Breaking All the Adwords Rules

Have you ever used Google Adwords to drive traffic to your site?

I have…and it has been very profitable for me.

BUT it has been just TOO MUCH WORK to do it effectively.

You deal with hundreds of keyword phrases. Costs keep rising. Quality score issues drive you insane. Clickthrough rates bounce all over the map. Minimum bid prices get bumped through the roof. And after all this…your landing page doesn’t convert!

There had to be a solution to all this.

Enter my friend Glenn Livingston.

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He recently told me a discovery he made after auditing 100 Adwords clients personally in his RocketClicks business.

He said, “The Adwords accounts with the best results and the most profits over the past year FOCUS on dramatically fewer keywords than everyone else.”

Simple. Yes. But I also found it shocking.

Almost everyone in internet marketing tells you the key to Adwords is finding hundreds or even thousands of undiscovered keyword phrases…and then building out unique landing processes for each.

Yeah right…

Sounds like a great plan…until you realize just how much work it is setting up all those keywords, optimizing them, managing the bids, and keeping track of all those landing pages.

That system used to work years ago.

Today it’s a recipe for confusion. I’ve tried it just like so many other Adwords advertisers. How did it work out for you?

Glenn shared with me that we must do the EXACT OPPOSITE of everyone else if you want to succeed in Adwords today.

That’s the process he has built his PPC management service Rocketclicks off of. And clients are flocking to him for the results.

In less than one year, Glenn’s RocketClicks business has grown to a team of 21 employees…built in the MIDDLE of the worst recession since the 1930s!

Instead of going the “normal” route everyone else advises, they are following an OPPOSITE system of finding your bullseye keyword phrase…and building everything out from there.

I spent the entire day with Glenn to find out everything he does…and how you can use this same process to grow your business with Adwords (for a cost less than 1/10th of what he charges a client the very first month).

It’s shocking to say the least…and turns Normal Adwords on its head.

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So don’t delay.

Wait…and you’ll miss the special. You’ll also miss your chance at a system for doubling your Adwords profits in one quarter the time.

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By the way, if you’re already using Adwords profitably, make sure to check out the sales page for this product. Scroll down to the subhead that says “Take the Adwords Challenge.” Follow my advice there, and you’ll increase your profits while saving time on Adwords…even if you never purchased our product.

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