Are You Thankful?

Today I just wanted to stop a moment…and say thank you.

Thank you to my readers.  Thank you to my customers.  Thank you to my coaching clients.  Thank you to my wife.  Thank you to God.

It’s easy to forget to say thank you.  It’s easy to keep going along thinking it’s all about us.  It’s easy to take those around you for granted.

You can always tell when someone has gotten locked up in their own selfish world….and forgotten those around them.

They’re always talking about themselves.  They’re always putting others down.  They talk about what breaks they didn’t get.  They talk about how they worked themselves up from their bootstraps.

When someone enters that mindset…they’re better than everyone else.  No one else can seem to measure up to them.

A heart that’s full of gratitude will be a heart that’s also full of love for others.

Taking time to say thank you to God and those around you will help you step out of selfishness and selfish attitudes.  It helps free your mind from worry.  It gives you a better attitude.  And it definitely makes you a much more fun person to be around.

I’ve gone through struggles in my life.  I’ve had problems.  I’ve also had success.

I went from being tens of thousands of dollars in debt to making a very high six figure net income online in just a few years.  In many ways, I feel success is a much bigger test for our personality and character than failure ever will be.

When I went from failure to success…for quite a while I thought it was all about me…that I succeeded because I’m such a genius.  People referred to me as a “guru.”  I flew around the country, signed autographs, and told people my wonderful systems of success.

I became enamored with myself.

With that, I also became “Full of Myself.”  Arrogant.  Thinking I was better than others.  Rude to those around me…because it was all about me.

Thank God I sold that business and retired from the Internet for a while.  Making money online is easy when you know what you’re doing…so I had made more than enough to go into retirement.

Was my success because I was so smart…and wonderful?

No…it wasn’t.  Let me quote a scripture from the Bible, 1 Cor 4:7, NASU Translation:

“For who regards you as superior? What do you have that you did not receive? And if you did receive it, why do you boast as if you had not received it?”

I succeeded because of God and those around me.

I’m so thankful…

  • To My Wife who has always been there for me. 

Even when others told me I couldn’t do it…She told me she believed in me.  Even when I spent money we couldn’t afford to start a business…She stood beside me.  She has been there for me when we were poor.  She was there for me when we became rich…even when she had to suffer through my arrogant and self-centered attitude. 

No one could ever ask for someone so kind and generous as she has been to me. She has always been there for a kind word…and to help whenever I’ve needed it…even when I’ve been ungrateful.

“Thank you Julie…whenever you read this….I love you and appreciate you more than anything in my life.”

  • To My Parents who always told me I could do anything I put my mind to. 

Both of my parents always told me I could be anything and do anything I wanted to in life.  They never once told me I couldn’t be a success.  Even though we had our conflicts at times (like all teenagers and young adults), I’m so thankful to them.  Thank you.

  • To My Mentors

I could have never succeeded online without the information I learned from others.  While I designed many of the techniques I used online, the ideas and basic instruction came from people in the direct mail and direct marketing world offline.  I never even spoke to a few of these people, but they’ve influenced me…and helped lead me to success.  Thank you.

  • To My Joint Venture Partners

No business is an island to itself.  I’m thankful to all those who have done joint venture deals with me or promoted my company as an affiliate.  The success has never just been my own.  It has been all of us together.  The people in this group are too numerous to mention.  Thank you!

  • To My Customers and Clients

What’s a business without customers and clients?  While I’ll never know every customer I’ve had by name, I have built strong relationships with quite a few of them.  Almost all my coaching clients become friends, because we wouldn’t work together if we didn’t mix.  Thank you to everyone of you.  I appreciate you.

  • To God 

Whether you believe in God or not, it doesn’t really matter.  He makes the sun to shine on those who love Him…and those who ignore or hate Him. Everything above was entrusted to me by Him.  My health…everything I have…everything I have or ever will accomplish comes from Him.  Thank you!

If you read this far…I appreciate you suffering today’s rambling post.

My one question to you is….What are you thankful for?

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