68 More Available Plus Gift

The Internet Lifestyle Retirement System has been selling like crazy since I released it yesterday. At this moment, there are only 68 packages still available of the initial 200 special offer. If you haven’t visited it, make sure to check it out now.

Of course when those 68 are gone, you still have till April 28th before it goes to normal price (although you’ll be spending $100 more without this initial discount).

A few subscribers mentioned they didn’t receive the email yesterday. If this happened to you, I apologize. I’m not sure what might have happened as it was sent out before noon tomorrow. Although it went out a little later than planned it should have been received in the late morning (Eastern Time).

Check it out now…

ReportAs a blog subscriber I also want to give you a gift. I put together a special report on living the Internet Lifestyle. You can download it by right clicking here and choosing “Save Target As” or “Save Link As” to save it to your hard drive. Click here for the special report…

It explains the 5 keys to running a successful internet lifestyle business in detail…along with sharing a new look at what “retirement” really is.

There will be a brandable version of this report available by next week for affiliates who would like to promote it. Unlike many product launches, the product will not disappear forever. It will be available next week (just without the discounts right now).

By the way, three more orders came in before I finished publishing this post. There are now 65 available at the initial discount.

Update – the first 200 discount is now gone. Note the price goes up again on April 28th at noon.

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