7 Articles You Don’t Want to Miss

I’ve noticed I read quite a few different blogs, although I’ve been cutting down those numbers lately. Because of all this reading, I want to help you out by hand selecting a few of my favorite posts over the past month from the blogs I regularly read.

Must Read Post #1: How I Ranked in 5 of The Top 10 Search Results in Google

Are you using press releases to grow your online business? If not, why don’t you start. In this post, Christine OKelly shares how she had 5 of the top 10 search rankings using press releases. And she only spent $2.99 to submit the press releases. Pretty good ROI on less than 3 bucks!

Must Read Post #2: Do Questions Work As Headlines?

Ryan asks a question in this post. I’ve seen the same results many times…especially with emails. Rephrasing your headline, subject line, or blog post title into a question can often have some pretty amazing results.

Must Read Post #3: Do You Have the Courage to Earn a Half Million Dollar a Year?

Look, it’s a question (see post #2 above). This is about an old Eugene Schwartz ad that ran for quite a while. Instead of making a straight claim you may not believe, it asks a question which put the results back on you.

Must Read Post #4: If You Don’t Know It, How Can You Expect Your Customers To?

How could you not read a post where the first sentence says, “Computers are destroying everything!” This is about the real reason your customers are buying from you…not just the “normal” reasons most people think of.

Must Read Post #5: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Repurpose

As you already know, I recommend reusing your content in different ways. This short post by John Jantsch shares 10 ways to reuse and recycle your content to get more bang from everything you create.

Must Read Post #6: Work On Your Business, Not In It

Jonathan Leger talks about how “80% of my time was used up handling support requests.” It’s another simple article about outsourcing your work and why it’s vital for you to outsource elements of your business starting today.

Must Read Post #7: How to Stop Checking Email on Evenings and Weekends

Quit checking your email all day! Yes, I know watching those order notifications coming in can be exciting, but it’s destroying your productivity. Here are 8 tips to help you manage email quicker from Tim Ferriss.

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