Buy a Book, Save a Child’s Life!

Here’s a way to learn the basics of being a profitable online infopreneur…while saving a child’s life at the same time.

Dr.Mani, the infopreneur/heart surgeon, has written an excellent book called

“THINK, WRITE & RETIRE : How To Turn Words Into Wealth – Easily!”

You may receive multiple messages today from online business owners about this book.

As you know, I rarely ever participate in any kind of launch, but this one is different.

First of all, it’s simply a normal paperback book you can buy directly off of Amazon for just $19.95. I LOVE books.

I’ve read the book (he sent me an advance copy). While it doesn’t go into deep detail of every issue for infopreneurs, it gives a very strong overview and basic system for creating your own online information business.

Dr. Mani has been online close to the same amount of time I have. During this time he has created dozens of profitable information products…and he can help you do the same.

If you pick up your copy today you also get a load of digital bonuses Dr. Mani has setup for you. For example, I donated in my “35 Easy Internet Profit Multipliers” to give you some quick tips to boost your online profits.

The second reason I’m asking you to pick up a copy of this book today is because ALL the profits from book sales go to fund a child’s heart surgery.

I don’t receive any affiliate income from this. Dr. Mani is donating his income from the book to sponsor a child.

So far his internet business has funded heart surgeries for 47 children. Let’s help make this another one.

When you buy a copy of “Think, Write & Retire” today, August 25th, 2009, you will not only get a nice guide to becoming an infopreneur –

You’ll Also Be Helping A Child Live

And to make that decision a ‘no-brainer’, Dr.Mani is throwing in some bonuses, gifts and goodies with a retail value of over $500 when you order his book on launch day.

The idea is to rocket it on to’s HOT 100 list, get more visibility for it, and in the process, raise more money for charity.

YOU can be a part of this event – order your copy from today, then pick up your gifts at:

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