Daily Marketing Calendar

Many internet business owners aren’t business owners at all. They’re knowledge collectors.

You’ve probably heard people say, “Just take action.”

I’ve given this advice also at times.

But there is one major problem with this advice. It’s not just taking action that brings success. It’s taking the correct consistant daily actions that bring success.

A lot of internet business beginners jump from system to system every week without digging in with consistent actions even in the face of adversity.

You can’t “try” Google Adwords this week, ezine advertising next week, and then joint ventures the week after.

The keyword I use there was “try.”

Currently I have two clients I would consider absolute masters at Adwords. Both of them have said to me privately they feel it takes a year of experience and practice to really become excellent with Adwords.

What does that mean to the person who tries it for a week?

It means they get in, waste some money, and decide it doesn’t work for them.

The majority of people trying out Adwords for the first do lose some money. The good news of course is because of the budgets you can set, you’re the one who chooses how much you risk. Plus with all the conversion tracking features you can see exactly where results are being produced from your account.

Tip: No one should be using Adwords if they’re not also using the conversion tracking to see which keywords and ads are producing their sales.

All the other forms of advertising may not be quite that intense, but every single one does come with a learning curve. You won’t master it in a week.

Let’s say you want to move into online videos to generate traffic. The first thing you do is pick up a couple of information products to study. Then you start practicing their system.

The first video you produce won’t be even close to your best.

Your keyword selection won’t be perfect and it won’t drive 100% of the possible visitors you could have produced.

In other words, you will improve with experience.

Beginners get stuck in a vicious cycle when they give up on a system too quick because they’re always trying to learn something new without really mastering the skills they’re working on.

That’s where dedication and commitment come in.

Create a daily marketing calendar. How will you promote your business every day?

What activites will you do today and tomorrow to increase your exposure?

If you haven’t seen the free intern program, it’s all about giving you a daily plan to building an online business.

While someone is in the program, they promote my business. When they graduate, they begin using the same strategies to promote their own business.

For example, see the comment Carole Massey-Reyner made recently on this blog post.

“I am a proud graduate of your intern course, Terry, and I can say unequivocally that the Lifestyle Retirement System and the Intern Course gave me every single thing I needed to know about internet marketing.”

I’m not using this an example to just demonstrate how wonderful the intern program is. I want you to see just how important it is to have daily planned actions. People in the program get an assignment each day to follow and promote.

You can create the same strategy for yourself. Monday might be your blog writing day so you write all your blog posts for the week. Tuesday is your video creation day. Wednesday you upload videos to the video sharing sites and work on networking.

Create your own marketing calendar.

Another addition you can make it to add checklists for each of your activities. If producing a good video for promotion requires 7 elements, make sure you put all 7 of those elements into a checklist you can check off. Or if requires a total of 12 steps, give yourself that checklist to follow through.

While I have given steps throughout my intern program, I will be adding more checklists to the programs in my next update through the series. I’m finding they’re essential to having the best production from any of my workers…and even from myself.

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