Are You Working Too Hard to Make Any Money?

So…what about it? Are you working too hard to make any money?

It sounds crazy, but I’ve found that to be true in many people’s businesses. The owner gets so caught up doing the daily routine, working 50+ hours per week, and they forget to do anything that brings in the cash.

They’re simply too busy to make any real money. The worst part is that they could hire a minimum wage employee to do many of the tasks they’re doing on a daily basis. They providing their own customer support, answering their emails, sending out their articles, answering their phone, and shipping their products, etc.

If you do it all yourself, you’re going to drive yourself insane. I understand if you’re just getting started online. You may have to do a few of those activities right now, but your goal should be to outsource them as soon as possible. Do a search online for personal assistants. Find a fulfillment company. Use software to automate part of the process.

Always look for ways to eliminate your daily work. If you own a business, it’s your job to bring in the cash. Figure out what you do best. Outsource or hire the rest.

Start off by delegating activities you’re poor at. Then delegate things you’re good at. Eventually you’ll delagate all the activities in your business.

If you do that, you’ll find both success and the lifestyle you’re looking for. From day one, keep this goal in mind. You might have to do all types of work today. Your first goal will be to eliminate everything you do poorly. Then keep moving up the ladder until only your gifting is left.

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