21 Ways to Increase Profits

Here’s a collection of 21 ways you can increase the profits of your online business. I’m not doing a big discussion on each. Basically I just wanted to give you a “checklist” of items you could use to help improve your online profits.

DON’T try all these at once, or you’ll drive yourself crazy. Simply apply one or two at a time. Then refer back to this post for more ways to add profits to your business.

1. Add an Upsell.

Depending on your shopping cart system, you can add an upsell right at the point of purchase OR right after purchase. The best time to make the next sale to a customer is while they still have their credit card out or the Paypal password handy. They’re in a buying mood. Sell more to them.

2. Add a Deluxe Version.

Let’s say you sell a basic information course. You can add a deluxe version of the course which not only includes the information for example, but it also includes the templates to make it happen. If you’re selling the basic version for $200, you might offer the deluxe version for $300.

3. Increase testimonials.

As more testimonials come in for your product or service, add those to your sales pages. These can be text, audio, or video testimonials. As long as the testimonials are focused on the subject and concise, they will almost always improve your sales.

4. Write more follow-up emails.

Add more follow-up emails to your autoresponder sequence. Clients often ask me how many autoresponders should they have. The answer is as many as you can produce. I have a client now who has close to 2 years worth of autoresponder follow-ups in some of his series.

5. Contact your customers off the Internet.

Email is our core follow-up method, but it shouldn’t be the only method we use to contact paying customers. I use a print newsletter to my Monthly Mentor Club subscribers. Another great strategy is to send a postcard mailing to all your paid customers for your newest product launch or a special on one of your high ticket items.

6. Create services exclusively for your hyperresponsives.

Glenn Livingston teaches that 1 out of every 2,000 visitors actually produces 50% of your business profits. Staggering when you think about it. What if you started focusing on these select customers and selling high ticket products and services specifically for them? Maybe only 1 in 2,000 visitors would buy your $10,000 service, but those that do are your hyperresponsive customers creating the majority of your net profits.

7. Add payment options.

The average customer doesn’t think in terms of overall fees as much as they do the “easy monthly payments.” By offering your product in 2, 3, or 12 payments you can greatly reduce the price resistance they feel toward your offer.

8. Hook on a continuity program.

Add a continuity program to your offer. Just don’t keep it a secret. There is a different between forced continuity and hidden continuity. In addition, you can easily make the continuity an upsell portion of the offer.

9. Specialize to a niche.

If you can’t dominate your niche, then specialize until you can. Perry Marshall is one of the best examples of this as he became the Google Adwords guru. While he knows a lot of other subjects, that is the specialization we all know him for. Being a specialist allows you to raise your prices and generate more referrals.

10. Raise your prices.

I’ve done this for more than a decade and I still find pricing to be mysterious at times. I’ve had experiences where I doubled the price of a product and instantly more sales were generated. Other times an increase in prices decreased sales. I will mention this though from all my pricing experiences. When it comes to some type of service, I prefer to be on the higher side (not the most expensive) as the lower priced services make you seem cheap (and you’re limited in how many clients you can handle anyway).

11. Run a teleconference/webinar/live event.

Blogging and Twitter are all the rage, but the relationships built through them are limited. To increase your relationship level with your customers add on live events or teleconferences. Make it a special event where they can deal with your directly and ask you questions.

12. Allow JV Partners to Give Your Product Away Free

Obviously you can’t do this if you’re only planning one product for the market, but you’re not limiting yourself to that, are you? Offer one of your low cost products as a freebie gift to go with JV partner’s offers in your market. They’ll expose you to their audience, generating more customers for you, in exchange for the value you provide to their buyers.

13. Mix in more content/value into the sales process.

Give first and prove your worth. How much value does someone get out of your emails, your blog posts, and your teleconferences even if they don’t buy? If you improve their lives and help them succeed BEFORE they are customers, they feel a debt of gratitude…jumping on the paid offers you make.

14. Create an operations manual.

Create a list of activities you’re required to accomplish in your business to be successful. Create simple systems to follow for each. Now you have the tool to both keep you on track and to train your team members to do the work for you. Of course, don’t try to do everything at once. Slowly create your lists and your systems. Build a growing business that doesn’t rely on you.

15. Survey your audience quarterly.

Survey your audience. This could be a formal online survey or it could be as simple as asking them questions on your blog or over Twitter. Find out what needs and wants they have. The BEST WAY to make money online is find out what people want to buy, and then sell it to them.

16. Add multimedia.

Some people prefer written text. Others prefer audio. Still others like video to show them what to do. Give your audience what they’re looking for. I’ve found a well scripted video often improves conversion on your sales pages…and it definitely adds a more personal feel to your other sites.

17. Do interviews.

One of the best ways to begin a JV relationship is through doing an interview. I’ve also found them to be a great source of new subscribers and sales. If someone has an audience who may be interested in what I offer, I generally say yes to their interviews (as long as we can schedule them conveniently).

18. Test Everything

What should you test first? The biggest changes I’ve seen occur in offers, headlines, photos, intro paragraphs, and guarantee. The headline is the area where I do the most testing because you’re going to see a big change from one headline to another. If you’re not testing headlines, you’re leaving money on the table.

19. Add thank you page sales.

The thank you page is one of the best places to run a “catalog” style of related offerings…other products and services you have related to this item. I find the same is true on product inserts such as the inserts I put in my DVDs. I’ll put together 4 or 5 of my related products (or affiliate products) on these inserts with sales coming in through them.

20. Discipline yourself.

This is hard to do at times. I find I do best when I have a routine writing time. At such and such a time, you sit down and write. When I let myself get out of that schedule it’s so much harder to get the writing done. Pick some of the most important elements of your business and do them religiously every working day. Don’t let yourself get out of the routine.

21. Mastermind Group

It’s lonely if you try to go it alone. Some of the best ideas will come when you’re brainstorming with others in your field (or outside your field). In fact I find some of the best coaching sessions I have are when a client simply wants to bounce ideas back and forth to find the right solution for them (instead of just asking for advice). Get outside help!

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