7 Top Content Marketing Guides

This year the term “content marketing” is becoming extremely popular, although we small businesses have used it in one form or another for more than a decade.

Free ebooks, article marketing, and content rich teleconferences have been a staple of our marketing strategies since the beginning. But of course there is a lot more to content marketing than just these basic variations.

Here is the definition of content marketing from Wikipedia.

49 Creative Ways You Can Profit From Content Marketing

Sonia Simone shares 49 ways you can use content to promote your business…both on and off the Internet. Dozens of great ideas to help you promote your business using content marketing.

Using Info-Marketing to Sell Physical Products and Services

Daniel Levis shares a business model designed specifically for those who AREN’T in information businesses. Copy this method to promote any product or service you may be selling. That’s right. Content marketing is not just for publishing businesses.

Want to Attract and Retain Great Customers?

The theme of this post is making your website just like a concierge from a fancy hotel. When visitors come to your site, they’re looking for solutions to their problems. If your website does a good job of answering all their questions, then you have the opportunity to make the sale to them.

The Future of Journalism: Content Marketing

Journalists are being laid off from newsrooms around the country. But at the same time, companies are looking for writers who can manage their content marketing campaigns. The future of journalism is in the content marketing departments of corporations.

Content Marketing – Stop Selling and Start Giving

Is this the end of conventional marketing as we know it? In some cases, I certainly hope so. A pretty lengthy article with quite a few nuggets throughout (pay attention to the 7 reasons they give you why content marketing is better than conventional marketing).

Top Ten Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Strategy Fails

I LOVE the first sentence on this post, “It is better to fail after trying something new, than to fail because you’re not even trying. ” That sentence alone is more than enough to recommend it. Plus you get 10 more tips along with it!

Content Marketing – The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

The big reason to go here is to find all the resources listed for content marketing. This includes links to blogs on topics such as white papers, copywriting, and content marketing. Plus 10 concepts to apply to your marketing.

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