7 of My Favorite Blog Posts

It’s been a while since I linked out to some of my favorite posts on other blogs. These have all been collected from the past couple of weeks. Discover how to find a customer support person, sell high margin products, build a copywriting business, and improve your discipline. Enjoy!

How to Find a Good Customer Support Person (Or Any Outsourced Staff)
by Yaro Starak.

Very good post on why you need to bring in team members, and where to find them. Yaro doesn’t use the freelancing sites. Instead he does one better by going to his own contacts (both off the internet) and through his blog.

Low Margin Products vs. High Margin Products by David Bullock

David shares the same point I’ve made several times before. It’s much easier (and lower stress) to run a business where you have high margins for a good portion of your products. It simply provides you with more money to spend on advertising, outsourcing, etc. It’s a tough business trying to earn your living with $10 products unless you want to manage a large support structure.

Answers to Your Most Important Questions About How to Build a Copywriting Business by Ryan Healy

That title is a mouthful. Ryan and John Angel produced a 23 minute powerpoint presentation answering the best questions submitted to them about building a copywriting business. Very good information.

Power of Commenting on Blogs by Darren Rowse

Seven minute video using Crazyegg heat maps to show what people are clicking on blog posts. Watch this and you’ll see most of the clickthroughs are coming through links in the comments.

One Looooong-Arse Copywriting Lesson by Ben Settle

This is one long copywriting session! I’d recommend printing it out so you can read through all the suggestions Ben gives you in this post. Impressive and useful ideas.

3 Questions Your Copy Must Answer to Succeed by James Chartrand

Where Ben gives you a long copywriting lesson, James gives you a very simple one with the 3 questions your copy must answer to succeed. I’d write out the 3 questions as a final checklist to make sure your copy answers all three (no matter how long or short it is).

Why Do Entrepreneurs Struggle With Discipline? by Monika Mundell

Discipline is always an issue for entrepreneurs. It’s so easy to waste time or simply not stay on track with your projects and goals. Monika gives a bullet list of suggestions on how you can win the discipline battle.

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