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BlogrushI checked my emails from coaching clients this morning like I always do. I had quite a few emails. Nothing unusual about that, especially on a Monday since I don’t work on weekends.

What was unusual was five coaching clients all asked the same basic question.

“I see this ‘tool’ is creating a lot of news. Have you come across it? Is it worth spending some time installing?”

The tool being referred to is Blogrush. It’s the new Blogging traffic network put out by John Reese on Friday.

I joined the system to take a look at it and you can see the widget for it in the right sidebar with the headline, “From the Blogosphere.”

What it is supposed to do is show related post headlines from other blogs…and then show your headlines in a 1:1 ad share. Then it has a 10 level deep system where you also earn ad credits based on other people who sign-up through you.

I’ve placed it on this blog as a test. I always test everything, and a full opinion can definitely not be made at this point about the system. It’s too early. I can tell you this though. In other tests I’ve done of similar “traffic exchange” services…I’ve never seen them as all that effective.

They generate wonderful and sometimes incredible traffic for the traffic exchange owner, but they have rarely been worth the space or promotion time for anyone except the first few “promotion launchers.” Of course the first few who launch it receive amazing traffic as they get a big downline and the exchange will need testimonials from somewhere.

This exchange definitely has some good points that makes it worth testing for me. If it can target blogs and articles correctly, then it may produce some traffic. John Reese also has a reputation for putting out very good products.

What I don’t like at all is all the hype that it has launched with.

The headline used on the promotion is: “The Fastest and Easiest Way to Instantly Drive a Flood of Targeted Readers to Your Blog…Absolutely Free.”

This is most definitely NOT going to be the fastest and easiest way to instantly drive a flood of traffic absolutely free. If you don’t have any traffic currently, it won’t generate a single visitor for you. The fastest way to instantly drive a flood of traffic free would be getting on the front page of one of the social networks under your category. Or simply have a large blog link to yours.

If you read some other blogs, they’ll also pitching it as the traffic solution for everyone…which it most definitely is not.

To me, it is worth testing. It may drive some traffic, but it is not the “traffic solution” and it is not a cure all for your blog by any standard. Nor will it become the number one traffic generator for any blog unless you’re one of the first few promoting it…and you promote it like crazy to your lists.

Here are a few other articles discussing it in a very reasonable fashion (instead of all the hype you’re seeing):

Michael Martine from Better Blogging

Yaro Starak from Entrepreneur’s Journey

Ed Sutherland from Pro Blogging News

Makri from DoshDosh

Pete Cashmore over on Mashable

If you want to sign-up, feel free to use my link to do so. I’m not going to tell you how wonderful of a traffic opportunity it is though, because it is not worth the hype it is being presented with. As I said, I’ve tested traffic networks which worked very similar in the past, and none of them met their hype. None of them were even kept long-term on any of my sites. They just didn’t produce anywhere near what they promised. It would be a pleasant surprise if this one was different, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

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