internetlifestylesystem.com/truth2

2. Add a footer slide-in ad like I have on the bottom of this site and many of my sales pages (not as intrusive as a popup/popover, but still generates subscribers). Here’s the software to do it…

3. Create a freebie offer you give away to new subscribers. They don’t want to sign up for your newsletter or your list. They want some specific benefit and they want it now. This freebie could be an interview audio, a video, or simply a PDF of your best articles.

4. Add the “What Would Seth Godin Do” plugin to your blog. Make it appear at the bottom of each post for the first few visits with a subscription offer to get your readers to subscribe to your list. Getting them on your list is the priority.

5. If you don’t have a blog, set one up TODAY. This is one of the best tools I’ve seen to help you generate free search engine rankings. Go after a competitive search term for your main blogging site (for example this one ranks on “internet business”).

6. Create blog posts that target long tail search terms. The tool I highly recommend going through regularly is the Google Keyword Tool. If you’re aggressively going for the subscribe and you start generating search engine visitors, you will grow your list.

7. Work on generating incoming links by submitting out free press releases, creating articles for article directories, and submitting your site to the social bookmarking sites (especially the do-follow ones).

8. Link out to other good blogs in your niche. You could put them in the blogroll. You might do linking posts where you link to other people’s best content. Or you might link inside of your article itself. Those bloggers will see your link and you’ll likely at least get them to visit you (building potential partners in the market).

9. Use Google Adwords to help you generate subscribers. Google, Yahoo, and MSN can all generate fast traffic to your site. Instead of the strategy of having thousands of keyword phrases, go for a core group of keywords. Build targeted landing pages for each and get them on your list.

10. Use a 2 step landing page for Adwords today. Because Google is tracking how many people go deeper into your site, this means your first page is simply a presell page where you provide a little content and then get them to click through to the next page. The next page is a squeeze page targeted to get them on your list.

11. Create a low cost item (such as $10 or $20) where you give 100% commissions. This could be done through Rapid Action Profits software or other software tools. The key here is you have affiliates promote it for you to build you a BUYERS list.

12. Contact list owners in your market about your excellent low cost item. Give them a free copy and set them up as an affiliate so they can promote it. Affiliates are one of the best ways to generate responsive subscribers.

13. Don’t just do the normal product affiliate offers to potential JV partners. Offer to write them some exclusive content, do an interview with them, or link to them from your blog to begin building a relationship.

14. Create videos based on keyword phrases people are searching for. Use the Google Keyword tool to see what people are searching for. Create a simple video teaching them the subject. Then add in a link to your site in the description and the video itself. Go for the subscribe on this page.

15. Upload your video to multiple video sites at once for free using a site such as http://www.tubemogul.com

16. Create a FAQ (frequently asked questions) file for a popular forum in your market. When someone asks one of those questions, post your FAQ response along with your resource box (which is a link to your subscribe page).

17. Give away one of your paid products to another marketer in your field. Let them give it away to any of their buyers. Of course make sure this has a call to action for them to buy one of your items or get on your list. You make nothing from this sale, but you’re being put in front of their buyers.

18. Sell reprint rights to some of your products. Same purpose as above. You make money from selling the reprint rights license, but you’re also having other people generate leads and backend customers for you.

19. Do interviews and teleconferences. One of the fastest ways to get a surge of new subscribers is through doing a teleconference or an interview with someone who has a list of their own. In exchange for your time, you’ll likely generate sales and subscribers.

20. Create a joint product with other experts in your market. This can be a low cost lead item. Make sure to have your call to action for your freebie signup in this product. Even if you never sell a copy, the other experts will be generating backend subscribers and sales for you.

21. Ask an additional question instead of just the email address and their name. Ask them for their biggest question or what they’re looking for today. Most list building services do have the ability for a custom question which you can use to find out more about your subscribers.

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