3 Rules for Making Offers

You probably notice at times I run special offers here in this blog and my email lists. I run limited time specials when each new product is released. I’ll also run other limited time specials at times.

If you’re not doing the same, you’re missing out on a good portion of your blog and list profits.

There are always at least three parts to any special offer.

If you don’t have all three of these in place, your offer won’t produce the results you’re looking for.

Here are the three key areas:

1. Big Additional Benefit

You might offer a discount off the normal price (most of my product launch specials are this type). You can also offer additional extra bonuses, payment plans, package deals with other products, etc. What is the big incentive people will receive now that they can’t get later?

Most of my product launch specials are 50% or more off the normal price which is obviously a huge benefit to jump in then. Other specials I’ve run have included several products together for the price of one and add-on bonuses (such as a web review along with the product purchase).

2. Scarcity

If people don’t have to take action now, they won’t. They’ll think about it. And eventually they’ll forget about it.

There has to be some deadline to make them take action now. I’ve spoken to many workshop promoters who’ve said the largest number of attendees sign-up within 2 days of a price increase. You’ll also notice the majority of the blog specials here are 1 to 3 days in length (and the shorter ones have often done better in my tests).

You have two options for scarcity. You can limit the time frame of the special or you can limit the number of packages available at a certain price. Or you could combine the two as I did when I released the Internet Lifestyle Retirement System.

I limited elements of the special to the first 200 customers and then we also had a hard deadline of one week for the next part of the special. It worked extremely well for each part. After the first 200, the price when up. At the end of the special period, the price went up again.

Are you limiting your special offer by time or by number?

3. Reason Why

Why are you offering this incredible deal?

I learned from Jay Abraham a long time ago to always tell your customers why you’re offering a special. In the case of a new product, it’s because it’s a new product release you want to share with your loyal subscribers and customers. Or it may be because you want more testimonials. Or it could be because you’re celebrating a birthday.

Maybe You had 15 returns that you can’t sell as new so you’re going to release them at a deeply discounted price in a scratch and dent sale. In fact, I know of a couple of businesses which had such success from their scratch and dent sale they dented a few more items.

Or perhaps your friend gave you 100 books, coupons, bonuses, etc. that you are including with the package (obviously you only have 100 available if that’s all you received).

Other Elements

There are other elements we can add in as well such as risk reversal (full money back guarantee completely spelled out) or social proof (testimonials, endorsements from well known authorities, etc.).

I would recommend these in a majority of your promotions, but the BIG 3 are the basics you must always have in every promotion. You have to give people a big benefit for purchasing now. You might give them a $100 discount or a 25% discount. You might give them an additional bonus not available at any other time.

If you’re doing an affiliate promotion where you’re promoting someone else’s product, you may be giving an additional bonus you add in with the package. No matter what you’re offering, there needs to be some benefit customers receive for purchasing now that they won’t receive normally. They can’t get this if they wait till next week for example.

Next, there has to be a scarcity to what you’re offering. You may only be making this offer for the next 3 days OR it might only be for the first 50, 200, or 500 who take
advantage of it. Whatever special you’re offering needs to be limited or else it doesn’t provide people any incentive to take action right now.

Finally, there has to be a reason why you’re offering this incredible deal. It may be because you purchased too many of the product and need to get rid of this excess inventory. It could be because an affiliate negotiated with you until you ran the special. It may be because it’s tax time and you have inventory tax coming up. It could be a scratch-and-dent sale where you’re offering a special discount because the merchandise has blemishes on it. No matter what you use…there has to be a real reason why you’re making this incredible offer.

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