Create a Simple Marketing Plan

This goes back to information overload that I’ve been talking about recently.

There are dozens of ways any business can market itself.  Just online alone, you could pick multiple PPC search engines, search engine optimization, endorsements, publicity, ezine advertising, affiliate programs, banner advertising, blogging, podcasting, viral video, article submissions, incoming links, etc.  And that’s just a starter list.

For many business owners, they see all the options…all the courses…and all the ideas.  All it causes them to do is go into Information Paralysis.

They sit there and do nothing.  Or they buy one product after another…and keep jumping to different promotional techhniques.


If you want to succeed in your business, make a plan.  Develop a simple business plan…exactly who you’re targeting, how you’ll benefit them, and your income streams.  At the same time, develop your basic marketing plan.

Which techniques will you focus on?  Everything I mentioned above can and will work if you follow the right strategies.  What won’t work is trying to do it all at once.

Pick several techniques and focus exclusively on those.  You might decide that Google Adwords is one of your traffic sources.  Plan specific days and times each week where you work on your campaigns. 

If article submissions are another one of your techniques, then plan specific dates and times to do this.  You might write an article every Tuesday from 2 PM to 3 PM.  On Wednesday at 2 PM to 3 PM you edit the article and submit the aritcle using software. 

You might plan to do a press release on the first Monday of every month.  Put your marketing plan into writing just like a business plan.  It doesn’t have to be complicated, but it should cover the basic steps…and exactly when you’ll take each step to your marketing campaign. 

Otherwise you’ll end up wasting time when you could be getting results.  Another quick caution with this is not to give up on your marketing.  I’ve seen clients who started with Google Adwords and they weren’t happy with the immediate results.  Instead of tweaking and modifying their keywords, ads, and landing page, they gave up. 

Go into every new marketing technique with the mindset that it may not work perfect when you first start out.  You’ll have to tweak your campaign to get it working the way you want. 

Pick marketing strategies.  Plan exactly what you will do and on what days.  Tweak and modify your campaigns until they’re working for you.   Don’t jump on the bandwagon of every new idea you hear. 

Create your plan.  Work your plan.  Profit from your plan.

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