3 Ways To Contact Your Customers

Method #1: Email Newsletter

Stay in touch with your prospects and customers by email. Send them valuable related content and make them offers they can’t receive normally if they’re not on your list. The key principle here is the right mix of content and offers. Send offers only and it looks like you don’t care about them. Only send content and you won’t make any money. So mix the two. My newsletter is handled by http://www.netofficetoolbox.com.

What types of content can you put in your newsletter? You can send out anything related. For example, a health business could send out workout routines, diet plans, reviews about workout equipment, jokes about the gym, recipes, etc. A golf newsletter could write product reviews, mental tips, golfing tips, interviews with experts, etc. If your audience is interested in the subject, it becomes a possibility for your newsletter. Some of the articles could be written by you and your staff. Other articles could be written by others. Go to a site such as http://www.ezinearticles.com to find a load of articles relevant to your niche for free use.

How often should you send your newsletter? Send it at least once per month minimum. An even better frequency is to send it weekly. If you’re using it correctly by providing good content and an offer in each issue, you should see a surge of sales made whenever an issue goes out. I’ve worked with businesses who send out their emails three or more time per week, but that requires quite a bit of work and concentration. So it’s your choice…what frequency can you produce consistently?

Method #2: Direct Mail Contact

Since email is free, many businesses want to focus exclusively on it. That’s a mistake. Your customer’s email boxes are loaded with spam, personal emails, and pitches from every type of company. If this is the only form of contact you use, you’re missing out…as many of your readers aren’t even paying attention. I love email. I’ve made a forune using email. It should never be the only way you contact your customers though.

Get your customers off the Internet. Send them your best offers in the mail. Put together a sales letter and/or a postcard promotion. Then send it to everyone who has purchased from you in the last year. A good rule of thumb is to come up with a direct mail promotion every quarter (every three months). If you’re aggressive you might put together a promotion each month or a series of several contacts one right after another.

One of my favorite tools is to mail out greeting cards to your customers. Send out a Groundhog day card or some other type of unusual card (everybody sends Christmas cards). You can even set greeting cards to go out on a schedule like 4 times a year. It can be automatic just like an autoresponder system. Check out http://www.mycardsystem.com for instructions on how to do this and I’ll even pay for you to send out your first card.

Method #3: Phone

No…I’m not suggesting you become an annoying telemarketer. What I am suggesting is you contact your customers to let them know about any event you’re holding coming up soon. For example, you might be holding a special webinar on Thursday. Use a voice broadcast to contact all your customers to let them know about it on Tuesday. Check out http://www.voiceshot.com as an example of one.

If you’re having a very important special that’s only going on for a limited time, you can use a voice broadcast to notify them that the special is over in just a day or two. I’ve even worked with a seminar company who used voice broadcasts to remind people to show up for the seminar they paid for (yes, they had a big problem of people forgetting to attend the seminars they already paid for).

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