5 Ways to Boost Profits Today

You can increase the profits in your business TODAY without improving your conversion rates, raising prices, or adding a single new customer to your business. All you need to do is get your current customers to buy more. And the process of doing this is so easy it’s almost scary.

All you have to do is ASK your customers to buy more. You have not because you ask not.

Ask #1: Upsell on Order Form

You can run an upsell on your order form. For example, in Netofficetoolbox.com which I use for some of my products, you can set up bundled offers – which is a discount price for multiple products together.

If you’re not able to do an upsell on the order form itself, then you can offer a deluxe version on your main sales page or do an upsell on a “pre-order form” (this is a page you take customers to before they input their ordering information) where they can choose a larger package. For example on Clickbank.com or Paypal systems, simply put one additional page after the sales page where you offer them a larger package. It would have two order links on this page – one for your regular offer and one for the upgraded version.

2. Upsell on Thank you page

When is the absolute best time to make the second sale to a customer? One week later? Nope. It’s immediately after they purchase while they still have their credit card in their hand. Everyone of your thank you pages should have another offer OR links to your other products offers. The thank you page is one place where it makes sense to have a “catalog” style page of other related offers.

You can even do a “one-time” offer on the thank you page. This is an offer where you’re giving people a discount or a special deal for purchasing that they can only see this once. If they come back to it later, it will not be available at this price or with this special. Great way to convince people to buy something else right after their initial purchase.

3. Links Inside Product

Run links to your other offers inside the product itself. If this is your very first product and you don’t have anything else to offer, link to affiliate programs or other related offers you can earn an income from. This applies to the other profit boosting options as well. If you don’t have something to offer, find someone else who does.

You could even create a low cost item that’s primary purpose is to provide good content while selling a backend item (this is called a self-liquidating lead by Dan Kennedy and others). This simply means you’re not trying to make a profit at all from the product. It is just there to provide you with free leads for your backend item.

4. Email Follow-up Series on Customers

You should have an email follow-up series for customers after they buy from you. The first few messages need to resell them on the product they already purchased. Do this by pointing to specific areas of the content or by explaining how to get maximum value out of the product. You can even send them an extra surprise bonus in the series. Then begin promoting other related products along with providing additional content.

If you’re not following up, you’re not earning maximum income from your product.

5. Customer Thank You Call

This isn’t something I do all the time, but it’s a strategy that definitely improves your sales on higher ticket items. It would be a little expensive for very low cost items, but it’s a great way to boost profits from items over $100. When a customer orders, simply call them up and thank them for their order. While you’re on the phone with them, mention a special you’re having where they can get a discount on another related product if they order it now.

Do the first few calls like this yourself until you have the process down. Then have your virtual assistant doing it for you. It’s really easy to close 30%+ of the people you have called. The key is not to do a hard pitch sales call. It’s to simply thank the customer, let them know when their order will ship, and do a service by telling them about the special.

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