A Business You Can Start From Home

My office gets quite a few emails each day, and I thought I’d share one of the recurring themes from many of them. The question is asked in different ways, but it is the same question on them.

“I only have a few hours in the evening each day to start my own business. What do you recommend?”

My recommendation is to pick a niche. And let’s not get difficult with niche here for this discussion. I just mean pick a subject of interest that there are already people online looking for information on that subject. You don’t want to have to “find an audience.” You want there to already be interest on the subject that you can tap into.

Gary Halbert set up a scenario at one of his seminars where he told everyone they all owned a hamburger stand. Each attendee could pick whatever advantage they wanted. Some picked having the best burgers. Others wanted the lowest prices. And so on. Gary told them he could beat them all with only one advantage…a starving crowd.

That’s the key. Find a easy to target group online and offer them what they’re already starving for.

Build a list. Build a relationship with that list. And then sell them products they’re already excited for.

These can be products you develop personally or they can be products you promote as an affiliate. Personally I prefer having your own products, but I know many people prefer to test the waters first by selling a product created by someone else.

The key finding a market you can tap into and build your list from. Then promote your products or the products from affiliate programs.

So those are two ways to start making profits I recommend to someone who has just a few hours each evening to profit online:

1. Create your own products.
2. Or sell products from affiliate programs

Either way, the key principles are the same. Find people interested in the subject. Make them an offer to get them on your list. Then build value with content and offer them products.

Isn’t that what is happening in this blog post right here? This is a subject people are interested in. My blog has an ever growing list. I’m providing you with regular content to build a relationship. I make special offers to you.

Special Weekend Only Offer…

The special offer was only good Sep 14 to 17, 2007…it has ended now.

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