8 Articles You Cant Miss

I have a selection of blogs I read regularly in my RSS feeds. Here are some of my favorite recent posts from a few of them. Each and everyone of these articles gives you content to help you earn more, work less, or enjoy life! Sometimes it’s surprising just how valuable information is given away for free online.

27 Secrets of Internet Marketing Success by Bob Bly

Bob Bly is a top copywriter who also has his own side information product business now. Pay careful attention to all 27 of his tips…especially #1, #2, and #3. In #3 alone he gives you an easy tip for a 21% conversion boost.

Ultimate Risk Reversal by Ryan Healy

Very good post on using guarantees to reduce risk for your customers and drive more sales. It’s especially interesting how Hyundai has tapped into current recession fears with their guarantee.

Weird Twitter Secret Spikes Traffic by Ben Settle

Lately I’ve been playing around with Twitter, and it is actually proving itself to be profitable. Not to the level where I’d want it for the time invested, but it is profitable. Ben Settle shows in this post how to get people clicking through your tweets.

Middle Class Millionaires by Robert Phillips

This is an example of a great book review. Robert shares his favorite book from 2008 along with the 4 traits he gathered from the book itself. While he recommends more work than I’d want long-term, often that is required in the very beginning of learning new things.

My 42 Best Profitable Website Ideas for 2009 by Brian Terry

Are you having trouble coming up with website ideas? I don’t have that problem. I have too many, but some people claim they’re held back by ideas. Here Brian Terry gives you 42 possible ideas for your new website.

WordPress Plugins Used on the Michel Fortin Blog

That’s quite a list of plugins Michel! After going through it I see several I need to install on my blog now. In all Michel says he has 79 plugins listed and 69 of them are currently active on his blog.

Why Boring is Better by Lee McIntyre

This is a great video by Lee to keep you on track. Everyone wants to jump on the “new thing” instead of doing what is working…and to keep at it until you know it.

More Advanced Copywriting Techniques Persuading Prospects to Buy

Wow, the title itself is a mouthful. I’m on their Blog RSS feed as Clayton Makepeace and his team of writers put out some top quality free information on copywriting. Very good blog to join if you doing any copywriting.

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