Beyond Taking Action

Are you serious about your internet business?

I’m sure you’ve heard the statement, “Just Take Action.”

On the surface that sounds good. Of course you need to take action. But what action should you be taking? If you spend 3 hours every day simply reading discussion boards, that is an action. It’s just not the right action. It isn’t going to be profitable action.

It’s about taking the right actions to build your business daily.

Below is a feature article Tim Gary has created for my blog readers.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans”
– John Lennon

bus•y – full of or characterized by activity
right ac•tion – doing the correct thing

While Taking Action is touted as the only way to manifest what you want, it’s just part of the picture. If you take the Right Action you are virtually assured of success. But if you taking the wrong actions, which I refer to as “busyness” through the rest of this report, you are destroying any chance you have of success in an online business.

One results in getting paid, and one results in nothing.

One results in easing our frustration and the other results in more.

One results in us getting closer to our goals, the other takes us further away.

The funny (or sad) thing is that most people with an on-line business know the difference in the two. In fact most can see the difference in others, but very few can see the difference in THEMSELVES.

It’s much like a person who smokes. They know it’s bad for them. They can even see the effects on others when they hack and cough. All the while, they continue to puff away themselves.

In the same way that cigarettes will cause a person to waste away, so will busyness. It is a disease that will eat away at the spirit and leaves only broken dreams.
People who are “busy” in their business are very convincing to others about their level of success. They know all the information, they know all the answers. But when asked about how much income this information has brought them, suddenly the answers become hard to find.

A busy person leaves behind them a trail of unfinished projects, and a roomful of excuses. As one project starts to fizzle out, another becomes more attractive.
The excuses for abandoning the one project for another always sound rational, always sound reasonable, and always make the busy person look very intelligent. The results though, are always the same. Nothing has changed. No progress is truly made.

Just like there is a difference between taking right action and being busy, there is a difference between goals and wishes. Goals are what we take right action on and wishes are.. well… for fairy godmothers. And this actually explains why busy people are so…busy. They have an irrational belief that all of their efforts will suddenly and immediately result in their wishes being granted. As if the performance of 100 unrelated tasks would suddenly result in a new car in the driveway!

Think of an automobile assembly line as an example. How many cars would get built if one worker busied himself with sweeping the floor, another with filing papers, another with mixing the paint and yet another working on different car designs? All are thinking about how great this car is going to be and how hard they are working at it. All believe that what they are doing is going to get the car built. The reality is that that car will never get built. Only by each laborer performing a task that DIRECTLY results in the completion of the project will anything get accomplished.

The mind of a “busy” internet marketer is much the same with the exception that he/she assumes ALL the roles needed. A “busy” on-line businessman (or woman) will be the copywriter, graphic designer, create the product, be the coder, etc, etc. Whatever the “busy” marketer doesn’t know how to do they will go to great lengths to learn how.

One of the biggest challenges this “busy” marketer faces, is that there is ALWAYS something else that has to be learned before they can take the final step of offering their product, or getting their website live. There is always one more tweak, one more revision, and one more part that needs to be added.

Eventually what happens is that the “busy” marketer gets bored with the current project and decides to chase after the pot of gold at the next rainbow and the cycle starts all over again.

Seriously, does this sound familiar? Do you expect everything you do online to be perfect? Especially if it’s the first project you’ve embarked on? It won’t be!

But, if you take the right actions, it can be close enough for you to reach your goals.

Take an example of driving to the store. In a perfect world:

1) You’d drive in a straight line right from your garage to the store entrance and go at the perfect speed to use as little gas as possible
and wouldn’t be stopped by other vehicles or traffic signals along the way. You’d also take the absolute least amount of time possible. It’s completely unreasonable for this to happen, yet we expect something similar in our online business endeavors!

The biggest cause of these unreasonable expectations is a desire to do everything perfectly, even the first time out. Let’s continue our example…

What really happens when we drive to the store is that we follow roads that have already been built. These can zigzag all around, have potholes, small animals, children, vehicles and other obstacles to navigate. We also have traffic signals, speed limits and other controls which limit exactly how we can complete the drive.

Yet, even though the course is not perfect, barring car trouble you always arrive at your destination just fine. You do this because you are taking the right actions!
Can you see how different right action is from perfect action, and how you can get stuck in busyness if you attempt to make everything perfect?

“A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow.”
– George S. Patton

To quickly clarify… Just like there can be many routes to the store, there can be many different right actions that let you reach your goals. Very often, these are different for each person. There are different methods of generating website traffic, creating products, promoting products, and otherwise building your online business. They can all lead to the right spot, but take different routes to get there.

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