Blogrush Removed

November 12, 2007

BlogrushWhen Blogrush first came out, I put it on pages on this blog to test it. It has now been out long enough to see the stats and the numbers coming in from it.

In my opinion it just isn’t worth the space and loading time it takes on this blog. On some posts it does generate a few visitors, but it has never been anything that great. And the clickthroughs on posts appear to be going down contrary to what we’ve heard from the managers of the system.

From my last 10 posts, I have a clickthrough rate of 0.001. Or less than 1 tenth of 1%. With only 1 clickthrough per 1,000 impressions, Blogrush just isn’t producing.

As with everything else in Internet business, it was a test…and this one turned out not to be worth the space. There was a lot of hype around the blogosphere about this, but it’s easy to see why. Since you earn credits from people you refer, bloggers wanted to be the fastest and quickest to recommend something with all their heart.

While that may get you the most referrals in the system (and the traffic that goes with those referrals), I’ve always found it much safer to take the time to test before throwing out blanket recommendations. You can see my original post about it here.

This same “Hype” occurs with almost everything in the Internet marketing field it seems. Something comes out and everybody wants to be the first to say how wonderful it is…and make bigger promises than the person before them to get the most money during the “launch process.” It’s why I’m so wary to recommend very many Internet business products. They almost always end up with promises much larger than real life.

I do like the concept behind Blogrush though. I want to be able to show you posts coming in from other blogs here, but I want more control over them. I’m very picky about what I represent and recommend to others naturally. And anything on this site becomes a recommendation to my visitors. That was the other element I didn’t like about Blogrush. There would be posts showing up that were full of hype that I definitely wouldn’t have recommended.

The “What Others Are Saying” plugin will be tested on the site sometime this week in place of Blogrush. Pat Doyle is running it on her blog, and I really like the looks of it. It allows you to choose the blogs and RSS feeds you’re displaying on your blog.

It hasn’t been tested directly by me yet though, so don’t consider that a recommendation either…

Update: I tried to install the “What Others Are Saying” plugin on this blog for a little over an hour. Unlike all the other plugins I’ve used it did not install correctly following the simple instructions…so I choose not to spend any more time on it. At a future time I may decide to hire someone more technical to do it, but for now it is not being added.

November Monthly Mentor Club Newsletter

November 7, 2007

The November Print Issue of the Monthly Mentor Club will be sent out Friday morning at 9 AM Eastern on November 9th.

In this issue, I’m covering the complete “Internet Lifestyle” plan of finding hot markets, developing products quickly for them, and launching them for immediate success. In fact, the entire issue has been written as a step-by-step guide for my coaching clients to get them off to a quick start…and show them the overall business plan. One-On-One coaching clients will continue to receive this issue as a bonus, but anyone else can only get it by subscribing to the print newsletter before it mails on Friday.

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In this issue you’ll find out about a resource that I use to find hot selling general interest products. Yes, I still recommend niches at times, but when you want to play in the big leagues you have to find a product that appeals to a very large market. Find an easy to use resource to show you products selling to general audiences. This is so hot that it’s worth more than the entire issue by itself.

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Discover my quick test mechanism I use to know step-by-step what to create for a market and even create sales copy for it in just a few hours. If you’ve been writing sales letters the old way most copywriters suggest, you’re simply working too hard or paying too much. Shhh…this one step gives you an unfair advantage in any marketplace you enter.

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There are hundreds of ways to market a site…but there are only 3 ways you need to concentrate on for maximum traffic and profits. Find out what they are…and how to focus your time and attention to the parts that matter most. Eliminate the confusion of wondering what to do each day as you see the step-by-step launch process that guarantees maximum income every step along the way.

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Regina Baker Asks How Do You Stay The Course

November 2, 2007

Regina BakerRegina Baker of “Christians in Business Internet Buzz” recently asked me if I’d like to do a cross-blog conversation. Simply put, that means she asks a question on her blog that I’ll answer here. While she didn’t think I knew who she was, I knew her from some of my research projects I had going on. It’s pretty hard to miss her if you do any research at all into any type of Christian niche.

I’m always willing to test something new (if you haven’t noticed), so here we go. And she came up with a wonderful question to start with!

“Hi Terry,

I’ve read and listened to your inspiring story of how you came from delivering pizzas at $8 an hour to now having paid off your debts and living a lifestyle of happiness with your wife.

As you know, Internet Marketing can be some what of a challenge (focus) to stick to. What would you say was the hardest part of “staying the course?

For me the hardest part of staying the course was having faith that the plan I was following would work. There weren’t any “Internet trainers” I could follow back when I started so I had to pave a path myself. This meant I took direct marketing information that worked off the Internet, and had to figure out a plan to get it to work for me online. The biggest issue is having the confidence to stick to the plan and keep letting it work for you.

My confidence level was definitely low at the time I started online, because I failed at some many ventures before this (including direct selling, door-to-door selling, network marketing, etc.).

Now that I’ve mentored a large number of successful Internet entrepreneurs over the years, it’s pretty easy to spot why people don’t succeed online. It often comes back to that confidence issue. They simply don’t believe they can do it. They don’t find a plan and stick to working on it daily. They jump from here to there on different plans…never working day-after-day until it produces for them.

While I had a lot of disadvantages in starting online, I had two big advantages. The first one was that I had a wife who kept telling me I could do it. Even though I failed so many times in the past, she still told me I could do it. No matter what, she stood beside me…and I’m extremely thankful to her for this.

My second advantage was the pain of the situation I was in. Having creditors calling every day demanding payment is NOT a fun experience. Not making enough money to pay the minimum payments on your bills is not a fun experience. Calling a credit card consolidation service and having them tell you they can’t help you because you don’t make enough is not a fun experience.

My situation was very painful. And anyone with even the least bit of psychology knows there are two motivators: pleasure and pain. Of those two, pain is a much more powerful motivator. I had loads of it where I was…so I didn’t see any other option but success. Quitting was simply too painful.

For those who are not in that type of circumstance, you need to manufacture your own pain. For example, tell everyone you will launch a specific product 4 to 6 weeks from now. Tell people on your blog and on your lists. Tell you neighbor. Tell the people at church. Tell your mailman. Tell everyone. If you don’t do it, you’ll look like a total idiot. Now you have some upcoming “pain” motivating you to stay the course and get it done.

And for anyone who has been reading the past two weeks of the blog, you know my other recommendation. Quit buying so many Internet marketing products and apply daily action to the ones you already have!

Now it’s your turn Regina…

I see a lot of people marketing online who don’t seem to accomplish much. How do advise people when they need to accomplish more work related projects in less time?

10 Great Articles for the Weekend

October 5, 2007

Today I just wanted to share with you some of the gold I found around the Internet this week. These 10 articles reveal blog topics to write about, the secret to happiness, how to make $100,000, how to generate traffic from Stumbleupon, and whether or not the Conversion Doctor’s blog is helpful.

Could Being An Entrepreneur Be Your Ticket to Happiness

The Shrinking Distance Between Local Advertisers and Online Advertising

Radiohead’s Brilliant Marketing Stunt

How I Made $100,000 By Spending 25 Minutes And $0 on Marketing

The Obvious Secret to Never Running Out of Ideas

The Conversion Doctor’s Blog is “Not Helpful”

The Seven Deadly Sins of Website Copy

100 Blog Topics I Hope You Write About

The Power of Ignorance

The Secret to Massive Stumbleupon/Digg Traffic Without Spamming

Two Blogging Profit Models

September 21, 2007

Don’t be confused. There are two primary blogging profit models.

The first one is what I call the professional blogger. The primary profit center of their blog is advertising. They blog at least once a day and sometimes as often as twenty times a day or more. They often own multiple blogs and are a part of multiple online communities.

When people use the term “blogger,” these are the people they commonly think of. They’re the professional bloggers like Darren Rowse, Makri, Perez Hilton, and Eric Nakagawa.

While they often have multiple sources of income outside their blog, what they advertise and promote the most on their blog is the advertising. This includes image ads, text links, Adsense, affiliate programs, etc.

Build the traffic…and sell the advertising. That’s the primary model.

Then there’s another model.

It’s the business owner who blogs to build a community to offer their products and services to. You’ll notice on these sites that there is less “paid advertising.” Instead there are promotions for their own products and services (or in some cases no promotion at all as the blog builds credibility providing them clients for their services such as copywriting).

Take a look at these examples: John Jantsch, Ed Rivis, Bob Bly, Stephen Dean, Michel Fortin, Fred Black, and James Brausch.

While some of these sites are extremely high traffic, they are on average much lower traffic than the blogging professionals mentioned above. They post less often. Yet, I’d expect many of them have profits that far excel bloggers who spend way more time on their blogs than they do. This is because of the other elements of their business which integrate in with their blogging.

They produce products. They offer services related to their blog. They run promotions. They turn the attention they have from subscribers into income.

By the way, did you notice the feedburner numbers on John’s Jantsch’s blog (top left on his site)? It was at 94,963 subscribers when I linked to him (it’s probably higher when you look). That’s a pretty nice size community for his blogging promotions.

Obviously I’m in the second category as well. My goal with this blog is to give you value and content while at the same time promoting my products and services.

Why am I talking about this? Simple…a lot of people look at blogging and see it only as an avenue for the professional bloggers who’s primary goal is to sell advertising. With that model, you post constantly. You’ve got to get to thousands or tens of thousands of visitors a day to earn even a decent income.

You’re not making an everyday committment as a business owner blogging. You might post a couple of times a week or even only once a week. The key is you’re using blogging software to make it easy for you to post regular content. You’re taking advantage of advanced traffic generation tools. And you’re building a community platform for offering your products and services.

Decide on the model that’s right for you and what you’re writing about. You might start off by simply building an audience and selling advertising, but I personally would always have a plan prepared for expanding into other products or services to maximize the value of your traffic.

Advertising is only one income source…and you’ll find many of the blogs above don’t even offer any advertising space at all. Their own products earn way more money in those slots than any income advertising would ever produce.

If you’re a business owner who wants to get started with blogging, I’d recommend taking a look at my Blogging for Fun and Profit videos.

Blogrush Review

September 17, 2007

BlogrushI checked my emails from coaching clients this morning like I always do. I had quite a few emails. Nothing unusual about that, especially on a Monday since I don’t work on weekends.

What was unusual was five coaching clients all asked the same basic question.

“I see this ‘tool’ is creating a lot of news. Have you come across it? Is it worth spending some time installing?”

The tool being referred to is Blogrush. It’s the new Blogging traffic network put out by John Reese on Friday.

I joined the system to take a look at it and you can see the widget for it in the right sidebar with the headline, “From the Blogosphere.”

What it is supposed to do is show related post headlines from other blogs…and then show your headlines in a 1:1 ad share. Then it has a 10 level deep system where you also earn ad credits based on other people who sign-up through you.

I’ve placed it on this blog as a test. I always test everything, and a full opinion can definitely not be made at this point about the system. It’s too early. I can tell you this though. In other tests I’ve done of similar “traffic exchange” services…I’ve never seen them as all that effective.

They generate wonderful and sometimes incredible traffic for the traffic exchange owner, but they have rarely been worth the space or promotion time for anyone except the first few “promotion launchers.” Of course the first few who launch it receive amazing traffic as they get a big downline and the exchange will need testimonials from somewhere.

This exchange definitely has some good points that makes it worth testing for me. If it can target blogs and articles correctly, then it may produce some traffic. John Reese also has a reputation for putting out very good products.

What I don’t like at all is all the hype that it has launched with.

The headline used on the promotion is: “The Fastest and Easiest Way to Instantly Drive a Flood of Targeted Readers to Your Blog…Absolutely Free.”

This is most definitely NOT going to be the fastest and easiest way to instantly drive a flood of traffic absolutely free. If you don’t have any traffic currently, it won’t generate a single visitor for you. The fastest way to instantly drive a flood of traffic free would be getting on the front page of one of the social networks under your category. Or simply have a large blog link to yours.

If you read some other blogs, they’ll also pitching it as the traffic solution for everyone…which it most definitely is not.

To me, it is worth testing. It may drive some traffic, but it is not the “traffic solution” and it is not a cure all for your blog by any standard. Nor will it become the number one traffic generator for any blog unless you’re one of the first few promoting it…and you promote it like crazy to your lists.

Here are a few other articles discussing it in a very reasonable fashion (instead of all the hype you’re seeing):

Michael Martine from Better Blogging

Yaro Starak from Entrepreneur’s Journey

Ed Sutherland from Pro Blogging News

Makri from DoshDosh

Pete Cashmore over on Mashable

If you want to sign-up, feel free to use my link to do so. I’m not going to tell you how wonderful of a traffic opportunity it is though, because it is not worth the hype it is being presented with. As I said, I’ve tested traffic networks which worked very similar in the past, and none of them met their hype. None of them were even kept long-term on any of my sites. They just didn’t produce anywhere near what they promised. It would be a pleasant surprise if this one was different, but I wouldn’t bet on it.

Download Stumbleupon

September 5, 2007

In the past month, 17% of this blog’s traffic came from Stumbleupon.

That’s a good portion of traffic, and what I find most interesting is that the traffic these visitors come to are often even older pages.

As an example of the traffic Stumbleupon sends, an old article, How to Get a Copywriting Education for Under $100, received 518 visitors from Stumbleupon in a single day…6 months after it was written.

Obviously someone found the above article (likely through a search engine or blog link), and then choose to stumble the page…which brings additional visitors. Some of whom liked it, and some may have disliked it (when you have a page that everyone approves the traffic quickly shoots into the thousands of free visitors).

If you’re not a member of Stumbeupon, you need to join today.

Signup for Stumbleupon here…

Then install their toolbar on your browser which looks like this:
Stumbleupon Toolbar

Now all you have to do is use the “thumbs up” sign and submit content rich pages to their directory. Do it for the best posts on your own site…AND submit posts from other top quality sites such are this one (hint, hint).

After you’ve installed their toolbar, please take time to stumble the main page here at and at least two other articles pages that you’ve enjoyed. If you’ve received value from this blog, this is your chance to give back by simply giving me the “thumbs up” sign on your favorite pages.

Vacation Time

August 10, 2007

Just a quick note today to let you know I won’t be posting over the next 10 days. Nope…I’m not disppearing. I’m just taking a vacation and that includes from the blog. I’ll be back after vacation.

I could of written posts ahead of time or brought in a guest blogger, but that’s not what I decided to do this time around.

As a sidenote, when I get back we’ll be covering instant strategies to boost your sales and techniques to promote any local business (including why your business wants to go local as well).

Here are a few great posts from my fellow bloggers to help you handle my disappearance:

How to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog – Part 1

Opportunity Costs or How Not Watching TV Will Make You Money

Don’t Go To College to Make Money

Is Your Dream Just a Metaphor for Your Ideal Work

Stephen Dean Spills the Beans on Copywriting Influence Magic

Write Attractive Titles Like Copywriting Gurus: The Ultimate Guide

Stop Waiting For Permission to Take Action

Does Pagerank Really Matter for Ranking in Google?

Interesting Results

July 27, 2007

The special offer for this week is over. It has some very interesting results.

Some bloggers tell you aggressively selling will offend your readers. Yet, I found all the most important stats went up during the special. The average traffic went up. Repeat visitors went up. Outgoing links to all my product pages went up.

One of the stats I keep a close eye on are the RSS feed subscribers and email subscribers of the blog. Both of these numbers went up during the sale. This doesn’t surprise me as there was even a comment on the first post about this is why readers should make sure to be on the RSS feed. If you’re not subscribed to the blog, it would have been very easy to miss the specials. If you’re not a subscriber, please use the buttons on the right to subscribe now.

Even though they had nothing to do with the special, I had quite a few special offer customers pick up another product from one of the top links on the blog. Sales went up accross the board…the special did not slow sales on any of my other products.

Another stat I’m not going to release publicly here was also very interesting to me. Since there were three products in the special, all with links to their main sales pages, I kept an eye on which one of those links was the most popular. There was a very clear winner about which product most interested the readers…which is very good information for me in the future. This is something I will let my paid newsletter members in on next month.

You will be seeing more future specials (both of the 24 and 48 hour varities – the length of the special is still in testing for me). You of course will continue to see great content.

If you’re a blogger, why aren’t you running specials? Just make sure they’re exciting enough for people to take action now. Everybody wins. Your subscribers win by getting a great deal. You win with additional sales and increased subscriber numbers.

I found this older post on James Braush’s blog about his experience with 24 hour specials very interesting…I agree with all 8 suggestions he gives you.

Terry Dean Monthly Mentor Club for July

July 6, 2007

The monthly mentor club newsletter is done and ready to send to print on Monday morning. If you want July’s issue, this is your last chance to get in before the deadline.

It focuses on blogging and starts off with the question of whether you should be blogging or not. It may be the hot thing, but is it right for your business? I discuss it’s advantages and disadvantages (yes it has disadvantages other than the work involved). Find out how to determine if it’s the right marketing for you or not.

Would you like to generate qualified buying traffic to a blog? There is no question you can generate traffic to a blog. There are a lot of ways to do that. How do generate traffic that takes action…and makes you money? That’s the issue we’re covering this month. And not only that, I’ll show you how to generate free “blog” traffic to a non-blog site.

Plus, you’ll see my “secret” method for using one of the social networks to drive additional traffic that only takes about 2 minutes each time you use it.

Are you wondering how to create great content for blogs, articles, or sites without stressing and worrying over it? You’ll discover 5 content methods…4 of which take only minutes to create hot quality content. The secret of free traffic is content…and the plan is to create it quick. Discover this in July’s issue.

You can get it for only $19.95…plus you get a load of bonuses just for giving it a try.

If you wait till after this month’s deadline, you’ll miss this information…

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