Make Money On the Internet – Stop the Lies

The majority of the readers here are interested in earning an income from the Internet in one way or another, either as their primary income stream or an additional advertising source for their business. The Internet has been my primary advertising method for over 11 years now…and I’m disgusted with the way most gurus represent it!

Do a search online about “Internet marketing” and “internet business” and you’ll quickly find dozens of sites proclaiming to know the “secret” to online profits. They tell you all you have to do is give them $9.95 to $10,000, and they’ll let you in on the mysterious method to produce overnight millions online.

You buy the product, and then you’re told about seven other products that contain the “real secret.” Pay a thousand dollars to attend Internet marketing conference, and you’re subjected to a dozen or more sales pitches full of secret systems and plans to produce instant riches.

What do most new would-be Internet entrepreneurs do?

They see all the oppportunities…all the different pitches…and they leap in with gusto trying one thing after another. They hear the eBay stats and try an eBay business. Someone offers instant Adsense sites so they set those up. They set up an affiliate site to promote other people’s products. They start up a blog. They hear about a couple of guys succeeding with co-registrations, so they try that. They hear the real secret is “video” so they pay for a course on that.

They jump from opportunity to opportunity as they hear each pitch. Their credit cards get maxed out…and each step puts them in a worse position than where they started. How do I know this? Before I started online I WAS that person. I jumped from network marketing company to network marketing company. I tried direct sales, direct mail, and anything else you could imagine. I bought into the pitches about how “this opportunity was different.”

Where did I end up from all that? Broke…and in debt. Then I discovered the Internet, and I did something I had never done before. I set to work online learning, testing, and the key point: building a relationship with a list in my market. I didn’t jump around any longer. Any tests included very minor investments. When I discovered something working, I rolled it out heavy. That’s what caused a change in my life.

I work with clients every week as well. For many of them, they stumbled around in much the same haze I had. They heard all the pitches and jumped from opportunity to opportunity looking for the “Dream Life” they were constantly promised. Each road they went down was simply another step on the boulevard of broken dreams.

And here’s what upsets me most. A lot of gurus KNOW that’s where many of their customers end up. I’ve had several brag to me about how no one does the “assignments” in their class (proud that no one is doing anything so they don’t have to do any work themselves). I’ve also seen people laugh and joke about those who are stuggling buying every product. It’s sick.

Let’s cut through all the crap. The truth about Internet Marketing is that it’s hard work!

You have to be focused to succeed online. You can’t jump from opportunity to opportunity. You have to dig in and really learn whichever method is right for you. And what’s right for one person and niche may not be the right method for another one.

I remember so well that I once offered a group coaching program where I talked about “work” four times in the first several paragraphs. I told people they were going to work hard and I couldn’t promise them they would make any money online. And you know what? I had quite a few people join the program who never bought anything else expensive online. One of them even told me straight out, “You told me I’d have to work and you wouldn’t guarantee profits, for the first time in my online career, I fully believed someone.”

Now I don’t want you to get the idea that it’s hard work like digging ditches. It’s definitely not! But what it does require is for you to focus your mind and effort (and for many people that’s harder than any type of physical labor). It’s not even all that complicated of a business.

You find a hungry market and you feed it.

You test several approaches at a very low cost, and then you rollout with whatever works best.

You use a free multivariant testing solution such as Google Optimizer to track and improve your conversion. You use ad trackers to test all your advertising and you invest small amounts in the testing phase ($100 or less risk each time).

The key principle is to find the right hungry market and offer them something they want. As my friend Glenn Livingston says, “Do your freaking research!” Find a market. Spend time surveying the market, asking them what they’re looking for and want. Even get on the phone with some of your prospects and customers to get to know them and their desires the best you can.

Then begin TESTING. That’s what this business is all about. I don’t know if I’ve ever succeeded my first time out of the gate with anything (except promotions to my own email list). I can guarantee you this…I’ve never gotten it “perfect” on the first try. Tracking and testing have always improved every promotion and offer for myself…and my clients.

If you’re looking for the perfect guru who knows all the secrets and never makes mistakes, you’ve come to the wrong place. That’s not me. I see business as daily mistakes, corrections, and improvements. Keep making little improvements to every element of your game plan…and you’ll soon see the profits flow.

Jump ship looking for the new “hot” opportunity…and you’ll always be looking for the life raft.

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