5 Keys to a Beginners Fast Start

How does a beginner get started quickly?

In my experience of talking with hundreds of beginners, the majority of them stumble around for months or even years before they really get their business moving.

It’s always sad for me when someone tells me they’ve been studying for the past year “planning” to start their first site.

Quit planning. Do something today, even if it’s not the right thing.

– Put up your first blog at WordPress.com.
– Buy a license to a low cost product to get your feet wet (make sure it’s a good product first).
– Find a freebie you can give away and use it as an incentive to signup for the new list you created at Aweber.com.
– Join an affiliate program and promote the product.
– Setup a low daily budget of maybe $5 and run an Adwords ad (keep it very low because you’re getting your feet wet).

You can’t be afraid of making mistakes, because you’re going to make some.

Even experienced marketers make mistakes. The key is to keep losses and learning experiences small. Once something proves itself to work, then you roll out with it.

I spent some time recently interviewing Lee McIntyre, because he came online and succeeded quickly in 2 different niches.

He was a teacher with no previous business experience. He never wrote an ad and never created a product before. Yet, he just had his one year anniversary of being in an online business here a few weeks back.

I put together a product called, “Beginners Only: ABC 30 Day Success Secrets.” In addition to the interview I included a 15 page guide I wrote based off his interview to show you how to get started quickly in your new business. Click here now to find out more…

Here are 5 Quick Tips from the interview:

1. Don’t Sit Around Worrying About Your Niche.

Lee didn’t sit around trying to figure out what niche to start in. He used his previous skills and experience to jump in with both feet into a new market. Even though I normally recommend people do a little research into their market, the majority of beginners overdo and overthink this starting out. The first market you start in isn’t the one you have to live in forever. It’s the place you get your feet wet and earn while you learn.

2. Take Action

He didn’t study all the materials to get started. He saw a couple of others who were succeeding in the market, and he just got started. He began experimenting with what worked and what didn’t. Quit planning so much all the time and do it. Little one page business plans are all I use personally, and I modify those as results change.

3. Focus on One Way to Generate Traffic

He didn’t know how to do Adwords, articles, etc. He only knew one way to generate traffic when he started. So he used it. Eventually he started picking up other skills and adding those to his marketing, but he started with just one. You don’t have to know everything. You only need to know enough to get started.

4. Start With Low Cost Products

He didn’t try to create a huge course starting out (although he has larger packages today). It is too much work to get started this way, and you have to write even better add copy to sell those higher ticket materials. Lee got started with little low cost simple reports – something you could easily create in a weekend.

5. Provide Value to a Buyer’s List

He focused on his buyers. As people purchased his products he was building an email list. Instead of sending them one promotion after another, he concentrates on providing them with content and value. He still promotes products of course, but he builds his relationship through value.

To have access to the full interview, transcript, and special report, “Beginners Only: ABC 30 Day Success Secrets” click here now…

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