3 Steps to Any Profitable Offer

Why do some internet marketers make money so easily from their lists…while others struggle just to pull a few dollars out here and there?

One element of course is building a relationship with your list. Just because you have a list doesn’t mean your list is listening to you…or even believes you. I’ll cover this in another upcoming article.

The second element is making an offer they jump at. I practiced this over and over again until I found out exactly what works best. It’s scary the first few times you stand in front of a live audience…and show them how much money your email brings in.

My best in front of a live audience was $96,250 over a weekend…not bad for just my list with no joint venture partners or affiliates.

Here are the 3 vital steps I discovered to creating an order producing offer. There are other aspects you can add in such as guarantees and testimonials, but these are consistently the most important pieces.

Step One: Offer a Unique Irresistible Benefit

What will they get out of the deal? What’s in it for them?

That’s the benefit. You’ll also notice I added two additional parts…unique and irresistible. What makes your offer unique from everything else out there? Why should anyone buy it over all the other choices available?

If you don’t have an answer, you don’t have a compelling offer.

Even if you’re offering a product by someone else, you must come up with a way to make your offer unique and different. Don’t just pile on bonuses haphazardly. Offer something just a little different from everyone else.

Step Two: Scarcity

There has to be some reason for people to take action now. Are there only 50, 100, or 500 available? Is the special offer going to end 3 days from now? Why should someone take action today instead of next week?

Maybe bonus #1 is limited and will be removed Tuesday. Maybe you only printed 50 copies of this item. If you don’t give people a reason to act now, they will save your email and think about it later. And they’ll forget.

Step Three: Reason Why

Why in the world are you offering such an incredible deal? No one believes you. They all think you’re stretching the truth. All those other marketers use scarcity when they’re lying. Why should they believe you?

Why are offering a deal that seems almost too good to be true? Did you purchase too many and you have to get rid of them at a loss? Do you have to earn money quickly to pay a tax bill? Does the product have some scratches on it?

When I did offers in front of a live audience, I told my subscribers. This was why I was offering such an incredible deal. I had to have a quick response, or I’d look stupid in front of 157 people. That’s easy to understand…and easy for people to believe my motivation to make them a great offer.

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