Create Your Own DVDs

It’s easy to create your own DVDs when you’re using the right tools.

You can easily put together your own DVDs to sell on your website, on Amazon, and even eBay.

The software I use for video editing and DVD creation is Sony Vegas Movie Studio (direct link to Amazon – not an affiliate link).

Here’s a video showing how easy it is to use Sony Architect (which comes with the platinum version of Vegas Movie Studio) to build a DVD menu for your DVDs.

Please note that this video is an excerpt from one of my upcoming DVDs on this topic. It just shows working in Architect. Before you export your video over to Architect, you’re going to need to create chapters in Vegas Movie Studio. The upcoming DVD set will show you how to choose topics, edit the video in Sony Vegas, output it on DVD, and get it duplicated. It also shows you how to improve your sales conversions and start generating traffic.

Look for it to be available in 2 weeks when I will be having a very special limited time deal on this blog for it.

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