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We had a large number of entries for our contest this past week.

And everyone made the decision SO TOUGH…a lot tougher than I expected it to be. This is the first time I ran a contest like this on the blog and I was really surprised at how good the comments were. Next time I’ll know going in just how well everyone is going to do and will likely make the rules a little different so I don’t have such a tough decision to make!

Priority #1: A Reader Who Will Use It

So I looked for people who didn’t just say they would use it, but who were already doing something. So even though it was hard to do, I gave priority to all the entries that included some type of website in the registration part of their comment (when you click on their name). I also read through all the comments to see which ones mentioned using the product…and who I really believed would use the product.

Priority #2: A Reader Who Is Likely to Give a Great Testimonial.

This is a more selfish reason on my part, but as you could expect I’d like to see some great testimonials and success stories come in from this product. This means I looked at the entries with the light of how well they’d likely write a really good testimonial when they were finished.

Additional Priority: I really wanted to find someone who needed it, but that was everyone in my opinion. So I wasn’t able to use this as a strong difference in looking at the entries.

After going through all the entries I was able to cut them down to 10. Then I printed those ten out and took them to my wife to also read through and give me her opinion. After she was done there were still 4 entries left.

So I made the hard decision to pick a winner. I picked Tom:

Your Internet Lifestyle Retirement product is PERFECT for me. I am 61 years old and would like to retire from my “day job” world of sales that I have been in for the last 30 years and begin a new career.

I need to replace my current income with an income that will allow me to live anywhere.

My wife needs to be in a better climate for health reasons and succeeding with an internet business would be a godsend.

As soon as I receive this product, I intend to study it carefully and implement the processes exactly as you describe. I have researched severeal ideas but suffer from too much information and too little guidance.

I know that will succeed with your product.You are an excellent teacher and I am capable of successfully following a proven winner’s system and guidance. I have also been writing for 30 years and wait with interest to see your modules on writing and publishing!

For me to succeed will be a testimonial for your product that will spark a virtually untapped market of boomers my age ready to retire, but wanting to continue being productive.

I will spread the word about Terry Dean to every person I know and start a viral campaign for your product that enabled me to retire from the old system and begin a new life for myself and my wife. There are so many people my age wanting to do this but not knowing who to trust or how to do it.

This will be a winning proposition for yourself and many, many people just like me.

I have started a blog already that will running within a week. The url is

I will bring a wave of “grayzies” like myself into your fold!

I am also from Columbus, Indiana. So, as a fellow Hoosier, I ask for your consideration. Many people will benefit from my success using your system.”

RUNNER-UP: I also decided to pick a runner up to win the same prize.

I choose Dave Hamilton for the second winner.


I’d like to throw my hat in the ring for your cool product! Briefly, here’s why I’d be the right person to receive it:

1. What Matters to Me
I’m not really swayed by the desire for big $$$- I’ve got a cozy home and an amazing family- with brand new twins ( The lifestyle I am seeking is to be in their lives as much as possible.. and let them follow dad’s example in adventure, actions and heart. Step one, I believe, is TO BE THERE. A smart online business would allow me that opportunity.

2. I Can Help Folks
My business niche is helping online marketing Newbies with all the technology they’re going to need.. a chasm I’ve seen too many people grow frustrated and get lost in. I’ve got a weird combination of techno-geek/patient teacher, and it feels great when clients have fewer tech related headaches, and more victories because of what I do. But the cries for step-by-step help are getting louder, and I want to learn to be more effective.

3. I’m Hungry for Training.
I’m a believer in “iron sharpens iron”, and I’ve learned there’s a time to shut up and listen, and a time to take bold action. I’m ready to do these, in that order. Bottom line, your wisdom and experience wouldn’t slip through the cracks, and I’d pass it along in my training.

4. You Da Man
I suppose a bit of this is shameless groveling, but the truth is you’re impressive on a couple levels, and if I’m going to make a living in an industry that has a questionable reputation, I want to follow someone who steers clear from the shady stuff. You’re one of the good guys out there- and the Internet needs more good guys. And, incidentally, more pizza delivery guys.

Dave Hamilton”

I will be contacting both of these winners to get their mailing addresses. If either of them doesn’t respond back this week, I will pick another winner to replace them.

For all those who weren’t the product winner, I want to thank you for entering. Everyone did an excellent job and gave me a much tougher decision than I expected.

The Internet Lifestyle Retirement System will be available tomorrow (April 22nd).

I will be sending an email out to the list subscribers first (that box at the top right of this blog where you enter name and email). Then I will post to this blog. You can expect the email in the morning and the post to the blog around noon tomorrow.

There is a special discount price for the first 200 buyers.

There is also a special bonus being supplied to the first 50 and 100 who take action.

So make sure you’re watching for this email and post tomorrow!

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