Coaching Price Increase

I work with 20 clients one-on-one by email and phone (it varies up or down a little). Currently my slots for phone clients are booked up (there is one position actually available but I’ve already offered it to someone who specifically requested it), and my email clients are also staying very booked.

Basically, email coaching clients can email me Monday through Thursday and I respond to them within 24 hours. On weekends, they can send over an email and I’ll answer it sometime on Monday.

This includes questions they have about how to create their own products, how to test their offers, how to grow their lists, and even which software programs to use. A couple of email clients are a member simply so they get access to send over websites and emails they want me to take a look at and review for them.

In my business currently, my time is being spent with coaching clients, creating new products, and writing ad copy. Coaching clients have been taking more of my time recently…so the price is being increased.

The current price is $400 a month. On Friday morning I’m raising the price. The new price will be $500 a month.

Phone coaching, if and when it comes available again, will be $1,000 a month.

Any current clients or clients who get in before the price increase will keep their current price for as long as they’re a paid member.

Early on in January I mentioned there would be some changes coming to the coaching program. I’m prepared to mention one of these changes now.

Anyone who is a member of my Monthly Mentor Club print newsletter will notice that the login page lists it as the silver membership program. The reason is I’m putting together a higher membership section for my one-on-one coaching clients. When this is finished (may be another month or two), they will have access to videos, audios, and other online tools to download.

This way I can provide access to immediate training information to all coaching clients on site. There will be other changes coming down the road including a written assessment and a required one hour consulting call to start clients off (which will have a cost in addition to the monthly fee).

If you’re interested in joining my one-on-one coaching program before the price increase, click here now…

One question I have for you my readers is whether you’d be interested in a group option in between one-on-one coaching and the print newsletter.

Possibly a twice monthly open teleconference where we review sites…or just help with your business plans? Feel free to leave your comments on that in the comments section. I don’t know if this is something I’m going to do. I’m just asking for your feedback if you’re interested.

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