Conversion Rap

One of the lessons I’ve been sharing lately with you has been the importance of conversion. Having a lot of visitors to your website is nice. Having a lot of buyers at your website is our goal.

Track where your buyers are coming from. If one form of marketing generates a 1,000 visitors and 2 buyers and another generates 200 visitors and 7 buyers, which one is more effective? That’s a very simple question to answer.

It’s the tracking that’s important. At the bare minimum all your sites should have Google Analytics or another traffic tracking tool in place. And take the time to setup GOALS so you can see who reaches your subscribe pages and your customer thank you pages.

Instead of writing about this subject again, I thought I’d try something different to explain this message.

Listen to this rap by Chuck from Pop Labs.

My favorite quote:
“I’d rather get 100 clicks and close 35,
than get a 1000 clicks and I only close 9.”

Special thank you to Brian Terry for sending this over to me.

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