12 Keys I Learned As An Intern

June 1, 2009

One of my interns recently finished the program and sent me an incredible article of what he had learned during the time he was an intern.

After looking over the 12 keys he said he learned, I asked him if I could publish this for you…and he agreed. I wanted you to have these to print out BECAUSE it isn’t just about being an intern. These 12 keys apply to all of your internet business. They’re 12 lessons everyone needs to learn to be successful online (the only thing I changed in this article was an adjustment to the title – everything else is directly from him).

“12 Keys I Learned As An Intern”

By Shaun O’Reilly
AKA “Shaun van Hart”

Lesson # 1: The Internet is Primarily a Keyword-Driven Medium

Only create content for subjects that people are ALREADY searching for. Find out what people are already looking for by thorough keyword research. My own thoughts are that the keyword tools are like a mind reading device that allow you to really get inside the mind of your prospects to find out what they are looking for so you can give it to them. The main lesson is that if people aren’t already searching using keyword phrases on the subject then DON’T waste your time producing any content for that area.

Lesson # 2: The Incredible Power of Affiliate and JV Relationships

Invest a lot of time in developing strong relationships with active affiliates who can make a lot of sales for your business. Leverage the time, money and effort of affiliates to produce more sales with less time, money and effort on your part.

Before doing the Intern Program, I had negative feelings toward affiliate programs mainly due to my past experiences with the Internet Marketing pimp-a-product approach of many affiliates in this market. They don’t seem to care if the product will really help the most important person of all – the end customer.

I now realize that I can use affiliate programs, affiliates and JV partners in an ethical way on my terms. Not all affiliates are bad!

Lesson # 3: The Importance of Having a Consistent Daily Habit of Promoting Your Internet Business

Rather than having a haphazard approach to marketing your Internet business it’s vital to have a daily discipline and routine of promoting your Internet business every day. In fact, it’s important to have a strategic marketing plan for promoting your business via multiple channels on a regular basis.

I’ve learned that promotion is not a bad word and is a way of letting others know how you can help them. If I don’t promote my Internet business on a daily basis then I’ll not reach and impact as many people as I want to.

Lesson # 4: Go Where the Highest Traffic Is to Leverage Your Time, Money and Effort

Strategically select the highest traffic sites in your niche so that you can get the biggest ROI on any time, money and effort you put into your Internet business. Use Alexa and other tools to determine where the most traffic is and focus your time, money and effort on those sites. This reminds me of the 80/20 Rule and the importance of investing my time, money and effort wisely.

Lesson # 5: There Are No Magic Buttons for Internet Success

Quit looking for magic bullets and allowing the guru cartel to distract you into buying the latest ‘must-have’ product on the Internet. Get real and get into action doing the things that will grow your Internet business and focus on the fundamentals and things that work instead of being distracted by the latest trend and fad.

Lesson # 6: Copy is King on the Internet so Constantly Test to Maximize ROI

The words and images on a web page greatly affect conversions so constantly test and track the most important elements such as headline, first paragraph, photo, caption, call to action, etc. Focus especially on headlines and sub-headlines to maximize the number of people who read your whole message and act on it.

Lesson # 7: Multi-Purpose Your Content Into Different Forms to Get the Most Return from Every Word You Write

Rather than just producing content in one format look for multiple ways to re-purpose the same content many, many times. This will maximize the exposure and returns you get from every piece of content you take the time, money and effort to create.

For example, Blog ? Article ? Video ? Press Release ? Product ? Product Series ? Affiliate Tools

Videos are a quick and easy way to create content and have a high perceived value too.

Lesson # 8: The Internet is Now a Social and Highly Interactive Medium – Get Involved

The Internet has now evolved into a more interactive media with social bookmarking sites and the growth of Web 2.0. Therefore, it’s vital to grow along with the trends and use the new Web 2.0 sites to reach people who they prefer to communicate and interact with them where they are.

Before the Intern Program, I was mildly interested in Web 2.0 and saw it as more of a fad. Now I see that it is vital to follow the trends and use them effectively to grow my Internet business.

Lesson # 9: Think Strategically & Look for Leverage Everywhere

Before taking action in your Internet business make sure that it makes the best use of any time, money and effort you invest. Look for ways that you can get other people or software to do things for you so you can focus your time on marketing and growing your Internet business.

Before this program, I allocated my time poorly, haphazardly and un-strategically. Now I think before I choose the actions I take and which ones I’ll choose to do and which ones I’ll outsource to others. I’m developing some routines and systems to be able to use my time more effectively.

Lesson # 10: A Life-Changing Product Focuses on Small and Significant Action Steps

The Intern Program has been a great demonstration of how to get people to take small but significant action steps to build a successful Internet business and actually DO something with the information instead of just learning it. Why aren’t more information products structured like this?

Lesson # 11: Find a Successful Internet Business and Model Them

Watch what successful Internet business owners do and observe what they actually DO versus what they tell or sell you to do. Follow the changes they make and study their processes to use them as a model in your own Internet business.

Before the Intern Program, I was dipping into different models from various Internet marketers and allowing myself to be pulled in multiple different directions. Now, I’ll save a lot of time, money and effort by focusing on the methods of a small number of Internet marketers that I respect and whose marketing methods I resonate with. This will minimize distractions and give me more time to work on building my own Internet business instead of somebody else’s. Success leaves clues.

Lesson # 12: There’s a HUGE Difference Between Education and Practical Experience

Most information products in the Internet Marketing niche focus on educating you and giving you just more information. However, by actively participating full out in the Intern Program and DOING each and every assignment, I was able to actually experience the theory in action and see the results of my work directly and it became more visceral. So, get involved in the material you learn and look to apply everything useful that you learn so you can really turn the information into real knowledge and results.

The Truth About Traffic

June 12, 2008

What is the number one traffic generation strategy of many business owners? Sometimes it’s good to not just listen to what people say, but to also keep an eye on what they’re doing to promote their business. Here’s a short video where I talk about this very subject.

Conversion Rap

April 25, 2008

One of the lessons I’ve been sharing lately with you has been the importance of conversion. Having a lot of visitors to your website is nice. Having a lot of buyers at your website is our goal.

Track where your buyers are coming from. If one form of marketing generates a 1,000 visitors and 2 buyers and another generates 200 visitors and 7 buyers, which one is more effective? That’s a very simple question to answer.

It’s the tracking that’s important. At the bare minimum all your sites should have Google Analytics or another traffic tracking tool in place. And take the time to setup GOALS so you can see who reaches your subscribe pages and your customer thank you pages.

Instead of writing about this subject again, I thought I’d try something different to explain this message.

Listen to this rap by Chuck from Pop Labs.

My favorite quote:
“I’d rather get 100 clicks and close 35,
than get a 1000 clicks and I only close 9.”

Special thank you to Brian Terry for sending this over to me.

Create Your Own DVDs

April 7, 2008

It’s easy to create your own DVDs when you’re using the right tools.

You can easily put together your own DVDs to sell on your website, on Amazon, and even eBay.

The software I use for video editing and DVD creation is Sony Vegas Movie Studio (direct link to Amazon – not an affiliate link).

Here’s a video showing how easy it is to use Sony Architect (which comes with the platinum version of Vegas Movie Studio) to build a DVD menu for your DVDs.

Please note that this video is an excerpt from one of my upcoming DVDs on this topic. It just shows working in Architect. Before you export your video over to Architect, you’re going to need to create chapters in Vegas Movie Studio. The upcoming DVD set will show you how to choose topics, edit the video in Sony Vegas, output it on DVD, and get it duplicated. It also shows you how to improve your sales conversions and start generating traffic.

Look for it to be available in 2 weeks when I will be having a very special limited time deal on this blog for it.

7 Reasons to Start an Information Business

March 17, 2008

Have you started an information business yet?

If not, why not? There are quite a few ways to make money online, but this is my favorite business. Work once…and get paid on it forever.

Today here’s a simple video on the 7 reasons why you should start your own information business. I was just coming off the flu so my voice sounds a little different, but I’m OK.