25 Ways to Increase Conversion

1. Study copywriting. Become a student of copywriting and persuasion. It’s a part of everything you do in your online business from writing PPC ads to writing sales letters.

2. Offer basic and deluxe options to your offers. While this may or may not increase your conversion, it will increase your income per visitor. Some will choose the basic. The ones who choose the deluxe boost your profits.

3. Use bullets whenever possible to describe your offer benefits. Very few people “read” online sales letters. They skim them so use bullets, sub-heads, graphics, etc. to keep pulling them back in.

4. Test deleting your first few paragraphs or even your first few pages of copy. Even experienced copywriters sometimes do a little warming up. Get the point as quickly as possible.

5. Make the checkout process simple with as few clicks as possible. The more pages you add in between the sales page and checkout, the more dangerous your sales process becomes.

6. Give proof for anything you say. Your visitors don’t believe you. Give them facts, samples, videos, and demos. Show checks, charts, endorsements, etc. If you can’t back it up, they don’t believe it.

7. Check your page load speed. On long sales copy sites, you may want to break up your tables with one table up top with a page or so of your text, and the rest in a second table. The top table will load up first.

8. Collect opt-in email leads and follow-up. This one should be no surprise to you if you regularly read this blog, but it’s vital to increasing your conversion rates. At least get their email address. Get their physical address and phone number for even higher response.

9. Keep the navigation very simple on your page. The more options or confusing your page is, the worse your conversion rate will be. That’s why you see many sales pages with almost no navigation at all.

10. Restate the offer and guarantee on the order forms. Shopping cart abandonment is always an issue. Do your best to curb this by making the offer again on the order form.

11. Have a potential customer go through the site for you. Is there any parts you’ve missed? How can you better explain it? Is there anything they don’t understand?

12. Have a second opinion from another copywriter. It’s very easy to miss something on your own sites. That’s why you should always have another copywriter take a look.

13. Offer outstanding guarantees. Many companies offer full money-back guarantees. You can offer double your money back guarantees, keep all the bonuses guarantees, etc. Offer a guarantee that’s unusual!

14. Add more testimonials. The closer those testimonials are to your target audience, the better they are. Your visitors want to see testimonial from people just like them.

15. Include phone number and address along with other company information. People buy from those they know, like and trust. Giving them this type of information increases the trust factor.

16. Test headlines, intro paragraphs, graphics, pricing, etc. Even top copywriters often have headlines produce two or three times the results of their original.

17. Make sure the unique selling position of your offer is easily noticed on your website. Why should someone buy from you instead of every other option out there?

18. Tell a story. Find a sales hook in a story about the business owner, product, or service you’re offering. The easiest way to grab and hold your visitor’s attention is through a true story.

19. Use teleconferences, webinars, direct mail, and the phone. Increase conversions using multiple contact methods instead of just website and email.

20. Offer different payment options such as three payments or even a try before you buy offer (have them pay shipping upfront and the rest in 30 days).

21. Display safe shopping logos such as Hackersafe and Better Business Bureau.

22. If your product is high ticket enough to pay for live support, run a live support button on the website…and have your operators actively contact the visitors.

23. Add audio to your website…an introduction, recorded teleconference call, or interview.

24. Use video to demonstrate use of your product. This has to be tested, but well done video demos of the product will often improve response.

25. Use multi-variant testing software such as Google Optimizer (built into Google Adwords).

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