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My goal today is to provide you with a list of useful blogs to help you in your business and your life.  When I went through all my feeds and favorite blogs, I quickly discovered this wouldn’t be as simple as I thought.

Some blogs publish great material, but then they just quit.  They haven’t updated in months.  I definitely didn’t want to list those here.

Others do good for a while, and then they fall into the hype filled world of marketing, where all their posts are “hidden selling” for someone’s overpriced $1,000 product. 

So my “quick posting” quickly became a long journey of visiting each and every blog I’ve favorited and seeing what they offer right now. Let’s just say this list became a whole lot shorter than I expected.

Here are a few of the blogs that give great value and information…

Robert Bly’s Copywriting Blog

Marketing and Branding Your Small Business

Problogger’s Advice for Making Money with Blogs

Copywriting Tips for Online Marketing

Web 2.0 from a Christian Perspective

Shaune Clarke Copywriting Blog

Online Marketing Blog

Personal Development for Smart People

Writing White Papers

Humorous Home Based Business Blog

Unusual Business Ideas that Work

Duct Tape Marketing

Did I forget some?  I’m sure I did.  Feel free to leave comments with suggestions for other blogs that should have been listed.  Make sure to include why you like the blog! 

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