Design an Inspiring Vision

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Strategy: Design an Inspiring Vision.

Most people have heard of mission statements and vision statements. I want you to think beyond this. You need a unique selling position for your business. It can become the basis of any company statements you use. What does your business offer to its clients that no one else can match? What does everyone else do in the marketplace compared to what you do.

One of the most common methods of figuring this out is to pull out a piece of paper and write these terms on it. On the top write, “You know how everyone else in my business…” Now write your next statement about halfway down the page, “Well what we do is…” The goal is to write how everyone else in your industry acts at the top. Then write how you act differently than all your competitors. This is the basis for your unique selling position.

Cut your USP down to the bare minimum of benefits and unique differences between you and the competition. Make it one sentence at most. Then build it into everything you do. It should be used when you answer the phone. It should be posted on your website. It should be in your brochures. It should be on your letterhead and business cards. It is the reason you tell people they should buy from you instead of the competition.

Now I want you to take it further. You have your USP. You know what you’re doing in your business. Now I want you to turn it into a long-term goal for your company. How many people do you want to help this year? How do you want to grow during the next three years? Take stock of where you are today and set a goal and where you want to be in three years from now. Then break that down to yearly, monthly, and weekly goals for moving forward.

I consulted with a lot of business owners who have no plans for their business. They’re simply trying whatever new idea they hear. That won’t work. You need to build a vision and make a daily plan for getting there. To reach your goals may require 10 new customers/clients per day. It may require you to create a follow-up system to sell more to your current clients. You may have to put a referral system in place that generates at least one referral from every client who comes in.

Create the goal you want to achieve and work backwards to develop what needs to be accomplished every day to get there. Once you’ve established the plan, post it to your desk. Let everyone on your team know about the plan. Give them goals to work towards. Inspire them to excellence by showing them how they’re a part of the vision. You can’t do it without them.

Action Step: Do you have a business plan? If not, why not? It has been proven that businesses with business plans are much more likely to succeed than those without. And it only takes a maximum of two to four hours to design an effective business plan. If you don’t have one, that’s your action step.

Pick up the book, “The One Page Business Plan” by Jim Horan. Don’t worry. This isn’t another book you have to read. Buy the book, and then print out all the worksheets from the free CD that comes with it. Go through the book examples and the worksheets to put together your own one page business plan in just a few hours.

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