5 Step Solution to Information Overload

HamsterI received an email this week and this is one of the comments they made:

No one person or place has all the answers. So you find the “experts” to get your info. Then one contradicts the other on certain info and so you look somewhere else. Which adds to the ADD I’ve already suffering from. It’s a vicious cycle. Who do you trust?

If you’re looking for ANYONE (and I do mean anyone including me) to give you all the answers, you’re already coming at it from the wrong angle. “Experts” are of course going to give different info and even contradict one another because they are each unique individuals. They have developed systems which work for them and their online business.

What works for one may not work for another. For example, I tested a video landing page that autoplayed. It worked great for me. A client I have in a professional market tested autoplaying on his video and it decreased his response. Do autoplay videos increase conversion or hurt conversion? You have to test it (test results so far indicate the more likely your customer is in an office or public environment the less likely autoplay will work for them).

I’ve said many times that I failed my way to success online. I found everything that didn’t work…and simply stumbled upon the best parts to keep using.

The ONLY way to get “all the answers” is to test in your market. Even then I’ve been doing this for more than 13 years and I don’t have all the answers. I don’t know anyone who does. I do know though if you try to combine 5 different systems from 5 different gurus you’ll simply end up with a MESS.

That’s kind of like pulling 5 recipes out of your cookbook and trying to mix them all together. Please don’t invite me over for dinner the day you try that.

My advice is to subscribe to a dozen people’s lists.

1. Now unsubscribe from anyone who only sends you ads and never provides any free content.
2. Look for more “honest” results. Now unsubscribe from everyone who is constantly telling you how easy it is to become a millionaire online.

We’ve now probably eliminated 7 or 8 of the lists you were on. For your final steps:

3. Look for people where you identify with their teaching style. You understand them and what they’re saying.
4. Find a model you want to commit time and effort to. If you’re not willing to honestly WORK hard for the next 3 to 6 months on this system, don’t waste your time.
5. Now focus and do it. Turn off all the other noise (I always tell clients not to buy anything you won’t use within the next week).

Now you have an option of what to pick and go after. I don’t know a single successful person who buys “everything” out there all the time and tries to listen to a multitude of sources. I can almost hear the objection now, “But if I only go after one system for the next 3 months, I’m not learning everything.”

No one said you had to learn everything. This isn’t college. There isn’t a professor about to give you an “F” next week. You have to simply learn a system you can follow!

Here’s something I’ve never really heard anyone talk about. After coaching many clients, I’ve found many clients THRIVE once they find the right connection for them. What do I mean when I say this?

I’m not going to name any names but let me give you a few “general examples” from actual clients. I had a client who produced several digital information products. No matter what we did in promotion they would just do OK. They never “thrived” in this business model even though it is one of my favorite models. The moment they decided to “consult” with others about the basics of their internet business (such as getting autoresponders and websites up), they immediately thrived. They hit their grove.

I’ve seen another client who had this with joint ventures. When doing joint ventures and recruiting affiliates, they did well. They made money. But it’s only when they drill in and focus on Adwords that they do extremely well (it fits their personality). Because they know they can make money with jvs they often waste their time here if I don’t watch them and keep them on track.

A third client claimed he was “burned out” even though his business was making more money than ever before. Knowing his situation I knew the real answer was he was getting bored because everything just worked smoothly. He needed a new challenge so we added a couple of things he has never done before to his schedule.

What works for one person is not a guaranteed fix for everyone else. That’s why I often publish “list” posts. When I publish a list of 21 Ways to Add More Subscribers, should you run out and do all of them next week? NO. You simply should pick and choose the right ones that fit you and your business.

If you tried to put all the strategies in place, you’d go insane. Or you’d simply run around in circles like the mouse trying to get the cheese.

I could call this post the “The Beginner’s Hamster Wheel” if I wanted Because that is what it is often like for beginners online. They chase expert #1 for a while, buy a bunch of products, and then move on to guru #2.

Let’s make this clear. You shouldn’t be looking to experts to give you ALL the answers. They simply point the path to take.

That’s all I can really do for you through an information product. I point out the path and then I warn about some of the dangerous I faced. “Look out for that alligator in the pond!”

That’s what I do in my products. If you’re looking for a good serious of blueprints for starting your online business, I’d recommend checking out The Truthprints which are available here…

Will they give you ALL the answers? Nope. Some answers in YOUR NICHE will only be found by testing. My product simply points the way and gives you a good foundation for getting there. Will you run into problems? Probably. Murphy’s Law is alive and well in technology.

When I buy a map, I don’t always expect everything to go smoothly on the way to my end location. On our way down to Florida we had a flat tire…and several other problems. Construction held us up for hours. It wasn’t the map’s fault. But we EVENTUALLY got to the destination. It’s the same with your business. There will be problems. There will be issues. And things won’t always go as planned.

Just keep moving and testing till you reach your destination. Get OFF the hamster wheel though of buying all the new product launches. You won’t get anywhere by going in circles!

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