Building Momentum in Your Life

“Most of life is routine – dull and grubby, but routine is the momentum that keeps a man going. If you wait for inspiration you’ll be standing on the corner after the parade is a mile down the street.”
Ben Nicholas

I was writing a report today when I stumbled upon this quote by the Australian actor. My first thought was WOW…that’s the exact problem many people experience when trying to succeed online.

Everyone loves to talk about the big product launch that generates a large amount of cash, but what about the day-to-day routine that builds up to that launch?

They love the “overnight success story,” but not the 3 years of foundation put in place first.

Successful people are disciplined. They have a regular routine. If you’re a writer, those flashes of inspiration are great. They remind you of the runner’s high where everything just flows. But the majority of writing isn’t like that.

Often it’s sitting down to write even when there aren’t any great lines going over and over in your head. Sometimes you just slug it out. You sit down and write. Maybe nothing is coming out. You just writing blah, blah, blah until ideas begin to form in your head.

Perhaps you end up deleting the whole first page of what you wrote ONCE you’re in the editing phase. That’s OK.

What if you’re not willing to write blah, blah, blah? Then maybe you sit there staring a blank page. DON’T DO THAT. Write anything. Do something. Get our fingers moving on the keyword to get the momentum started. Ideas will come as you get in motion. Just because you write it doesn’t mean you will publish it.

Quick copywriting tip: If you’re stuck on copy, it’s often good to start with the benefit bullets (write a bunch of exciting bullet benefits and you’ll get in the mood).

You’ll find the best writers have a specific time of the day where they write. Everyday they sit down and write their 1,000 words…or whatever their goal is. Perhaps they have a specific place they sit down to write. Some use an egg timer to write for 33 minutes and 33 seconds. Some even have writing clothes they throw on like a bathrobe or hat.

The key here is they have a routine for writing. What is your writing routine? What? You don’t have one? So that’s the problem…

What about marketing your business? What’s your daily routine for marketing? Perhaps you spend 30 minutes examining your Adwords account, writing new ads, and finding new keyword phrases every morning. Or maybe you spend 30 minutes contacting new JV partners. I could name off a lot of possible marketing routines here.

Sometimes it’s not as much as about what all is in your routine as the fact you have one. And no, reading forums is NOT a marketing routine. It may be research for your real marketing routine, but it is not marketing.

What is it you do EVERY day to push your business forward even when nothing “exciting” is going on?

The same advice to getting started in your business. A lot of people are waiting for everything to get in place. They want to know exactly what to focus on in their business. They want to know beyond any shadow of a doubt that their product sells. They want to get just the right design on their website before they start.

All of those are excuses for getting out there and getting the momentum going. Get your site up and start working on it. Add some content. Once you get some feedback (notice that little comment tab on this site) you’ll know what to change to better target your market.

Instead of spending a fortune on design on day one, test the market and make sure they’re actually interested in what you’re offering. Then use the profits to pay the designer.

Instead of wanting to be the “overnight social media sensation,” just get involved. Setup your Twitter account. Subscribe to some great people like that wonderful @TerryDean or perhaps a little @BenSettle with a side of @healymonster.

When you start publishing to your email list, you have to start with one subscribe…YOU. Maybe your mom if you can convince her.

Everything starts slow and you have to use daily momentum to get it moving. And while there are products that help you succeed faster, there’s no shortcut to the daily action. In fact, putting yourself in daily action is one of the most important elements of your success which everything else takes a backseat to.

Make a committment right now to set a time where you will write for your business, market your business, or do some other vital business building activity every day at the same time.

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