Crash Course on Lead Generation

How would you like to listen in on private conversations with some of the most talented and successful lead generation experts in the world?

Would you love to attend an event where you can hear from some of the top Internet lead generation experts?

How about if it didn’t require you to step foot outside your door?

And even better…it didn’t cost a penny?

Recently I was invited to take part in an event like this by David Frey and Maruxa Murphy.

Thirteen top lead generation experts sharing their strategies with you…for free…at home. It’s called the “Lead Generation Telesummit.”

It’s all about generating more leads, adding more subscribers, and making more sales.

You can register for it here…

Discover strategies such as:

1. One major website tweak that can bring you thousands of leads effortlessly

2. How to put your lead generation on autopilot, using complimentary tools you can accesss on the internet.

3. The little-known but extremely powerful method for bringing a flood of leads to your site quickly

4. An unusual way to make your leads jump at an opportunity to spend thousands with you (again and again)

Here’s a list of the current speakers:
Joel Christopher
Kirt Christensen
Michael Koenigs
Dr. Mike Woo-Ming
Nathan Anderson
Jason James
David Frey
Carrie Wilkerson
Russel Bronson
Gil Ortega
Bernadette Doyle
Martin Howey
Yours Truly – Terry Dean

All these calls take place July 20th to July 24th. The times are 11 AM, 1 PM, and 3 PM EST.

My call will air on 3 PM EST on Wednesday the 22nd.

No purchase is needed to listen in to these calls.

After you subscribe you will receive an opportunity to purchase the recordings and a transcript of each call for a discount price. These recordings will be available later at a HIGHER price.

But you don’t need to purchase ANYTHING to receive all the benefits (you do need to be there at the call times though).

Register now…

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