Art of Persuasion

Recently I made this statement…

“If there was one skill you could learn that would almost guarantee the success of your Internet business, it would be copywriting.”

Ryan Healy picked up on that statement and wrote a very interesting post over on his blog at:

His post is basically stating that copywriting is one element in the larger skill of communication. For example, in your business, in addition to writing copy for a website, you may also communicate your business ideas with partners. You might network at meetings. You will use communication in other forms other than just written.

Ryan says, “It’s my belief that communication is the most important skill you could ever learn.”

I don’t know if I can 100% agree that communication is the most important skill, because coming up with the original idea of course is on the same level. Creating outstanding products that customers naturally want to tell others about is also important.

But we can easily agree communication is one of the most important skills in your business.

Let’s even take it one step further. Persuasive communication is one of the most important skills you would ever learn in your business.

You have to persuade people to clicks on your ads.
You persuade them to sign up for your list.
You persuade them to read your emails and blog.
You persuade them to read your sales copy.
You persuade them to buy your product.
You persuade JV partners to promote you.

And it continues down the list. If you can’t persuade others, your business is dead in the water.

That’s what the May Monthly Mentor Club newsletter is all about: persuasive communication in all its forms.

It’s interesting how closely the different forms of marketing cross each other.

For example, I studied a $3,000 course on public speaking (I bartered a seat at a workshop for it). The big theme of the course was to create your speech almost exactly like a sales letter. You start with an attention grabbing headline. You tell the emotionally grabbing story. You provide proof that you know what you’re talking about.

And right on down the list until you finish with a close and guarantee on your offer. The course was a little too aggressive sales oriented for me as I like to educate and teach during any live presentations…and NOT do a one hour sales pitch.

But the course itself was teaching you how to do a one hour or longer sales presentation that looked like you were educating the prospect.

I couldn’t follow their system because I really do want to give value in any spoken presentation, but the core of the course shows that speaking persuasion runs right along the lines of written persuasion.

Those same copywriting skills can be applied to all the other forms of persuasion as well. And those books on how to be a successful sales person apply to your written copywriting.

Copywriting is salesmanship in print. If your goal of a speech is to sell a product, then your speech is salesmanship. If that speech is designed to educate, you’ll still have to use your skills of persuasion to influence the students to take action on what you taught them.

Here’s something to think about. We always seem to think about persuasion when it comes to selling. What about persuading others to do what’s right for them even when you’re not in a sales situation?

Isn’t that what school teachers and pastors should be doing? They can’t just provide information, as information alone won’t be valued. They have to persuade their listeners to take action on that information.

Yet most of them have never studied persuasion skills. Is it any wonder why we have so many problems with education?

As a business person, studying persuasion is an essential tool. This could be in the form of materials on person-to-person selling, copywriting, speaking, or even psychology. It doesn’t matter as they’re all after the same goal – persuading others.

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