26.7% Sales Conversion Rate

Wow! The new site I posted last week received a 26.7% sales conversion rate from the blog.

That’s right…a sales conversion rate of 26.7% of the unique visitors into buyers. That wouldn’t be abnormal at all, maybe even a little low, for a sign-up rate for a free list offer. But we’re talking for a paid product. That’s an excellent conversion rate even if the product is only $7.

In case you were wondering, I’m talking about the “Virtually Foolproof Method of Choosing Slam Dunk Markets” released last Wednesday.

Of course that conversion rate is from the visitors to my blog. These are almost always going to produce the highest numbers.

What about the overall traffic conversion rate?

In the past 5 days it has generated a 21.7% conversion rate from all traffic…including from the current affiliate traffic (all buyers have the ability to promote it for 100% commissions directly to their Paypal account for immediate payment).

I’m expecting the conversion rate to go down a little more as I’m now beginning tests on much lower quality traffic to the site…as it has done an incredible job on conversion.

If you’ve purchased the product, you’re already signed up as an affiliate. All you have to do is use the same Paypal email you purchased with in the code below:

Replace YourEmailAddress@yourwebsite.com with your Paypal email used to purchase. You get 100% of this sale and 50% of the orders for the upsell on the next page.

If you haven’t purchased it yet, then the above link will NOT work with your email. Only purchasers can promote it (or else people would try to steal their commissions).

You will automatically be signed up as an affiliate immediately after purchase.

Click Here to take action on this now…

You may be wondering where I came up with the ideas for some of the portions of this test.

I tested several conversion enhancing ideas from Ryan Healy’s blog post about his 7.14% Conversion Rate here.

You’ll notice the design of my sales site at http://www.chooseyourmarket.com follows the same model as his pretty closely. The I’ve been using the picture with caption up top (which you’ll notice from his post he got that idea from me). I’ve also been using a byline instead of a “Dear Friend,” type intro for years on many letters, but I modeled the way he did his byline when I put the “By Terry Dean” on this one.

HONESTe Online Member Seal
Click to verify - Before you buy!
One of the major things I noted from his site was the use of the HONESTe Online Logo right beside the order link. When I checked out their site, I liked their setup and the fact they didn’t charge such an expensive rate to be a member like many of the other services such as this. So I signed up with them through Ryan’s site…and tested them on the page.

Whenever you hear something like this, you need to take action on it immediately.

I will be doing some more tests on the logo itself and will report on the percentage increases later on. Look for updates on this in the future…along with reports of what the conversion becomes on low quality traffic being sent to the site. To date it’s been very good quality traffic, from my blog and other sites…and from affiliates doing promotions.

Some future tests will include adding testimonials (which have already started to come in including such things as “This is the absolutely best money I’ve spent on any Internet marketing product” and comments about how the unmentioned Step-by-step guide and Flowchart in the transcript guide are worth way more than the price of the product itself) along with some other ideas I have in mind.

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