Cutting Through the Internet Marketing Noise

If you want to succeed in an internet business, you have to find a way to cut through the noise.

Every day you’ll be told about another big secret you can’t afford to ignore. Whether it’s the brand new product launch or the world changing social media application, someone is bound to tell you why you have to get involved in this NOW. If you don’t, you’ll miss out forever.

Of course this creates a couple of big problems. It’s easy to get into information overload and information paralysis. You’re so busy listening to all the new techniques that you don’t have time to take daily action on your business.

Or you get distracted from your proven business model.

Every week there is a new product launch going on. The hype gets totally insane in some instances where you have 50 or 100 people sending out emails about why this is the holy grail of online marketing that you’ve been missing.

Some beginners spend $30,000 or more on all these product launches before they figure it out. It’s not about how much information you know. It’s about how much information you actually apply and use in your business.

Even if you don’t buy any of these products, you still may find yourself getting distracted by whatever secrets they’re currently promising.

I can always tell there is another big launch going on because at least a few of my coaching clients either ask me if they should buy it or they ask me about techniques mentioned in the launched.

One of the most recent launches is Stompernet.

I didn’t receive a single email promoting it. Why? I’ve unsubscribed from every list that follows the herd and promotes every new product that comes down the pipe. I know they’re happening because I haven’t been able to convince all my coaching clients to unsubscribe from all those lists yet.

Rick Butts posted an article last week called, “Unsubscribe From Whomever Emailed You Stompernet.”

I agree entirely. I should also add this isn’t saying anything bad about Stompernet. I’m not a member and never have been a member. They might be an incredible program or they might not. I don’t know. What I do know is that I don’t need 20 emails about it.

And for most product launches the promoter promote the product sight unseen.

I promote other people’s products at times when I feel they’re valuable and useful to you. What I don’t do is promote products to win any affiliate contest (a normal product launch method). I also won’t promote a product I haven’t personally seen and been impressed by.

Being “impressed” is the key word here. The product can’t just be OK. It has to impress me in some way and make me say, “Wow, this is excellent.”

Just think of how much noise you could cut out today if you followed Rick Butt’s advice above. Cut those 20 newsletters you’re receiving down to 5 or less.

I hope mine is one of the few you keep, but even if I don’t make the cut with you that’s OK. It’s going to benefit you immediately to cut all the dead weight in your mailbox.

Step one to cutting the noise is to unsubscribe from every list that isn’t regularly sending you value.

Step two is to quit getting distracted by all the technology and every new thing.

For example, you’ve probably seen the rash of all the recommendations of why you HAVE TO get started with Twitter now. It’s the next big thing. Of course the problem with Twitter is it will distract you from everything else you should be doing.

Always remember this.

Everything has an opportunity cost.

Whatever time you spend using Twitter or anything else will use time that could be used somewhere else in your business.

What are the absolute highest profit activities in your business? Make sure you’re focused on those first and then testing anything else afterwards. If it doesn’t match up to the time spent doing it, either outsource it or ignore it.

Mark Butler posted earlier this month about how “Twitter is Stupid.

I signed up with a Twitter account and for now have to agree. Does this mean I won’t use it in the future? No. It only means I’m not wasting any time with it right now as I have other activities that are a much better use of my time.

To cut through the noise requires FOCUS.

Focus on what is already working for you. Focus your time on the highest profit actions. Do what you do best.

There are so many opportunities online you can’t possibly do them all. And you shouldn’t waste your time or attention on all of them either.

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