Authentic Stories

Do you have an authentic selling story?

If you can learn this principle, you’re going to be miles ahead of others who try to sell online. Your customers buy based on emotion and then justify that decision with logic. While you need strong background proof such as statistics and charts to hit the logical elements of your client’s minds, they make their core buying decision on the emotional connection you make with them.

Often the best way to make this emotional connection is through a story. Think about this for a moment. As soon as someone says to you, “Let me tell you a story…” you instantly perk up your ears to hear more. The conversation could be going down a different road, but the moment it becomes a story, people start listening.

The reason I refer to it as an authentic story is we’re not making up a story…we’re using a real story that shares the emotions we want to tap into in our target market.

Let me give you an example. Think about how Star Wars has become a part of culture. It’s just a story, yet it has connected with millions of people. It’s the story of a hero who is seeking to become who they truly are. In fact, think about a large number of the biggest grossing films of all time.

Many of them employ that same type of hero story. Spiderman, Lord of the Rings, Titanic, etc. It’s always someone who is counted out…a real nobody…that becomes a hero. Little Peter Parker who is ignored by everyone becomes Spiderman and saves the day. Rocky even followed the same underdog to hero story in multiple comebacks!

People love the underdog story. Someone starts out with everything against them and makes it big to become the hero. It’s a consistent winning story line. It’s beautiful if you have a story with this theme to tell.

That’s why every time I speak I tell my authentic background story. Before I started online I was more than $50,000 in debt as a college drop out. I worked deadend jobs like delivering newspapers, signing people up for credit cards in front of stores, and delivering pizzas for Little Caesars.

The turning point for me was finding out about the internet, and my wife telling me I could really do this way back in 1996. I went online and within a few months was full-time. Within 6 months started paying back my bills. By the end of two years I was out of debt. As I learned to market online, others started asking me how I did it. And I started teaching them around the country.

This led up to the life changing moment for others potential online entrepreneurs. At some of the conferences I spoke at I did a promotion to my email list. In one of these, in just 3 days I earned $96,250 in a promotion just to my own email list with no advertising expenses in front of a live audience. You can find dozens of online entrepreneurs successful today who remember that as a life changing moment for them.

You can see how this is a “rags to riches” story for me. It’s all true. And if I don’t tell it, it destroys the bond I can create with my audience. So I always tell the story even though I’m personally tired of it!

The question here is what’s your story?

It might not be anything like mine, but everyone has a story. What made you decide to become a coach? What was the turning point? What is the emotional reason behind this decision?

Often there’s a turning point…a time of choice…where you make your clear decision this is what I’m going to do. What was it? Why did it happen? And what does it mean for your clients?

– What specific event caused you to decide to create this product or business?

– Is there a specific instance with a customer or someone you’ve helped that has proven to you that you’ve made the right choice?

– How has your life changed since you’ve started helping people with _____ or how have you changed the lives of one of your customers?

– Have you ever had a painful wake up call that changed your life? If so, how does it relate to your customers?

– If we produced a short “movie” script for your business, what would it be about?

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