48 Hour Special…

I’m releasing two brand new products today…and I’m going to give you a special deal for the next 48 hours only.

You get all 3 products below as a special blog deal of only $47 for the next 48 hours only. Normally you’d pay $274 for these three products, but you can get them all for the next 48 hours for over 80% off.

The special is over. Make sure you’re subscribed to my RSS feeds to receive notice the moment another special occurs…

All the product below are available on their normal web pages linked to below.

Here’s what you get…

Product #1: 2 DVD Set Blogging for Fun and Profit

This two DVD set includes over 2 hours of screencam tutorials teaching you step-by-step how to set-up your own WordPress blog, choose your theme, write posts, add audio and video, etc. It also teaches you how to begin driving traffic to your blog…including the top ten blog traffic techniques.

The sales letter has two sample videos you can take a look at if you like (the DVD quality is much higher than these online videos).

You can read more here: Blogging for Fun and Profit.

The price for this 2 DVD set is $77.

Product #2: Book Publishing SuperConference

You get the full Book Publishing seminar from the end of May. Fred Gleeck, Bob Bly, John Kremer, and I each took half a day to share step-by-step how to create books, publish them, and sell them online and in bookstores.

For example, John Kremer taught his system for creating a New York Times bestseller. A lot of people teach how to get a top listing at Amazon, but he goes much deeper than this by showing you how to create a real bestseller on the most respected list.

Bob Bly taught how to be publsihed by a big publisher including all the benefits of a traditional publisher over self-publishing. His 10 step system was the most complete and simple guide I’ve heard about this subject. If you looking for a “real” publisher, you have to follow his system.

Fred Gleeck talked about how to create your book…and how to put together a simple writing process to create 4 or more books a year in only one hour a day. Then he discussed how to create the bouncebacks, upsells, and complete backend system to turn your book into a business.

I spent three hours teaching how to sell online…how to increase your conversions…generate traffic…and make more sales of all your information products on the Internet.

The whole conference includes over 10 hours of mp3 audio which have been recorded to 1 CD.

The normal price is $97 and available here…

Bonus: James Brausch’s Earn an Income By Creating Your Own DVD

Late last week I received a box full of James Braush’s “Earn an Income By Creating Your Own DVD.” The first 100 orders for this special offer also get a copy of this DVD for FREE that James sells for $100. It teaches you step-by-step how to create your own DVDs and get them ready to sell.

I only have 100 of these (one copy of the 100 is opened as I watched it through). As soon as I’ve sold 100 copies, it’s gone whether the rest of the sale is over or not.

48 Hour Special

The special is over. Make sure you’re subscribed to my RSS feeds to receive notice the moment another special occurs…

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