5 Cool Internet Marketing Resources

Here are five resources to help you build your business. You might already use them, or you might not. Either way, they’re a few simple tools that can definitely help you in your business if you’re not using them today.

1. Google Learning Center

Would you like to learn the basics of how to use Google for your business? If so, you can buy a $97 product…or you can watch all of Google’s videos for free at the Google Learning Center. I’ve went through a good portion of these videos. I found quite a few of them a little boring and slow to get to the point, but they do cover all the basics to getting set-up with Google Adwords, understanding clickthrough rates, optimization, and using their tracking features.

2. Seo Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

Want to do some keyword research for PPC or SEO? Well here’s a free tool that will let you do just that. It tells you estimated searches as the major search engines for your words along with linking to the other major keyword tools available there. In addition, it gives you a keyword list generator and list cleaner resources. I’ve found it a good resource when you have an idea and want to look up some keywords quick.

3. Search Discussion Boards

Would you like to search multiple discussion boards at once? If so, check out Boardreader.com. It allows you to do searches across multiple forums from one location. Good resource for doing some of your research.

4. Download Your Competitors Keywords

Would you like to know what keyword phrases your competitors are using to advertise their site on the PPC search engines or through SEO. Check out Spyfu.com. There is a basic free trial that lets you see a few of the keywords or you can pick up a membership (as little as $6.75 for a 3 day membership) to get full details. It’s great for doing your competitive research and letting others help pick out your keywords. Note it doesn’t seem that the information about the per click charges your competitors are paying is very accurate.

5. Google Alerts

I’m sure you’ve heard of Google Alerts. The only question is whether you’re using them or not. All you have to do is pick the keyword phrase you want Google to search for and where you want these keywords searched (blogs, web, video, groups, etc.). Whenever that keyword phrase comes up, Google will send you a notice (mine are set to daily). Use this to keep track of when people talk about your name or competitors names, about your products, or about products you have in development.

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