35 Ways to Increase Web Profits

Would you like 35 ways to increase your web profits?

Some of these techniques involve blogging. Others are focused on conversion. And still others revolve around the safety of your business and search engine strategies. Which one will be the breakthrough you’re looking for in your business?

A couple of weeks ago I was out in Vegas with Fred Gleeck. During that period we recorded two new products.

One of those products was about how to become an Interviewing Pro (Fred has done over 2,000 products and 700+ of those are interviews). I’ll do a special on it soon.

The 2nd one is all about the 35 ways to increase your web profits. I had considered doing a special here, but I decided on something a little different.

Instead I’m combining it with the June Monthly Mentor Club newsletter.

This month the newsletter also covers all 35 strategies in a cheat sheet format. It’s perfect for keeping on your desk and generating profitable ideas one after another.

Plus you will get the entire 2 hours and 49 minutes of Fred interviewing me about these strategies in mp3 form.

PLEASE NOTE: Only the print edition sent out on June 10th a 9 AM Eastern contains the link to download the mp3 audio interview. If you are not subscribed at that time, you will NOT get the interview (and all the additional tips that come out as Fred is constantly taking notes to apply these strategies to his own business).

You will be able to buy the interview separately online within the next week, but I plan on testing it closer to a $50 price for the mp3 version (the newsletter is only $19.95 plus includes a load of bonuses just for trying it out).

Here are just a few of techniques you’ll discover:

– The easy way to write your own book and receive feedback on it before it’s even published (Strategy #3).

– A simple change to make to all of your websites that can quickly boost response by 25% to 50%…and very few marketers even test this (Strategy #9).

– Another very easy change to your websites that has been proven to increase conversion by 10% to 15% each time I’ve used it (Strategy #11).

– My #1 Free Traffic Generation strategy that has improved the results of all my sites ever since I started using it (Strategy #18).

– Why the majority of internet marketers find themselves working for peanuts and how you can turn this around (Strategy #24).

– A JV Strategy that bonds your partners to you where they turn a one-time promotion into a long-term promotion of your products and services (Strategy #31).

And many more…

All of them are very simple to apply and use. It’s just many business owners don’t think about them or test them. Which one of these 35 strategies will be the one that takes your internet business to the next level?

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Note: There are actually 36 techniques included in the newsletter!

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