3 Free Online Video Tools

Online video is definitely where the Internet is going. Video can generate traffic virally, increase conversions at your website, and allow you to build a stronger relationship with your customers. And the good news is it’s getting cheapr and easier all the time to produce video for the Internet.

Here are 3 free online video tools to help you get started…

Tool #1: Broadcast Your Own Live TV Show


You can broadcast your own TV show…for free. Pretty amazing considering how much it usually costs to provide live video online. How could you use a tool like this to build your business?

– Run a regular TV show to generate viral traffic.
– Create a web conference using the video for training and the chat applet to take questions.
– Create a training product, because you can password protect your videos.
– Broadcast your workshop live while it’s occuring to those around the world.

Tool #2: Record Your Screen

Record a screen presentation. Show what you’re doing on your computer. Perfect for creating a software or Internet training product…or doing a Powerpoint presentation. You could even record something you do regularly in your business, upload it to your site, and then outsource the work to someone else (train them by having them watch your video).

The screen recorder I’m personally using is Camtasia Studio. What I love about Camtasia is the more advanced tools and even the ability to do picture in picture (I can show a video of my computer screen and have a small video of myself in the bottom right corner of the display).

Tool #3: Edit Your Videos

Want an easy to use editor for short web videos? Several of the video sites such as Youtube.com are now offering basic video editing. So far though, it seems Onetruemedia is in the lead on this. You can edit your videos for free or pay their $3.99 a month fee to do a little more advanced editing.

It’s a good way to get started with basic video editing and create some pretty nice online videos without having to learn the more advanced programs such as Sony Vegas.

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